Chapter 44 Shouldn’t they insane

After he says this, he hands up the phone without waiting for Karin’s agreement, apparently not giving her the opportunity to refuse him.

What to do now?

Karin is a little at a loss. In Charlie’s house, there is no one else. When she thinks of his ambiguous eyes and the last kiss, she feels very tangled, and her heart also beats so fast…

She touches her forehead unconsciously, and she doesn’t understand why did Charlie treat her like that? He obviously has a fiancee.

“Well, Karin, are you feverish?”

Billie comes into the dormitory, holding the boxed lunch in her hand.


“Why do you touch your forehead without fever?”

“No, I don’t.”

She hurriedly retracts her hand and turns back in.

“No? You are accustomed to do this these days.”

She picks up her backpack and says, “I have to something else to do.”

“Where are you going. Don’t you eat?”


Then she disappears.

When she arrives at Charlie’s Mansion, the doorkeeper naturally opens the door for her. But this time, she doesn’t embarrass her any more, but respectfully bows her head, “Miss Karin, please come in.”

It seems that Charlie has told her.

The housekeeper led her to Charlie’s room on the second floor and knocks, “Master, Miss Karin is here.”

“Come in.”

Karin pushed in and glances at Charlie lying on the bedside. His black shirt is open. Her face flushes, and she embarrassingly does not dare to step forward.

Charlie looks at her quietly and laughs, “Are you here to mourn for me??”

She looks up embarrassingly, walks over with difficulty, and says quietly, “Are you all right?”

“Do you think I’m fine?”

“So… is there anything I can do?”

She crouches down, trying to keep the two of them on the same level. She dares not to look down at him…

“Help me with the medicine.”

“What…?” Karin is startled. She couldn’t see the wound at all. Where did he hurt…

“On my back.”

She looks at him, thinking that it means he will take off the clothes. Karin is hesitant, “Then I will help you call Mia.”

As soon as she turns around, Charlie grabs her, “I don’t like other people touching me.”

This time she is really speechless, slowly turning her head, staring at his, thinking how could a big man behave like a virgin…

On the desk next to the bed is a pile of medicine for the bruises.

Thinking of how good Charlie was to her last time. He was afraid that she would not take medicine and bought her favorite puffs. Now he is lying in bed with an injury, and she should do him a favor.

She makes up her mind, closes her eyes to take off his shirt.

“What do you close your eyes?” Charlie raises his eyebrows in surprise, “You have seen me.”

When he said that, she opens her eyes leisurely, and sees a large piece of bruise on his back. She bursts out, “How do you hurt it like that? Does it hurt?”

“Of course it hurts.”

“You deserve it. You have leisure time to spend on this while there are more important things to do.”

“Why do I feel you care about me?”

Karin pouts her lips, “What’s strange. You are my friend, and I do care you.”

“Will your friend kiss you casually?”

It’s fine if he doesn’t mention it. She stands up immediately and says, “Charlie, why do you kiss me casually?”

She highlights the word casually”.

“I didn’t do that casual.”

Charlie’s expression is extremely serious.

With a stun in her heart, she quickly turns away and smiles, “Don’t think I am easy to be bullied.”

“Okay, I won’t make fun of you. Just help me with medicine.”

The ambiguous topic is enough for her. Charlie does not like to be entangled by women, and also does not like to cause women too much trouble.

Actually, he only has an ambiguous feeling for her.

“I heard Robert said that you are going to London the day after tomorrow?”

Karin asks while putting on the medicine.


“Can you still go there with this hurt?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I think you should postpone it. Your bruises are too serious. I’m afraid it won’t be recovered within half a month.”

Charlie shakes his head, “The plan cannot be changed casually. I have already scheduled an appointment with my partner in London. Integrity in business is very important.”

She sighs, “You will be suffering it.”

“That’s what I am going to talk to you.”


“We go to London together.”

For a short time, she wonders, “Didn’t I tell you last time that I don’t plan to go home now.”

“Can I hire you?”

“Hire me? Why hire me?”

“Help me with the medicine.”

“Do you mean I to be your nanny?”

“Of course not. I’m not familiar with London. I hope you can be my tour guide.”

Charlie’s attitude is quite sincere, but Karin is still very embarrassed. She doesn’t think these could be the reasons for her accompanying.

“There are many tour guides in London, and you can hire them.”

“What about the medicine?”

“Robert will be with you.”

“Robert is a man. Don’t you think it’s awkward when a man applies a medicine to another man?”


“Well, don’t refuse me. I don’t have other intentions. If you really don’t want to go with me, I won’t force you.”

Karin is in a dilemma for a while. It is difficult for her.

“Look how embarrassed you are. Just forget what I said.”

Charlie reaches out and smoothes her brows. His fingertips are extremely gentle.

“Well… I agree to go with you.”


Karin’s answer surprises him.

Not only does he surprise, so does Karin himself. He couldn’t say why she agree. But this is the most authentic answer in her mind.

“Well, you heard me right, I agree.”

“Well, I’ll let Robert pay you hourly.”

“No. Don’t mention the money.”

“I know you would say that.” Charlie smiles, “Well, here comes your charity again.”

She grins, “Nonsense.”