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Eye Turn Off

Chapter124 You forgot something

William’s expression remained unchanged. He calmly took a small box from the shelf and put it on the cash register again. He said in an indifferent tone, “But the size is wrong.”

The cashier took a look and whistled, “Extra-large, handsome boy, don’t play tough guy.”

The extra-large size was generally the size of foreigners.

“Check out.” William said in a light tone.

Why does Vivian feel so shocked when William looks at her?

“William, I have bought my things. Let’s go back first.” She kept staring at the cashier and almost made a hole in the cashier’s eyes.

The cashier showed that he was innocent. This time, he quickly paid for William’s bill. “Walk slowly, guys.”

William threw the small box into the bag as if nothing had happened and showed a smile to Vivian. “Let’s go.”

Did he laugh? He actually smiled. This time, she was sure about it, but why did she just get scared? Vivian unconsciously swallowed, “William, I just took it wrong.”

“Well.” William nodded to show that he knew.

Although William nodded, Vivian still felt that he was laughing at her. She could not hold on to it and it would seemed more deliberate.

The two people returned to the apartment, Vivian looked calm but was nervous in her heart. And she took the ingredients back to the kitchen, and started to make noodles.

This time, Vivian finished cooking noodles and dared not stay. She said in a hurry, “William, eat it yourself. I’ll go back first.”

William called her, “Wait.”

“What else?” Vivian still put one hand on the doorknob. It seemed that as long as William put forward something excessive, she would immediately open the door and leave.

“You forgot your things.” William slowly pulled his chair and sat down.

“My stuff?” Vivian mumbled to herself. She didn’t remember what she left behind.

William gestured with his eyes for what was left in the bag.

“You pervert!” When Vivian saw what William was referring to, her face turned red, and she held her breath, scolded, and fled.

When she went downstairs, Vivian touched her face, it was still hot. Did William drink too much? He would even flirt with her.

Vivian had a dream when she went back home in the evening. She dreamed that William was wearing a pair of sponge baby pants with a small fork in his hand and two horns on his head, and he was shouting to cook her.

He was holding a fork and stabbing her constantly, she couldn’t hide. Then William didn’t plan to eat her again. The fork in his hand turned into a knife and broke her clothes.

He ran to hold the cashier that night, and he was touching him and called him baby, “I’ll cook for you, which flavor do you like?”

Vivian was so scared to wake up. William held a man, which was really more terrible than a horror movie.

If he knew that she had such a dream, she would be comparable to a horror movie.

Tired all night, Vivian went to the company, made a cup of coffee as usual, and sent it to William’s office, wrung the rag and began to wipe it.

William was still self-disciplined. Generally, she didn’t need to clean. The desk in the office was clean, and the documents and books were placed neatly.

She came early, and no one came into the office. Vivian started singing while cleaning the room.

“I have a little donkey. I never ride it.”

“One day I rode to the fair on a whim. I was very proud with a small whip in my hand.”

This was Roe’s favorite song. After listening to it for a long time, she found it very interesting. However, she didn’t know someone had opened the door.

Vivian was still wiping the bookshelf and she was being watched.

The visitor was not in a hurry. He stood looking at the happy little woman, waiting for her to find out.

Vivian found a strange book on the shelf. She couldn’t help but pull it out and read it. She said, “This guy would read this kind of book.”

“Would it be strange for me to read it?” William answered.

She was scared and the book in her hand also fell to the ground. She turned around stiffly and looked at the elusive man in front of her. Why didn’t she hear anything when he came in?

“You’re too focused on singing.” William kindly answered for her.

“…” What is collapse? Vivian felt that she had experienced it, and her face turned red with a brush.

He even listened to her boring song.

Vivian pretended she knew nothing, and she quietly picked up the book on the ground and put them back in place. She then lowered her head and sped up her steps towards the gate.

Just as she was about to escape from the suffocating room, there was a light floating saying behind her, “It’s a stupid song.”

Vivian pinched the palm of her hand and she left.

The door opened and she flashed out. She could hear the man’s happy smile.

Vivian was 100% sure that William was laughing at her!!

Today after Alexander knew that Vivian had a boyfriend, he had been in a low mood. Why does he always slow down? He saw that Vivian was breathing fast and leaned against the door of the office.

He still asked, “Vivi, what’s the matter with you? Your face is so red.”

“Nothing. It may be a little hot for cleaning. I’ll go to work first, Alex.” Vivian was more like running away, as if there was a monster behind her with a fork.

In the morning, Vivian was always distracted, and always blushed.

This made Layla, who had always been curious, cannot help but ask, “You’ve been wandering for seven or eight times. Can I ask you what makes you so passionate?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t.” Vivian said that and touched his face unconsciously, it was quite hot.

Layla approached and said, “Hurry up and tell the truth. Did you do something with your boyfriend yesterday?”

“What? It’s ridiculous.” Vivian saw that Layla still wanted to ask, and she quickly changed to the topic, “Layla, do you have Yvonne’s number?”

Layla asked doubtfully, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“I have something to tell her.” Vivian gave a vague answer.

Layla understood as soon as she looked at her expression, “Do you have any idea on it, Vivi?”

“Yes. I’ll try.” Vivian didn’t want to take credit for herself, so she had to try it first.

“Yes, I’ll send her number to you right away.” Layla didn’t ask much, and she sent Yvonne’s phone number to Vivian.