Chapter 122 I Can’t do anything

“Well. You have the electric baton in your hand. I can’t do anything. You don’t need to be nervous at all.” The bitch’s reaction was exactly the same as what Penny had said!

A look of success flashed across Alex’s eyes. And his gaze on her coquettish features became hot.

He had been in love with her for so long, and he had never slept with her. Today he could finally realize it!

Jessica looked at his eyes, feeling uneasy, but she held the electric baton in her hand, and felt nothing to be afraid of. Anyway, she had to watch him delete all those photos today, so she could rest assured.

She held the electric baton in both hands and stared at him.

He approached her slowly with his cell phone, but on the halfway, he took a handkerchief out of the pocket of his pants. Before she could figure out why he had put his handkerchief in the pocket of his pants, she saw him quicken up his pace and suddenly come running.


The handkerchief was suddenly pressed to her mouth and nose, and when the pungent smell of ether came at her, she realized that the handkerchief was filled with anesthetic.

This son of a bitch! She had been on the defensive, but she still did not prevent him!

Jessica held her breath at once, but she had already breathed in a lot. Her hands and feet were weak.

“Jessica, you’ll only have yourself to blame. You made me.” Alex held her from behind, buried himself in her neck and took a deep breath.

The strong desire in his eyes was no longer concealed.

“But don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’ll just be nice to you!”

He gasped and kissed her neck.

He was attracted to this tart since the audition for “Spy”!

He wanted her for such a long time, and now he could have a good time!

The moment when she felt the moisture on her neck, Jessica gave a violent shudder and got goose bumps. She felt as if she had swallowed a fly, which made her stomach churn.

She bit her lip, and threw the electric baton at Alex with all her strength.

Kill this rascal, jerk and son of a bitch!!

Alex wasn’t wary, so he had convulsions because of the electric shock. He let out a scream and pushed Jessica away. His handsome face twisted in pains.

Jessica had breathed in a lot of ether. She didn’t faint, but she couldn’t bear up. At least she didn’t have any strength. Without him as a support, she fell to the ground with a dull thud and her electric baton fell to the ground with her.

Oh crap!

How could she fight with this bastard without an electric baton?

Jessica’s pupils contracted. She gritted her teeth and crawled as fast as she could to get the electric baton, but even so, she was too slow. When she was about to touch the electric baton, Alex kicked the electric baton to the side.

This bitch, dared to electrocute him with the electric baton. She was playing with fire!

Alex was furious and hated her guts. But she was the daughter of the Howards. His future would depend on her. Penny had told him that he couldn’t be impulsive!

“Jessie, you’re so naughty. I just want to spend some time with you. And it breaks my heart that you struck me such a vicious blow.”

Alex went up to her with a smile. He crouched down, took off her down jacket quickly, and threw it to the side.

Jessica was wearing a peach ancient costume under her jacket. Her features were bright and fine. The color set off her fair face and rosy lips, which made her look attractive and charming.

Especially when she was wearing a belt, her waist was supple and slim, which made Alex hot. He swallowed, and hastened to pull at her belt.

“Alex, you are bastard!” Jessica flushed with anger. She protected her clothes with all her strength. “Clara knows I’m here. If you don’t let me out, she’ll call the police!”

But she just didn’t know. When she was angry, her eyes were glistening, and the corners of her eyes were tinged with amorous feelings.

Alex had gone mad. He praised her fingers from her clothes, gasping heavily. Then he tore off her belt, and stripped her ancient costume off almost roughly.

“Jessica, do you really think I will let Clara that bitch screws it up?”

Jessica was stripped down to her underwear. Her rounded shoulders and graceful breasts had been exposed. She swallowed the humiliation and clasped her hands around her chest. Hearing this, she felt even more uneasy.

“Amy had stopped that bitch, and the rest of the cast won’t be here. Today you’ll truly be my woman!”

Jessica’s heart sank completely. Fear and uneasiness filled her, and her face was instantly bloodless with endless fear.

How…How could it be…

The player had joined hands with Amy?

“Alex, what, what do you want to do?” Her trembling voice was tinged with crying.

She was careless and underestimated the enemy!

“I want you!” Alex said with a grim smile and straddled her body. His eyes were full of desire. He kneaded her tender waist wantonly.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been thinking about you, and it hurts here!”

He pushed her a few times with his crotch, which already had an erection.

Damn it. That was a soft waist, softer than he could have imagined!

Jessica could clearly feel the change of his body, which made her retch. Her stomach was churning and her face was pale.

“Get off, get off me! I am the daughter of the Howards. Ryan Howard is my elder brother. If he knows what you do, he won’t let you off!!”

“Take it easy. Amy will bring some people here to catch you having sex with me, and she’ll have someone post our sex pictures and video online. By then, the Howards will let you marry me for the sake of the face!”

The he would go up in the world. Who would dare to despise him?

Desire and interest drove Alex insane. He sat on the ground, holding Jessica who was limb on his body, and made her sit face to face with him.

She was only wearing a red camisole now. The fullness of her breasts excited his nerves.

He swallowed with difficulty and excitement, reaching out his hand and trying to knead her breasts.

She was so soft, softer than any woman he had ever slept with. That was killing him!

Jessica had never expected that he had guessed her identity, and he even wanted to force her to be with him by public opinion.

Fear and nausea began to gnaw away at her heart and made her head spin.

No…She must not let him succeed!


Jessica banged her head hard on Alex’s head, and when he was in pain, she staggered to open the door. However, the door was locked from the outside and could not be opened.

“Amy had the door locked. Give up!” Alex was not in a hurry, and his face was full of complacency.

Her down jacket was thrown by him at the door, so Jessica bent and took out the mobile phone to call Clara with trembling hands.

Clara was outside, so once Clara knew she had an accident, Amy certainly couldn’t stop her!

“The inside and outside of the dressing room are equipped with signal shielding devices, so you can’t get through to anybody, and others can’t get through to you, either. Jessica, if you’re a bit more sensible, just lie down and enjoy it. I’m better at it than Mr. Johnson and Jeffrey.”

Alex slowly took off his shirt and trousers, and walked toward her with an obscene face.