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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 133 Intentional Hide

“How do you hide it?” Karl has a headache just to think about it, “This is nothing else but a living person. If you want to completely hide it, I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult.”

Rex says after ponders for a moment, “I’ll ask George in detail. If there is no problem, I won’t stop Marina from returning. There is a residence in the north part that is suitable for recuperation. I’ll let someone arrange it.”

“North of the city?” Karl thinks for a moment. His Villa is in the south of the city, which is completely in a two different direction from the north. Thus, coincidence might can be avoided in the greatest extent.

Although J city, as a domestic financial metropolis, has a large population and a large area, it is still the same city. There might be a chance for Lily to meet Marina, after all.

Thinking of it, he couldn’t help but asks, “Oh right, does Marina know about Lily’s existence?”

“I think she shouldn’t know for the time being, but my scandals with her are flying over the country, she’ll find out.”

“Will she… look for Lily?”

“I’ll make it clear with her.” For this matter, Rex has made up his mind.

Karl unforeseen this, but after the accident, he is pleased, “You finally are willing to face it. Marina has other feelings for you. If you can’t give her what she wants, cut it off as soon as possible.”

The man rubs his warm teacup, which has a white mist rising to his mouth. He touches the sharp mist from the water vapor.

Cut it off?

He is unwilling, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to be cruel, and instead, disturbed the girl in his heart.

That night, Lily and Rex take a flight back to J city. The first class seat has a lot of space. Her legs and feet could be fully extended. Looking at the night scene outside the window, there is suddenly some uneasy feeling in her.

That’s it.

Lily looks at the erratic clouds in the night and suddenly her knee is grasped, then a the man’s low voice come to her ears, “What are you thinking?”

Lily withdraws his eyes and turns to look at the man next to her. Those deep eyes are looking at her steadily.

She smiles lightly, “Nothing, just feeling a little sad.”

The man’s inquiring eyes sweep in every inch of her face, as if seeing her through. After a long time, he covers her body with a thin blanket, “Don’t think too much, and take a rest.”

His body temperature remains on the blanket, which touches the skin of her arms, giving a warm sense.

He dims the light above her head, and Lily suddenly feels a little sleep and drives away the messy thought in her mind to close her eyes and gradually goes into her dream.

After a smooth flight, the plane lands on J city. The passengers in the first class of the cabin are the first one to disembark once the door is opened. The cold wind rushes in, which make Lily sneezes.

She raises her hand to wrap around her arms, trembling uncontrollably.

Suddenly, a wide coat is placed under her shoulders. When she looks up, the man has taken off his clothes, wearing only a thin body fit shirt.

He is still unhealthy, which make Lily anxious immediately and takes off his coat hurriedly to give him back, “You…”

Rex doesn’t lift his eyes and takes the clothes that Joe handed over from the sideways. It is a black coat with a small size, which is a little cramped for him to wear. Just a glance, you’ll aware that it is not his coat.

Lily looks at his exposed large wrist, “I’ll wear this, you’re too small for it.”

“It’s fine.” He doesn’t take it seriously and takes a step to leave.

Near the end of the year, the temperature is too low, even speaking could form a white mist. He strides forward, as if not feeling cold at all.

Lily is anxious, “Let’s change, you haven’t gotten….”

The man pauses, which makes her voice pauses too.

Rex is annoyed by her nagging. But when he sees her concerned little face in front of him, he couldn’t burst it out, and only sighs helplessly, “I don’t want you to wear other’s man clothes, so be good and wear mine, okay?”

After it, he rubs the top of her head harshly, which makes her smooth hair in a mess.

Lily pushes his palm and when she is about to speak, the man gives no chance and turns away.

“Hey you….” She stands in the same place, staring dumbfoundedly as he walks farther and farther.

Behind him, Joe smiles and says, “Lily, it’s cold, get in the car.”

Lily nods politely and pulls the hat on the back of her neck to her head, blocking the blushing face in any way,

It’s so sweet.

After getting in the car, the warm heat sweep through their body instantly. The frozen temperature has finally disappeared. Rex looks at her taking of the coat and barely wears a tight knit sweater on her small body.

He takes back his sight without leaving any trace and instructs the driver, “Drop by the company first, then go back.”

Lily’s movement stops and says, “Are you going back to the company?”

“Yes, after a few days, I haven’t done so many things.” He gently replies, but instead of looking at her, he stares at his phone, as if is dealing with a file.

But only Rex knows that there is nothing in the screen, he just couldn’t face her big clear eyes.

Lily doesn’t suspicious, only distressed, “You’re not in a good health, and now still continue to work, can you bear it?”

“It’s okay. I won’t be long, I’ll go back soon.” The voice fall and there is suddenly a call in his phone. He puts it in a silent mode and after landing, he hasn’t adjusted it. Seeing the caller ID, the man frowns and declines it without saying anything.

He then switches the phone back to the airplane mode and puts it back in his pocket.

Lily doesn’t find him strange, only pulling out a box of effervescent tablets for him, “Don’t drink coffee, just drink this if you really want to drink something.”

Rex takes over. The plastic package seems to be contaminated by her hand’s temperature, but such tenderness tortured his heart.

The man closes his eyes, afraid that he might reveal the emotion from his heart. Perhaps Karl was right, it is difficult to hide, because he has already tortured psychologically.

The car parks in front of Han Yu’s building. Rex kisses her lips before getting off the car. The black coat wraps around the man’s muscular body, Lily watches him walks into the revolving door until he is out of her sight.

The drivers glances at the rearview mirror, “Ms. Lily, shall we go now?”

Lily comes back to her sense. There is always some uneasiness in her heart. Thinking of Rex tired and evasive look just now… she brushes it off and stops overthinking, keep telling herself to stop thinking too much and don’t misunderstand.

After pondering for a moment, she exhales heavily, “Let’s go.”