Chapter 43 He is not loyal

The atmosphere is strange, and she feels panic, which in contrast, he is very calm.

Alas… the crisp knock on the door breaks the dead silence.

“Come in.”

The golden office door is pushed open, and Robert steps forward with a solemn expression and reports, “Mr. Charlie, Miss Mia is here.”

Charlie looks unhappy and nods, “I see.”

Hearing that, Karin immediately stands up, “Then I have to go.”

Of course she knows who Miss Mia is, and she knows that Miss Mia would not want to see her!

“And will you…?”

“I’ll come again tomorrow.”

Robert breathes a sigh of relief, and thanks her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.”

She waves her hand, and disappears immediately. Charlie laughs, and asks Robert, “Is she funny?”

“Funnier than Mia.”

His happy mood turns to blue, “Where is Mia?”

“At the reception desk. It is estimated that she is already outside.”

Karin stands at the entrance of the elevator, and touches her forehead. Her heartbeat is so fast.

The elevator door opens, and she rushes in, but she doesn’t think she would bump into Mia…

“Why are you here?”

Mia raises her eyebrows in surprise, her eyes as sharp as a knife.

“Hello, Miss Mia, I’m here to for Robert.”

In order to avoid misunderstanding, she quickly explains…

“Robert? What for?”

“Well… you can ask him, I still have something else to do. I have to go.”

As soon as the elevator door is closed, Mia’s heart feels broken. She seems to have foreseen something she is afraid to face.

Taking a deep breath, she walks directly towards Charlie’s office, stepping on high heels on the marble floor, furiously to his office.

Charlie stands in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with his back to her. For many circumstances, they are so silent like this.

“Who is that girl?”

“Don’t you already know her.”

Mia steps forward, “I ask who she is?”

“What do you think?”

Charlie turns and asks in a calm expression.

“Why do you ask me? Don’t you think it’s cruel to me?”

“I’ve promised you I will marry you. Why should you care?”

Mia feels wronged, “How couldn’t I care? I am going to marry me, Charlie. Have you ever loved me? Do you think it normal if I get close to other men?”

“I’ve never been a loyal man. Don’t tell me you don’t know that.”

“Yes, I do. But would you dare to say that this is also a show?”

Charlie has always disliked being entangled by women, and Mia has never made troubles unreasonably. Although the two have been dating for so many years, although there is no love between them, they are also respectful each other. However, at this moment, she has offended him.

“What kind of answer do you want to hear from me? Do you feel satisfied if I give an affirmed answer to your question?”

Mia couldn’t believe it. He never talks to her loudly, let alone as coldly as he does now.

Feeling aggrieved, she turns over, and tears burst out instantly.

“Sorry, I forgot myself just now.”

Charlie eases his tone, and Mia turns suddenly. She grabs his hand, “Charlie, let’s get married. I’m scared. I’m afraid that one day you will leave me…”

“I always follow my promise.”

This is the only promise. For Mia, even if he doesn’t love her, he still has a responsibility for her. It is the Charlie family who owes her.

For one week in a row, Karin goes to the branch every day for auditing of the accounts.

In accordance with Robert’s instructions, she reports to Charlie at 5 o’clock every afternoon.

In the past seven days, despite her hard work, she still doesn’t gain anything.

She couldn’t help feeling guilty, thinking she isn’t professional enough, and secretly says to Robert, “Robert, I’m sorry, I may not be able to help you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Take it easy, and go on with the work.”

His expression is very relaxed, completely free from the anxiety she has imagined. Suddenly, Karin has a feeling of being fooled.

“I don’t know if I should say it…”

“Oh, what is that?”

“Is there really a problem with the accounting of your branch? How do I think you are deliberately making fun of me again…”

Robert raises an eyebrow in surprise, “I don’t have free time to fool with you.”

“But I think it’s weird. You say that you would send a professional team to investigate into it, for fear of hurting the relationship between Charlie and his relatives. Wouldn’t it be the same if I go to check this?”

“No. I only say that you are Charlie’s friend. You has to do an internship there. It just happens that your major is also consistent with the job, so they wouldn’t doubt it.

“Can I stop checking?”


“It didn’t have any problem these days. I don’t think it is necessary to check it.”

Robert looks at her meaningfully and says playfully, “Are you unwilling to continue to investigate? Or you are not willing to face Charlie every day?”

Karin’s face flushes, and he hurriedly explains, “I don’t want to check again. I am so busy every day that I can’t catch up my study.”

“All right, you check it for three more days. If there is no result in three days, you don’t need to continue.”

She makes a grimaced face, “All right.”

“Well, aren’t you nervous when you face me? Why did you still make a grimaced face in front of me?”

“Who says I am nervous?”

“Charlie. He asked me yesterday.”

Karin turns suddenly, and she wants to bite her tongue to commit suicide. She forgets what she said.

She smiles, pretending to be casual, “What did he ask you?”

“He says…” Robert clears his throat and changes to Charlie’s tone, “Does she feel nervous when she is alone with you?”

“Then how did you answer him?”

“I said you are not. We are not couples. What’s so nervous?”

For a while, Karin stomps her feet, “Who says I’m not nervous? I’m obviously nervous! How can you represent my position!”

“Look! I can’t see how nervous you are…”

“I… I…” Karin is speechless.

The following evening, when she just finishes a statistics course and on the way back to the dormitory, she receives a call from Robert.

“Hey, Miss Karin, something happens.”

She is startled and asks, “What happened?”

“Mr. Charlie went horseback riding in the afternoon and fell off from the horse.”

“What!? Is that serious?”

“How will I call you if it is not serious?!”

“Then go for a doctor quickly!”

“The doctor has already come. Now please come here.”