Chapter 138 Having a Meal with My Girlfriend

The next morning, Lily and Rex go to the company together. The little scene last night doesn’t affect their atmosphere. On the contrary, after absenting for several days, Lily is a little uneasy.

She stays silence all the way through, unusually very quiet. Rex sees her worries and consoles in a low voice, “Relax, Orson has greeted your superior these days.”

Of course, Lily knows well that he’ll take care of it, but even these can’t dispel her worries. After all, her relationship with Rex within the entire company, even in the current society can be said to be well known, no one dare to trouble her. And also because of it, she needs self-discipline even more.

Now that she has left without asking for permission, what will Kinsey think of her?

Lily is very nervous all the way to the company’s door. After hopping off the car, she doesn’t even take the elevator with Rex and goes directly to the office building without saying words.

As soon as she enters the office, the eyes of the colleagues lock at her. Facing all of those eyes, Lily smiles awkwardly, “Good morning everybody.”

Crystal blinks, still thinking that she has did something wrong and waves at her while stepping down from the stairs, “You’ve finally come, we’re so busy lately, come here.”

Lily walks over, the moment her butt is on the seat, she is really relieved.

Crystal looks over her head and says, “You’ve finally come, you didn’t pick up your phone, and also can’t be reached, I thought you’ve resigned.”

“No.” Lily plays with her hair to hide her guiltiness. “I’ve taken a leave just because I was a little sick.”

“Huh.” Crystal is stunned, “You can lie to others but not to me. You’ve not the type that skip your job when you’re sick. Is it because of Rex?”

Once she speaks, Lily’s expression is even more unnatural.

Crystal doesn’t want to force her, and hands the organized file to her, “It’s the notes from the meeting recently, take a look at it.”

“Thank you, Crystal.” Lily is really touched. It is really difficult to have such a friend like her in work.

Crystal waves off, “It’s nothing.”

After skipping for a few days, she has a lot to do, which also needs some time to reorganize it. Lily spends the whole morning to get it right. When she looks up again, it’s passed the lunch time. She suddenly understands why Rex always works over time.

She is barely an ordinary employee, not to mention the company’s big boss.

Lily raises her hand to rub her sore neck. After lowering it for a long time, it become a bit stiff.

The phone that is place on the table vibrates twice. She picks it up and finds that it is Rex: Have you eaten?

Only three words, short and concise, without adding any nonsense.

Lily slightly hooks her lips, her fingertips tapping the screen happily, just like her heart at this moment: Not yet, I’m still busy with work.

After typing in, tapping the send button, the green icon has not changed it color, yet behind her, Kinsey who returns in advance after having a lunch and calls her out, “Lily , come here.”

She puts down her phone instantly and stands up to follow her.

The door closes and Kinsey walks to the sofa in the middle of the office to sit down, then points the position opposite her, “Sit.”

“I’m fine, Kinsey. I’ll just stand.” Lily waves her hand.

Kinsey smiles, “It’s okay, sit down, I’ll just chat with you casually, don’t be stern.”

Lily then sits across her politely.

“Orson said that your body is not in a good health recently, are you all right?” Kinsey pours two cups of tea and hands her a cup, her tone and posture is very normal.

Lily feels a little guilty, which make her couldn’t lift her head and also couldn’t relax, “Yes….”

She is a person who can’t lie. With her performance at the moment, Kinsey has known it. However, she doesn’t blame her, only feeling a little disappointed inside. When she speaks again, her voice somewhat becomes colder, “Since you’ve just recovered, I won’t give you too many task these days. You must deal with your problem first. When it is better, I’ll arrange other work for you, is it okay?”

Lily half-lowers her head and looks at the small delicate porcelain tea cup in her hand, and says nothing.

Kinsey wakes her, “Lily?”

“Kinsey.” Lily raises her head and exhales a long breath. “Although I’m sorry, I still hope to confess to you. In fact, the reason behind it isn’t because of my physical discomfort, it is about my personal affairs. Only because of my personal affairs, I’ve affected the work…. I’m sorry.”

She says sorry twice in a row, there is a guilt between the lines.

This is not the first time she has done this. She really doesn’t care about anything else and regards the job too easy.

Kinsey freezes for a moment, little did she expect that she’ll be honest and frank. There is a disgruntled of dissatisfaction in her heart. However, it couldn’t be said that she is not happy, it is a good thing, after all.

“Since you’ve made it clear, I hope that this will not happen again in the future. Although you’re only an individual, but still is an indispensable part of a team. When you’re away, your work need to be done by others. Since you need others to help you, you should inform them in advance. I hope you can pay more attention in the future, everyone need to be respected.” Kinsey is notoriously strict and rigorous. Even though Lily has a very close relationship with Rex, she still doesn’t bother it.

Lily, who is being criticized, feels uncomfortable, but she still accepts it humbly, “Sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.”

Kinsey looks at her self-blaming posture and nods, “Okay, I believe you.”

As soon as she said it, the atmosphere in the office is finally relaxed. The mistake has been corrected, which make Kinsey doesn’t trouble her anymore, but half-joking and half-serious says, “But this is also there first time for me to receive a call from Orson, all thanks to you.”

Lily quickly shakes her head, “Don’t say it, I’m ashamed….”

The two are talking when the office door suddenly knocks from the outside. The blinds are all closed, making it difficult to so who is coming. Kinsey straightens up, her voice is crisp, “Come in.”

As soon as the door is pushed open, both are stunned, especially Lily. An unexpected man strides forwards briskly, and stands by her side.

The man is wearing a light blue shirt, it is a strap of gray and blue. The tie between the collar is the one she gave, the whole person is very capable.

Lily blinks, somehow confused, “Why are you here?”

The man slightly raises his eyebrows and pulls her into his arms, then turn to look at Kinsey at the side, “Kinsey, it’s twelve forty, there is still fifty minutes before work, I’ll take my girlfriend for a meal, OK?”