Chapter123 Handsome boy, you are so awesome

Vivian hadn’t touched the doorknob yet, and her whole person was pulled into a generous embrace. She smelled the unique tobacco smell of the man, which made her have an impulse to cry.

“You really want to help her.” William’s low voice came from above.

Vivian found that in addition to the smell of tobacco, there was also a light smell of wine. If they were not close, she couldn’t smell it at all.

“William, you’ve been drinking,” she said.

“Yeah.” William answered, holding her arm without a trace of loose.

“Why?” Vivian couldn’t understand. Didn’t he go to have dinner with Angie? How could he go to drink again? Her confused heart sank when she thought of Angie.

She pushed William hard. William didn’t expect that she would push him so hard. He looked at her clear eyes firmly.

He seemed to be asking her why.

Vivian’s heart was bitter. She just moved her eyes away from his face. “I want to help her.”

“Well.” William looked at her resistance and went back to the sofa to sit down.

Vivian glanced at William and hesitated for a few seconds. She walked up to him and took a seat beside him, “How to help her?”

William seemed very tired, he raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows. He said in a light tone, “To find that lying man and try to make him a witness. Didn’t the plaintiff provide chat records and photos?”

“Well, but Layla said they can’t be used as direct evidence, only as collateral evidence, and it’s not necessarily useful.” There was a trace of pity in her eyes. She bit the lip hard and didn’t show it.

“Don’t worry, the photos must be more than that. The plaintiff is in the same company with the defendant. She will have a chance to see the woman. Take a chance to open her mobile phone, and there will be other evidence.”

“But will it be dangerous?” Vivian was worried.

“If she want to win the lawsuit, she has to rely on her own efforts. There is no free lunch in the world. As long as she’s able to do that, our law firm can help her win the lawsuit.”

William’s tone was a little heavy. In general, he didn’t care about this kind of lawsuit. If it’s not the stupid woman in front of him, he wouldn’t make an exception.

“I see. I’ll tell Yvonne tomorrow.” Vivian also knew that it was hard for William to teach her how to do it. It was not good if she asked too much.

And William seemed very tired.

William turned his eyes away from her and said indifferently, “You can go.”

Looking at William, Vivian didn’t know why she couldn’t move her feet like rooting. He had told her what she wanted, was there any excuse for her to stay?

No, she should have drawn a clear line. Today, she had overstepped it.

Vivian slowly stood up from the sofa and looked at William, who turned his eyes away. Her feet seemed to be filled with lead. She moved hard to the door.

Before walking far, Vivian took a deep breath and summoned up her courage and turned around and said, “William, are you OK? Would you like a bowl of soup?”

She told herself that it was the return of William’s help and it did not mean anything.

William’s eyes darkened and said without turning his head. “I’m hungry.”

“Didn’t you go to have dinner with Angie?” Vivian’s eyes were wide open, and she blurted out. Is he going to drink on an empty stomach tonight?

Why can’t he cherish his body more?

William looked at her and said, “I’m not like you.”

Vivian’s face was burning hot. It must be her illusion that William seemed to accuse her of eating with John, and he didn’t even eat.

She went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and found that there was no egg or noodles, except for beer.

“Wait here, I’ll go downstairs and buy something,” said Vivian.

William naturally took out his wallet and put it on the table. “Buy what you want.”

“No, I have the money.” Just like the action before, Vivian felt sad for a while. She never looked at the wallet of the table again and opened the door to leave.

William looked at the flustered back in silence.

Downstairs, Vivian was a little uneasy and took out everything she wanted.

“Miss, are you sure to take this size?”

“Ah? What? ”

Vivian returned to her mind and saw that the man was holding a small box written a big word.

—- jissbon

Suddenly, Vivian’s face turned red and hurriedly snatched the evil box from his hands. She didn’t know where to put it. She left it aside and said, “I’m sorry, I took it wrong.”

The cashier said frankly, “You don’t have to be shy, but your boyfriend’s size is pretty big.”

“Please help me with the rest.” Vivian said, almost gnashing her teeth, that she was just a little distracted and took it wrong.

The cashier raised his eyebrows, and helped Vivian to settle all the things on the table, “A total of 87 yuan.”

Vivian paid the money and was about to take over the bag in the cashier’s hand. There was a man who moved faster than her. He took over the bag in a tone as indifferent as himself, “So slow.”

“Why did you get down?” Vivian’s face blushed. It seemed that William had added a handful of firewood, which made her face hotter.

The cashier seemed to think that Vivian was not embarrassed and joked, “Handsome boy, you are so awesome. I don’t know if you want this thing.”

William was wondering about the abnormal flush of Vivian’s face. Hearing the cashier’s words, he turned his eyes to him, but he didn’t see what it was.

Vivian had rushed to take away the “evidence” in the cashier’s hand and hid it behind her and said stiffly, “Nothing. Let’s go back quickly, aren’t you hungry?”

Damn it.

The cashier showed a meaningful expression, frowned and winked at William, waved his hand like a magic trick, and took a box of jissbon, said with a bad smile, “Handsome boy, go back and enjoy it when you’re hungry.”

William finally saw what was in the man’s hand, looked at Vivian’s eyes with a light smile, but it soon disappeared into the deep dark eyes, “You like this brand.”

“I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. I just took it wrong. Don’t listen to him.” Vivian went crazy.

As if she couldn’t wait to do that. She didn’t think about anything at all.