Chapter 136 Making Love In the Study Room

Lily is shocked by his words. Chaos thinking wanders in her mind. She looks at the man in front of him, “What do you say….”

At this moment, Rex is gasping hard, it is difficult to hide his emotions, “If it is you and my child, I am willing to accept it.”

He is a very rigorous man, he rarely utters such impulsive yet reckless words. Lily doesn’t know whether he is in his right mind or something else, however, his words really touch her heart.

Their children, even thinking about it can cause a throb.

However, they haven’t even married now, why talking about children?

Lily bits her lip and loosens, “Stop messing around.”

Rex sees the complex emotion in her eyes. Their body are still entangled, very hot, very intense. He stays nothing, only hugs her into his arms.

At this moment, he doesn’t want to face the reality, doesn’t want to think much, he just wants to sink into his willfulness and impulsive moment.


After it, Lily wraps her clothes and goes to the bathroom to clean up. After a wave of lust faded, she still dare not to make any unexpected choices.

If she is not sure, she will not take her life as a joke. Even if the probability is small, she still has to be responsible.

Finally, she puts on her clothes again, then walks outside, but is blocked by a tall figure at the door.

The man is wearing dark blue silk pajamas with a cigarette in his hand. His smoking pose is sexy yet charming.

Lily stops, the white smoke rises between the two of them, which makes her eyes narrows slightly. As the saying goes, man would always smoke after having a sex. Looks like it’s true. But although he is quite gentle just now, Lily is still tired of it.

She leans sideways to leave him, but the man’s long legs straighten up to block her way.

Lily is gloomy and looks up at him, “Move, I want to sleep.”

The man’s thin lips exhales slowly, it’s smoke spray right on her face. With a little teasing, he speaks out, “I don’t sleep, who you are going to sleep with?”

“….” Lily raises her hand to wave it off, and rolls her eyes angrily. She is definitely not an opponent for Rex, she can only urging dryly, “Move now!”

With that, she elbows him. Rex seizes her arms with her movement and pulls her into his arms. “You’re brave enough to attack me now, huh? Are you uncomfortable just now?”

“You… what are you talking about!” With him mentioning about it, Lily could hardly breathe. Her palm-sized face turns red in an instant.

The man slightly smiles, “What do you think I’m talking about.”

“Can you please stop asking back…..” Lily murmurs softly, she is too shy to speak loud.

Rex raises his eyebrows, “Then explain why you are like this?”

Seeing her blushing face and silence, and also thinking of her thin skin, the man initiatively asks, “Is it because of what I said?”

Lily shakes her head, “No.”

“Then what is it?”

He keeps on asking her casually. About that thing, Lily has always been conservative about it. Talking about it face to face makes her speechless for a while before saying, “You hurt me a little…..”

In fact, after accumulate it in total, he only want it once. But despite of it, she is still a bit overwhelmed. He doesn’t even bother to control his strength just now.

Rex freezes for a while and immediately leans down to stare right in her eyes. He then frowns slightly before reluctantly speaks, “Is it that hurt?”

“Yes.” Lily couldn’t help but blame him, there is a grievance in her tone, “Why didn’t you control it…..”

This man is born strong. He doesn’t pay attention to the gap, which is a torment for her.

The man raises his hand to caress her delicate cheeks and gently squeezes it. There is an unnatural look on his face, “I also want to pay attention, but since we’ve been apart for a while, I was out of control. Next time, I’ll be more gentle, okay baby?”

He doesn’t tell her, when she’s not here, he has been lying alone on the bed where her scent stays still. It is so hard to bear that every night is a burden.

He said so, what can Lily do?

She can only be sweet-talked to the bedroom. But fortunately, he is still good for not continuing to embarrass her.

Lily lies in the bed. After the intense exercise just now, she is a little sleepy. Rex goes to the bathroom to take a shower, the whirling sound is heard through the frosted glass door, which gives people a peaceful mind.

Time passes minute by minute, the drowsiness struck. By looking at the soft light above her head, her eyes gradually close and went in the dream.

When Rex comes out, the woman on the bed has fallen asleep. Because of exhaustion, her breath is a little heavy, her pink lips is unconsciously opened. By looking at it, he couldn’t help but bows his head to kiss her again.

The temperature in the room is quite hot, which makes her stretches her hand out of the quilt. With that movement, the neckline of her pajamas is exposed, revealing her white skin. There is a several red marks on it, which he left.

Rex looks with his burning eyes and raises his hand to cover her back.

After his hair has dried a little, Rex lifts the corner of the quilt to get ready to sleep.

However, at this moment, the phone at the bedpost suddenly vibrated, giving a humming sound on the back. Afraid that he’ll wake the sleeping woman, he quickly picks it up.

The caller ID is Maxx, who is responsible to arrange everything for Marina.

He calls at this time…..

Rex twists his eyebrows and walks to the balcony before picking it up, “What’s wrong?”

“Rex, the Villa has almost done, but I just found a problem with the direction of the window. I’ve planned to change it tomorrow morning, do you want to take a look.”

Rex looks at the clock on the wall through the sliding door, and also sees the figure of the woman lying on the bed. After hesitating for a moment, thinking that Marina is coming back the day after tomorrow, he still agrees, “I’ll go now.”

After hanging up the phone, Rex gently moves the sliding door to open then close it. He goes directly to the cloakroom to get changes into a casual sportswear.

From the cloakroom to the door of the bedroom, he needs to pass by the bed, which makes him stops for a while. His eyes keep on looking at Lily. Wondering whether to tell her or not, but in the end, he still decide not to wake her up.

After closing the door, the temperature from the outside is quite different. He quickly goes downstairs and takes the car key and went straight to the garage. He starts the car, doesn’t dare to look back, afraid that he’ll see Lily’s figure.

It is dark at night. On the highway, the man steps on the throttle, hoping that it’ll get faster, hoping that the sleeping woman doesn’t wake up.