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Chapter 137 Something Is Fishy

From his Villa to the North Villa, although the speed has reached its limit, it still takes an hour and half.

The North Villa is located in a prestigious area, it is built in a mountain with only nine villas. Each of it is divided into three parts, a detached single-story building, a two-stories duplex and three-stories main building.

Each house has a large yard on the back and front, including private swimming pool, extremely luxury.

The reason why Rex is fond of this villa is that, with Marina condition, it is not only extravagant but more importantly, it is also the best environment with the most fresh air in the city.

Many important person and high-rank officials will come here to convalesce. The people who wants to buy this villa has to queue, money can’t buy it.

The car is driven to the door. The door opens automatically after recognition. As soon as it stops, a man immediately steps forward and greets him respectfully, “Rex.”

He calls Maxx, whom is thirty-two years old, medium build which is about one meter seventy-five tall, tan skin, a short flattened head, small eyes and thin lips. The whole person shows a fierceness sense.

At that time, he won many medals in Jude Competition, but later, he was cheated by the company and had signed an unfair terms. Not only losing the cash prize, he also worked for others in vain.

Rex coincidently is on the top at that time, he personally fights the lawsuit for him and won a big victory. Since then, Maxx has also followed him with all his soul.

Rex slightly nods, indicates that he has heard it. After getting off the car, he walks directly to the Villa’s door. He scans around and looks at the window’s position precisely.

All of it is facing east, which is not a good thing for people with a sensitive physic like Marina.

“Have you decided the changing plan?”

Maxx spontaneously hands over the drawing paper in his hand, “Yes, take a look.”

Rex takes over and points a few of them while reading at it carefully, “Don’t put any windows on the bedroom, office room and also the other three room. Fill all of them up.”

“Okay.” Maxx informs the feedback to the designer in an instant.

Rex wanders around the house for a few more times, inspecting every corner of the house, from upstairs, downstairs, including the yard. He also makes a feedback for the designer, asking to fix everything by tomorrow.

It takes an hour after everything is arranged. Maxx looks at the man in front of him and sighs sincerely, “Marina’s condition has finally stabled, congrats, Rex.”

With it, Rex barely moves his lips, not smiling at all. He raises his hand to pats on his shoulders, “Good work.”

Maxx has been following Rex for so many years, thus, he can somewhat notice his changing emotion. At this moment, he is quite confused with his unpleasant expression.

After so many years, what Rex hopes the most is Marina will be able to return back home and settles down? What’s with his expression now?


It’s two o’clock in the morning when Rex drives back to the Villa.

The car is parked and he wants to smoke. However, recalling that he has been banned to smoke by her in front of bathroom, his extended hand shrinks back.

She banned him to smoke.

After hopping off the car, he walks in the Villa and is greeted with a tranquil living room. He changes his shoes and goes directly to the bedroom on the second floor. The lamp in the alley is still on. When he left, he didn’t have time to turn it off. Once he pushes the door, the woman is still sleeping on the bed, no sign of waking up.

The man sighs in relief and walks beside the bed to go to the cloakroom to change his clothes. After going back and forth in a two different direction, his body squeezed out some sweat. He takes his pajamas to the bathroom of the guest room to take a bath, afraid that he’ll wake her up.

Ten minutes later, the man changes into his pajamas and walks out. His hair is still wet. When he turns to the bedroom, he is greeted by a pair of big dark eyes.

The foot that has just stepped on the room stops because of it, he looks at the half-sleeping woman who is sitting on the bed. Rex feels a guilty conscience in the bottom of his heart.

As if being caught off guard by his wife for leaving the house. There is nowhere to escape.

Lily, who has slept soundly, dreams of encountering Ryan, which make her, sobers up directly. The first reaction when she gets up is to touch the man on her side, but unfortunately nothing is found.

When she is about to get out of the bed to find him, the door of the room is pushed open by him from the outside.

While breathing a sigh of relief, she notices that the man’s hair is still wet.

“Where have you been?” Woman’s sixth sense is always extremely sensitive. Only a sentence, Rex has gone stiffen all over.

He turns back to close the door, also using this action to block the panic in his eyes, “I’m taking a bath in the guest room.”

“Taking a bath?” Lily blinks, as if recalling something, “Haven’t you taken a bath just now?”

“Well, the house is too hot and I’m sweating again, so I take a bath again.” The man strides forwards and stands at the bedpost to look at the woman who is wearing a white pajamas, “Why are you awake?”

Lily raises her hand to rub her eyes, “I had a nightmare.”

Seeing her unsuspicious look, Rex sits on the bed and hugs her, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Lily hugs him back, always feeling that there is some floating in his breath. He doesn’t seem like a person who has fallen asleep, his eyes are not sleepy at all.

However, she doesn’t question him. Since the last misunderstanding, her trust to Rex has been deepened to some extent. Now that she has chosen, mutual trust is the most important.

Rex afraid that she’ll be suspicious. For the reason that he has not confidence to cover the past as well, he is not a person who is good at lying. Not to mention the woman in front of him is the one he beloved the most.

However, when Lily doesn’t ask anything, he is not only doesn’t relax, yet feels even more guilty and blames himself. With her trustiness, he is too mean…

The water droplets from his hair fall on Lily’s back. She pushes him a little to touch it, “Dry your hair, or you’ll have a headache tomorrow.”

Rex stays still and locks his eyes with her figure obsessively. His burning eyes make Lily shy, and she couldn’t help but asks, “What’s wrong?”

“Lily, will you always be by my side?” He suddenly questions her, calling her intimately.

Lily couldn’t understand his attitude, which makes her worry, “Did something happen?”

“No.” he doesn’t change his actions and insists on getting an answer, “Answer me.”

“I will.” Lily doesn’t hesitate to answer it, but deep down inside, she feels uneasy. She then touches his handsome face, “Why are you asking it suddenly?”

He lowers the lids, says nothing. After pondering for a moment, he hugs her again with a little force. Afraid that it might scare her, he loosens the strength in the elbow.

There is no conversation in the bedroom for the moment. After a while, he releases Lily and walks to the bathroom to blow his hair.

The buzzing sound comes into her ears, she looks at the man’s figure indistinctly through the glass, Lily doesn’t feel sleepy anymore.

Today, Rex is really strange. Even though she has told herself not to think much, she still can’t control her brain. What is wrong with him?