Chapter 125 I don’t sling mud at her

And then she heard Amy said plausibly, “Many people know that Alex and Jessica were boyfriend and girlfriend. After they broke up, Alex did not like Jessica anymore, but she still pestered him.”

“In order to make Alex get back together with her, she even seduces him in the dressing room at all costs. She wants to make things big, using public opinion to force Alex to get back together with her.”

“Alex didn’t want to have a sex with her, because he didn’t love her, so she hit Alex on the head with the vase and Alex was taken to the hospital.”

It didn’t matter if the injured person was Jessica. They could let Alex put a bandage on his head and spend two days in the hospital.

Anyway, Mr. Howard only loved her, and he wouldn’t stand up for his ex-lover Jessica!

Clara had never seen such a brazen person. She was filled with anger and said through gritted teeth, “You are slinging mud at Jessica!”

“Why should I sling mud at her?” Amy’s eyes filled with distain and scorn. She winked at Fiona beside her. “Did I sling mud at her?”

Fiona said sensibly, “No, you didn’t. We were here just now, and we saw it all.”

And paparazzi also said in succession –

“When we came, Jessica just pressed herself against Alex and didn’t get up. I’ve never seen such a shameless girl.”

“Yes, yes, she also hit Alex’s head. She’s just trying to make him cooperate.”

Clara refuted it beside them. But she was Jessica’s friend, so her words lacked credibility in the matter. Additionally, Amy and those people all said that, so the crew members were almost convinced.

Opinions varied, all of which were against Jessica.

Clara flushed with anger. “You don’t just listen to their nonsense. If Jessica still…has a passion for Alex, why didn’t she accept it when Alex gave her flowers to express his love to her?”

“If someone was molested or raped, it should be Alex molested Jessica, not Jessica molested him!”

“And Alex as a man, can Jessica be stronger than him? Isn’t that ridiculous?”

These people just believed Amy’s nonsense. Didn’t they use their head?

“You just hit the point.” Amy sighed gently. Her eyes filled with complacency, but she just had a regretful look on her face. “Alex does mean to get back together with Jessica.”

“But Jessica played hard to get. She accepted Alex privately and refused him in front of everyone, which disappointed Alex completely. He said he was going to be with someone else, but Jessica was jealous, so she tried to seduce him.”

As to the strength of Jessica and Alex, she avoided talking about it. The bystanders did not ponder about it, but just began to discuss –

“It is too much to just play him and not be with him.”

“Yes, I didn’t see that she is this kind of person. I thought she really don’t like Alex.”

“Alex is good-tempered, well-known and good-looking. Who would not like him? And Miss Scott and so many reporters are here. Can so many people unite in slandering Jessica?”

They were using a lot of offensive words and they were so imaginative. Clara was so angry that she wanted to take off her high heels and hit them.

Why didn’t they write novels as scriptwriters when they were so good at making up story? Oh, she was furious at these people!

And were they blind? Alex was good?


In the hospital,

In the ward,

Jessica had a big bump on her head, and there were blue and purple marks all over her arms, waist and legs, as well as the red marks Alex had made when he kneaded her.

The cheeks were swollen, and the corners of the mouth were still bleeding, which made her look terrible.

Even those who did not know the truth could see from her wounds what had happened.

Jessica was lying on the bed, and the doctor was treating the wounds on her body. When the alcohol cotton ball touched the wound, a lot of pain passed to her cranial nerves, but she did not seem to feel, because her mind was full of that horrible scene in the dressing room.

When Alex was pressing her against the dressing table, she even caught a glimpse of his ugly erect penis in the mirror.

Jessica was biting her lips, her face was pale, and her body was shaking. She covered her face with her hair, not wanting anyone to see her so discomfited.

But even so, she could still feel the curious eyes of the two young nurses in front of the bed.

Maybe they didn’t mean any harm. They just wanted to see the fun and gossip. But for her, their sight was like a torture, slicing her soul, and abusing her wantonly.

Ryan gave her his suit jacket, and he only wore a white shirt. But even so, he still looked arrogant, aggressive, and forbidding.

When Ryan saw Jessica’s frightened look and two young nurses’ searching look, his eyes were as dark as thick ink and clouded over with anger immediately.

The two young nurses did not know what had happened, but they could detect that he seemed to be angry. They stood back a few paces in horror, not daring to look at him.

The chill from him went through their pores, which made them feel pain.

“Give it to me.” Ryan walked to the bed, and said to the doctor in a cold voice.

“Yes, yes.” The doctor was dealing with Jessica’s wounds carefully. When he heard Ryan’s voice suddenly, he became nervous and handed the alcohol cotton ball to Ryan cautiously.

“Get out of here with your colleagues!” Ryan’s voice was very calm, but emotionless and piercingly cold.

The doctor did not know how he had provoked him. He gave a violent shudder. Then he hastened to ask the two nurses who looked pale to go out of the ward with him.

Ryan sat down at the bedside with the alcohol cotton ball, whose eyes softened. He dealt with her wounds meticulously.

“Ryan…” Jessica called in a quavering voice and sobbing tone.


Ryan paused for a moment. Her figure was reflected in his dark eyes, tinged with tenderness.

Covered with the hair, her face was hot and she couldn’t breathe well. But Jessica didn’t want to part her hair. Only in this way could she feel a bit safe temporarily.

“Can you…Can you stop dealing with the wound? It doesn’t hurt.”

It always made her feel bad when they looked at her wounds like this, whoever they were, the doctor or him.

She did not want the bruises on her to be seen because their existence reminded her how discomfit she had just been.

His handsome face was drawn and his eyelashes hung down. “No.”


“Shut up.”

Her brother was still so mean when she was like this… Yes, he didn’t like her at all.

Jessica was biting her lips tightly, and felt sad. Tears ran down her face as soon as she blinked. She missed her parents and her eldest brother. At least they wouldn’t yell at her when she was injured.

Her face was hidden by hair, so Ryan could not see her expression. He rolled up his sleeve, revealing his curvaceous forearm, and there was no expression in his stern face.

After all the wounds on her body had been taken care of, he stood up, slowly lowered his sleeves, and buttoned his cufflinks with his head down.

“Why didn’t you call me first when you found something was wrong?” Ryan’s voice was as cold as ice.

He read her call records. She called Clara first when she found something was wrong. His face darkened a little at this thought.