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Eye Turn Off

Chapter122 Be spotted the tracking

After Vivian finished the meal with John, She politely refused him to send her back.

Because she had another important thing to do.

She couldn’t let go of Yvonne’s business, because she was also a mother.

But when it came to practical operation, Vivian couldn’t control the tension.

Holding the mobile phone for a long time, she did not dial the familiar number.

Vivian walked around by herself. When she was anxious, she knocked on the forehead with her mobile phone. It was a problem whether to dial or not.

Finally she turned into a crazy howl, “Damn, why should I run to the gate of William’s residential area?”

Yes, she was the fool who couldn’t control the body by her brain. She ran to William’s territory and wanted to wait for a ‘big rabbit’.

She should go back. In case William came back with Angie, she would bring disgrace on her own head

Vivian constantly persuaded herself to call him back. She was not in a hurry. She hesitated for a while and then a half hour passed.

When she made up her mind to go back, she accidentally saw a glimpse of a tall and cold figure coming in, her heart was beating fast. She hurriedly hid behind the tree, and watched William’s every move nervously.

Fortunately, William did not stop and he walked in.

Vivian was afraid of it and closed her eyes. She didn’t know why she had the illusion that she was an abnormal stalker.

She carefully put her head out to see that whether William was really gone.

“What are you doing?”

A cold voice on her back startled Vivian. She pointed at the man in front of her and stuttered, “William, why are you here?”

Why would he come out?

William looked at Vivian as if she was retarded. She thought she was very well hidden. Half of her shoulders were exposed. He just pretended not to see it, and he just came out from another exit.

“You haven’t answered yet.” He said in a low voice.

Vivian felt that she had been greatly insulted, “Why should I tell you that? This is not your home, I will go where I want to go.”

William looked up at the location of his apartment, his eyes became a little deep, “Go on.”

Finish saying, he turned around and walked to the building.

When Vivian saw that William was leaving, she immediately became restless. She opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t find a reason to hold William. She looked at William, who was about to disappear.

“William, I want to have a talk with you.” she said towards his back.

When Vivian heard what he said, she would like to bite off her tongue right now. What makes her want to go to his home? She just wanted to talk with him, her tongue rolled, it became like this.

She didn’t want to sit in his house.

But William turned around and didn’t let her take back her words. She could only pretend to look at him and smile, “Well, the moon is bright tonight.”

William snorted, “You fool.”

“William, how can you say that? I’m not stupid. ” Vivian took two steps to figure out what William was referring to. She looked up at the sky covered by dark clouds, and her whole face changed.

Today, she could see no moon or even a star. It’s no wonder William would laugh at her like this.

For her purpose, Vivian was still clenching her teeth and following William.

Finally, she went into William’s room and sat down.

She was sitting on William’s sofa like sitting on a needle blanket, as if she would jump up from the sofa and go for the door as long as there was a bit of wind.

William, with a cup of coffee, sat on the opposite side of Vivian as if there were no one else. His deep eyes looked at her faintly and did not speak.

Vivian was stared at by William and she felt more constrained and uncomfortable. She plucked up her courage, “William, I want to ask you something.”

After a pause, she stressed, “It’s about my work.”

William was elegantly sipping a sweet and mellow coffee with his two thin lips, he stared at her with his dark eyes, which were deeper than the night, “if you want to drink anything, take it yourself, I think you should still remember where you put it.”

Vivian pretended to be calm and said, “I’m not thirsty.”

His tall figure leaned on the sofa, and his hand casually rested on the armrest, the whole person looked lazy and dangerous.

Vivian always felt that William was different tonight. She couldn’t tell what was different.

“Don’t you want to talk to me about your work?” William interrupted her thinking.

When it came to business, Vivian cleared her throat and said, “I have recorded a divorce lawsuit today. I want to consult you on a few questions.”

William said in a light tone, “Say it.”

“When the evidence can’t be evidence, what else can we do to help the plaintiff?” Alexander said that William knew how to do it. He should have a way.

William did not change his tone, “No, there is only one result for lack of evidence, losing the lawsuit.”

“It shouldn’t be so. You don’t know the specific situation. Yvonne has evidence, but that bastard was a very insidious man. Yvonne may be faced with a situation of losing her wealth and her child.” How could it be like this? How could he act as if nothing happened?

To Yvonne, losing a lawsuit is to lose all the support. And she still had a child. What’s the difference between death and her situation?

“Vivian, we are lawyers, not policemen, and we’re not philanthropists. The evidence needs to be provided by the litigants themselves. We are only responsible for the part we should be responsible for.”

“Do you understand?” It was the survival of the fittest.

Vivian looked at the indifferent face and didn’t know what to say for a while.

Does she understand? How can she not understand? She couldn’t help those people. But she just wanted to help the people when she could.

Tonight, William gave her a real lesson, a lesson that was called ‘do not be sentimental’.

Vivian stood up from the sofa, her long hair blocked the wave in her eyes, and she said calmly, “Sorry, I’ll go first.”

She had nothing to ask.

It seemed that she was still too arrogant to help Yvonne. Now she thought she was really stupid. She was still a person who couldn’t protect herself.