Chapter 121 Who the hell is that

Jessica packed the backpack and carried it. Alex said she had to go alone, or he would not delete the photos. So she could not ask Clara to go with her.

“No problem, he’s such a coward. I’ve got enough stuff in my bag. I’m going.”

Jessica patted the bulging backpack, grinned at Clara and went to the dressing room.

The third dressing room was usually used by several important supporting actors, but she didn’t know why there was only Alex in there today.

Jessica was alert, and looked around, but she did not see any camera. And there was nowhere for someone to hide, so there wouldn’t be paparazzo taking pictures of them.

She was a little relieved, and looked at Alex in front of her, who looked gentle and affectionate. Today, he wore a white suit and his hair was well groomed. He looked warm and handsome with a great temperament. It was not surprising that so many women were willing to be his sex partner.


Jessica cursed him inwardly. She came straight to the point in a bad attitude, “Now we meet so should you delete those photos to my face?”

She put on airs in front of him? When she was in love with him, she always pleased him in all respects like a slut for fear that he would break up with her.

Alex hid the distain in his eyes and said bitterly, “After all, we were boyfriend and girlfriend. You’re being very unkind.”

As he spoke, he took several steps forward.

Jessica became wary immediately. She took off her backpack and held it in front of her, shouting, “Stop! Don’t move! I’ve got some pepper spray, alarm buzzer and electric baton in my bag. If you dare to mess around, don’t blame me!”

She was wearing a down jacket, but she was still in costume. The belt outlined her slim and supple waist, which melted Alex’s heart.

And her features were fine and beautiful. Her face flushed with anger, which made her look more vivacious and charming. One look from her made him go weak at the knees.

Alex looked at her obscurely. His throat tightened and his breathing became a little heavy, but he still looked like a gentleman.

“Jessie, you really misunderstood me. If I really wanted to do something to you, I did it when you were my girlfriend. There was no need to wait until now.”

Jessica was beautiful and capable. He really wanted to marry her. Thinking that she would be his sooner or later, he forbore to touch her.

He did not expect this bitch to be jealous and narrow-minded. And he didn’t expect that she would break up with him when he was only caught red-handed once. She was not inconsiderate of his pains at all.

Jessica was not fooled by his words, still looking at him defensively. “If you dare to step forward, I will call someone! If you get a bad name, you’ll never be an actor again!”


How dare she threaten him!

But after today, he didn’t suppose she’d have the nerve to threaten him again!

The malice passed fleetingly across his eyes. He stopped and said in a pampering manner, “Okay, okay, I’ll stop. Is that all right? But if you ask me to delete the photos in front of you, I can’t if I don’t go over there.”

“If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’ll be worried that I didn’t delete it.”

This was true, but Jessica did not believe his personality.

She hesitated.

Seeing this, Alex was quite proud. The bitch’s reaction was his exactly the same as what his agent Penny had said, so he just needed to say what she had told him.

He continued, “If you’re worried, take out the pepper spray and all those stuff. If you’re still worried, I can take off my coat too, in case you think I’m hiding something.”

Alex curled his lips, revealing a smile which he thought was handsome. He took off his suit jacket and threw it aside.

“Jessie, am I sincere enough? If you are not satisfied, I can take off my shirt.”

At the same time, at the Howard group’s headquarters.

In the conference room,

The oval table was already full of the Howard group’s executives. These people were wearing suits and leather shoes, and they were also true successful people even if they didn’t work for the Howard group.

But now they stared at each other in silence, not daring to breathe, but peeping cautiously at the man on the chair.

Dressed in a dark blue striped suit, Ryan’s handsome and young features stood out from the crowd among a group of executives in their 40s and 50s. But his meticulous, cold and handsome face and imposing manner let everyone dare not look down on him.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is busy, please try again later. Sorry, the…”

In the silent conference room, the sweet female voice on the phone was particularly clear. Almost at the same moment that the female voice came, his face fell at visible speed.

The atmosphere in the conference room became oppressive instantly, making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

Their president called in person, but he couldn’t get through. Did the man feel his Life was too comfortable?

Ryan hung up several times with a cold face and dialed again for few times, but without exception, he didn’t get through.

Everyone in the room tried to lower their sense of presence for fear of offending him as they watched his face darkening.

But they were more curious about the owner of the number. Who on earth was that? How could the president be so patient with him (or her)?

You should have known, they had have an order worth tens of billions of dollars, and the president just vetoed it because the signer was half a minute late. That was tens of billions of dollars!

Ryan hung up the phone again. The look in his eyes was already frosty. He had never been blocked and he didn’t know what it would be like. It seemed that the little girl had blocked him?

The special assistant saw clearly from the side. He said carefully and cautiously, “Perhaps there is something wrong with her cell phone, so you can’t get through. Shall I go and check?”


It was only one word, but it chilled to the bone.

Everyone in the conference room felt uneasy as if treading on thin ice.

His mouth tightened. Ryan put his phone aside and his cold eyes swept around. And then he said coldly, “Who’s the next? Go on.”

In the dressing room,

When she heard Alex asked her whether he should take off the shirt, Jessica hastened to refuse, “No!”

If he took off his shirt and someone broke in, how could they explain that when they were alone together? Besides, he couldn’t hide anything in a shirt.

“Can I go over now?” Alex’s eyes linger on her slim waist. He swallowed with some difficulty.

His movements were so subtle that Jessica did not see them at all. She only found the way he looked at her uncomfortable.

And he was surprisingly cooperative today, which always made her feel something was wrong.

After looking him up and down for a few more times, Jessica confirmed that there couldn’t be any dangerous substance hidden on his body. Then she raised her electric baton and said, “Come here with your mobile phone.”

If he dared to mess around, she would get him an electric shock!