Chapter 45 Challenge his limit

The two laugh, and the door is slammed open, and then an angry woman come in.

“Miss Mia.”

Karin stands up in panic, and the cotton swab in her hand falls to the ground.

She thinks that Mia would lose her mind and step forward and slaps her, but she doesn’t. She just bends down to pick up the cotton swab on the ground, and then says calmly, “Let me do it.”

“Then I’ll go back first.”

Karin glances at Charlie, and rushes out without waiting for his consent…

The real mistress comes, and she is there to embarrass herself. Maybe she should explain it to Mia, but she doesn’t know how to explain. She doesn’t do anything wrong to anyone. They re only be friends, no matter how delicate the relationship between the two is, they will never forget where the line is.

Mia holds the ointment in her hand and sits down beside the bed without saying a word.

“How did you come?”

Charlie asks lightly. His tone is not disturbed.

“Shouldn’t I?”

She raises her eyes and asks, trying to keep herself calm.

“Never mind. You are here anyway.”

“Why is she here?”

She couldn’t help asking.

“Robert called her, for fearing that I’m bored.”

“It’s not just she who has the time, and I’m more qualified than her to be here.”

Mia deliberately emphasizes her identity,, but she has no confidence.

“If you discuss this with me every time you appear, then you should know that I’m not interested.”

Charlie turns over and buttons up his shirt.

Taking a deep breath, she smiles, “Well then, I won’t bother you with this anymore.”

After a little silence, she asks inquiringly, “Charlie, do you have something to tell me?”

She has learned that Charlie is about to set off for London the day after tomorrow. According to past experience, he will bring her.


Seeing that he has no idea, Mia simply says, “I heard that you are going to London?”

“Oh, you are quite informed.”

“Is that true?”


“Will you take me there?”

She waits and looks forward to his nodding, but she never thinks that there would be nothing in the world that couldn’t be changed.

“You are not well these days, so I am not going to bring with you.”

Mia has a problem with chest tightness. Although he has sent for several doctors for her treatment, her condition has not improved these years.

“I’m fine. Last time it was because the morning jogging extended, so I couldn’t breathe well.”

“Well. I’m on a tight schedule this time, and I don’t have much time to be with you.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can do it myself…”

“Mia!” She haven’t finishes talking, but is interrupted by Charlie. Obviously, his decision will not be changed easily.

Mia’s face sinks, and she lowers her head. After a while, she says, “Do you really care about me, or you never think of taking with me?”

“You always like to ask meaningless questions. I used to go to London with you, because you insists on following, but you have to make it clear that taking you once does not mean taking with you each time.”

“What if I insist on going this time?”

Mia is out of control, and she desperately challenges him…

A brief stalemate, Charlie admits frankly, “I can’t condone you again and again.”

The temperature in the room drops to freezing point, and Mia throws away the ointment in her hand, and gets up and left angrily…

Charlie’s eyes also cool down, he lights a cigarette, his mind returning to that past day. If nothing happened on that day, then nothing will be like this.

The day before the departure, Karin thinks over and over again, and decides to be frank with his friends.

“Billie, I’m going home tomorrow.”

“Returning to London? You are near graduation. Why go back at this time?” Billie is surprised.

“No, I have… something else to do.”

“What happened to your house?”

“Nothing, it’s that…”

She stops talking, Billie’s eyes roll around and she realizes, “Is Charlie right?”


“What are you two doing?”

“He’s going to London and looking for me as a tour guide.”

“Is that simple?”

Billie does not believe that Charlie would lack a tour guide.

“How complicated is that?” Karin asks.

“Well. Something will be happened to you.” She pats her shoulders and says gravely, “It doesn’t matter. Just take care of you self…”


Karin adds, “It’s not just the two of us. His assistant Robert will also be with us.”

“Assistant? Whoops, that’s all the foil. You’re the real protagonist.”


Early the next morning, Robert drives to the school and takes Karin’s luggage, “Miss Karin, let me help you.”

“Thank you.”

After getting in the car, she asks casually, “Are you going to Charlie Mansion?”

“Yes, Charlie asks me to pick you up first.”

“Is he better?”

“Well, it’s fine.”

“That’s good.”

“I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Robert suddenly says.

“For what?”

“For the things that happened two years ago.”

She pokes, “Don’t mention it. I’ve forgotten it.”

“But Charlie does not.”

Karin sneers, “He wouldn’t remember for a lifetime.” She pauses, “But I’m curious, why was being he hunted after that night?”

“Didn’t he tell you the reasons?”

“Yes, but I don’t think it’s true.”

“You think it too complicated.”

She shrugs, “Maybe.”

Whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with her. In his world, she never wants to get involved.