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Eye Turn Off

Chapter125 Chatting on the Intranet

Vivian called Yvonne and told her what William had proposed.

Yvonne didn’t answer immediately. She thought about it and let her gave her some time. She thanked her by the way. The two people hung up.

She was using the computer to look up information, and a dialog box popped up unexpectedly.

— Selina, when does William agree to the interview? They’re urging me.

Vivian remembered that this was the account number that Layla proposed to let them register last time. ‘Spicy Gluten King’ was the code name of Selina, and ‘Riding a snail’ was Layla. Then they thought of a name that was very awesome for her.

‘I have a baby’

Although she really did not want it and also resisted, finally she accepted it.

The three also set up a road team to watch the village leading to the kindergarten.

Every time she turned on the computer, she could see that ‘Spicy Gluten King’ was chatting with ‘Riding a snail to surf’ in the group.

Looking at the page of the computer shaking, Vivian found that she was thinking something deeply, and she replied.

–I forgot.

–Do you want to piss me off? Ask him quickly. You are limited to finish the task at lunch time! Or I’ll kill you and take you to the interview.

–You’re so bad.

–You have three hours left.

Vivian helplessly closed the dialog box, now there were so many people, it was not very good to go in his office. If it was not that cashier, She also wouldn’t forget this matter.

She checked out the ID of all her colleagues on the intranet of the company on the desktop.

She had found William’s ID. He didn’t set his name, but a string of original codes. ID: 780277

Vivian still had hope and added William and attached her own information. Otherwise, she was worried that if William saw it, she would be blacklisted.

Ten minutes have passed since the message was sent and there was no respond.

Vivian sighed with disappointment. William didn’t surf the Internet as expected, but Layla said that generally there would be message prompts.

According to William’s character, no one dared to add him.

In the past two hours, when Vivian was about to give up, a small box popped up in the bottom right corner of the screen to prompt that he had agreed to add her as a friend.

Vivian almost jumped up happily. She just stood up and saw the eyes of all the colleagues, she sat down.

She held her breath and clicked on the message.

ID: 780277 sent you a message.


[Yeah, it’s me.] Vivian immediately replied.

[Well, your name…]


Vivian didn’t want to say anything.

[Change it.]

[I can’t change it, Selina and Layla set the name for me and it has nothing to do with me. The net name can only be changed once.]

Now, William was silent.

After fifteen minutes, no response, is he angry?

Vivian hesitated and knocked on the keyboard a few times.

[William, are you still there? For the convenience of chatting, we can’t call codes in the group.]

William was originally dealing with a very important lawsuit. He saw the message from the account he had never used, and the note said that ‘I am Vivi’ and had a smile on it.

Only that silly woman would do such a thing, but seeing her net name, he looked not very good.

He wouldn’t reply after he knew that her net name couldn’t be changed.

Unexpectedly, Vivian sent another message, and they three set up a group.

[Let me enter.]

Vivian’s fingertip shook twice and almost slipped to the ground. William wanted to join the group. Is he joking?

She thought she was dazzled, and she wiped her eyes for several times, and found that the message was still there.

She went to asked Selina.

[Do you agree that William enters the group?]

Selina answered quickly.

[No problem.]

Anyway, William wanted Vivi. She had nothing to do with her.

[OK, I see how.]

Vivian closed the chat box, and said to William.

[I agree, but you have to agree to Selina’s interview.]

[Ok, but you’re not allowed to reveal my identity in the group.]

[I see.]

It was ok if she didn’t expose it. Soon Vivian found that William’s code was changed to a name.

‘It’s mine’

“What’s that mean?” Vivian stared at the words in front of her and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Several pairs of eyes looked over, Vivian just realized she shouted out the inner words.

She said to them with embarrassment, “I’m sorry.”

And they were drowned in their work again.

Vivian sat down with tremble. She was ‘I have a baby’. William was ‘It’s all mine’.

Her faced blushed. It must be an illusion.

The public screen in the group sent a message. ‘I have a baby’ invited ‘It’s mine’ to join the group.

The two people in the group were shocked.

‘Riding a snail to surf’, [Adultery. I smell the strong smell of adultery.]

‘Spicy Gluten King’, [Who’s he? John? His company is not in our building.]

‘I have a baby’, [A colleague of mine.]

‘Spicy Gluten King’, [Tell me the truth.]

[I don’t know anything. Ask yourself.]

Vivian directly put up several words and then stopped talking.

No matter how Selina and Layla intimidated, ‘It’s mine’ seemed to never exist. There was no response.

Vivian completed the task of Selina and solved William’s problem. She began to look at the case again.

Selina didn’t seem to give up and began to talk with Vivian.

[Vivi, can you tell me that person is male or female?]

[Selina, you can ask yourself. Generally, that person is not online, so you can treat that person as a transparent person.]

Vivian didn’t think that William would have time to surf to the Intranet at work. She estimated that he would block the group in a few days.

Selina groaned and said nothing, but she didn’t thought that the person was William, because she was as determined as Vivi that William was definitely not the kind of person who would go to social networks.

To be on the safe side, Vivian reminded her.

[Remember not to talk about what should not be said in the group, I don’t want to let Layla know.]

[I know. I’m not as empty-headed as you.]

Vivian sent an angry emoji.

Selina and Layla chatted again.

The content of this chat was that ten of the most beautiful people in the building were nearly selected, and the result would be announced tomorrow.

Vivian couldn’t help but click in and saw that she was familiar with the first and second place.

William was the first one, but she didn’t know who took this photo. William talked freely at the meeting, and he exuded the momentum of the superior. His deep eyes just swept over, with a cold air of awe.

It was like that.

The second was Jack, who saved her when she was in a mess. She still owed him two meals.

She didn’t expect that he was the boss of Selina.

All this was the fate of all the arrangements.