Chapter 42 Got trapped into his arms

She follows him into the special elevator, and every time she faces Charlie, she feels very panic, especially when they are in this closed space.

“Have you found any money on the floor?”

“What?” She looks up dumbly, unable to understand him.

“You are so scared of me?”

“No… no.”

“Why do you keep your head down?”

“I am used to it…”

“Really?” Charlie clearly does not believe her. He suddenly leans forward, traps her in the corner of the elevator, and says hotly, “Just look at me like this for a minute.”


She puts her arms around her chest, as if to guard against him.

“Don’t you say you’re not afraid of me? Then do what I say.”

This is a blatant provocation. She raises her chin, thinking, “I’m here to help him. I need to be confident!”

After insisting on it for a few seconds, Charlie’s body leans a little forward again. His perfume mixes with the smell of tobacco, making her face instantly brushes…

His breath is getting closer. Feeling dizzy for a while, Karin is almost going to faint.

She keeps to maintain her persistence, not willing to admit defeat, but Charlie’s face gradually becomes clear.

What is he doing… What is he doing…

Her heart beats so fast, and she doesn’t dare to look at him.

He says near her ear, “You look so cute when you are blushed.”

For a moment, her legs soften and fall straight down. Charlie reaches out to catch her on time. As a result, she gets trapped in his arm.

With a beep, the elevator door opens, and she jumps out hurriedly, panting heavily.

“What happened just now?”

Charlie stares at her with a smirk.

“I’m a little hypoglycemic.”

He couldn’t help laughing, “I think you would say you have fear of heights.”

Fear of heights?

She just remembered why the elevator doesn’t stop for a long time. She hurriedly goes to the window and looks out, and she is shocked by the heights.

“Why did you set the office building so high. Do you work at the sky?”

He walks to her, looks forward, and confidently says, “The higher you stand, the farther you can see.”

“But don’t you worry about the earthquake?” She teases.

“If there is an earthquake, what is the difference between the tenth floor and the ninety-nine floor?”

Karin is silent at his words…

Into Charlie’s office, her first expression is luxury.

The brightly colored Persian carpet is oft. There is no sound when stepping on it. On the snow-white walls hangs a precious oil painting.

“Please take you seat.”

Charlie points to the wide sofa.

Karin sits down and glances over the coffee table on a magazine with the cover of Charlie’s photo, but the date is not new, in August of two years ago.

She looks for a few seconds and says casually, “You are handsome when you are young.”

Charlie was a bit surprised by her words. He sits next to her and frowns, “When I was young? Am I that old?”

“No, no, you look very young now.”

“I am young.” He pauses, “Do you know how old I am?”


“Then do you know how your words hurt me?”

“Sorry. Don’t take it seriously…”

Karin blinks her innocent eyes, her expression is pitiful, but in fact, she is clever.

“You are taking revenge on me.”

“No.” She quickly denies, “Why should I avenge you?”

“You really didn’t?”

Charlie’s face sinks, “Close your eyes.”


“Usually when a person lies, if he closes his eyes for a minute and then opens them again, and the lie will be self-defeating.”

“It’s unbelievable.”

“You are fear?”

“No. Well. I just close my eyes.”

She closes her eyes and reminds him to watch the time, “Remember to watch the time, I opens it in a minute.”

“It is good.”

One minute is actually quite short, but if you stay with Charlie, it will look longer.

“Why do you want to take revenge of me?”

“In the elevator, you…”

She blushes, “I had low blood sugar. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Really? Why do I think that you will feel nervous as soon as I get close to you?”

“Sure. I’m a girl, you are so close to me. How can I not be nervous?”

“Then what do you mean. Are you nervous when any man approaches you?”


“Include Robert?”

Karin is embarrassed. How can she tell him that she is not…


She can’t tell the truth, otherwise she traps herself.

“Do you think that with your eyes closed, I can’t see your nervousness?” Charlie’s voice suddenly approaches, “You are not, right?”

She just wants to deny it. Suddenly, her forehead is kissed softly, and so quickly that she thinks she makes a mistaken…

Opening her eyes, she looks at the man in shock that she can’t ask him any question.

Charlie is very calm, without a trace of offensive guilt, as if the girl in front is his.