Chapter 418 Dare To Bully Her

Listening to Miya’s words, Dennis doesn’t know whether she is praising him or scolding him.

“In short, I come here today to get justice for my son. You must not let him be wronged.” Miya looks at the Ben’s teacher. “My son says he doesn’t want to study. It has a great relationship with you, so I hope that you can explain it clearly today.”

Ben’s teacher is also difficult. Ben takes Miya’s hand and wants to say that this teacher is a good person.

Seeing her son’s gestures, Miya knows what he wants to say, but no matter whether the teacher is good or not, she has to put pressure on her. Sometimes, unfair situations between children is relative to the teacher.

“There is nothing to explain clearly, but Ben is too proud. I just help you teach him.” Dennis is proud, he is from Grace’s family. Who will he be afraid of?

“Don’t you say you doesn’t bully Ben? How can you admit it now?”

Miya says, and looks at Dennis fiercely.

Dennis is taken aback. “I… I…” He stutters.

The other classmates look at Dennis’s expression and are in a great mood. After all, he bullies a lot of people.

Ben’s teacher walks to Miya’s side and persuads her, “This… uh… Madam, Dennis is still a child after all, are you too fierce to him like this?”

“If he doesn’t bully my child, will I be like this? His parents will spoil him well, but I am not his parent, why should I spoil him? My son has been bullied by him, why can’t I stare at him?”

Miya’s series of words succeeds in shocking Ben’s teacher. She has never seen a parent with such a powerful ability.

She seems to have seen it… It is because Dennis bullies her son, the mother reacts like Miya, of course, the expression is still slightly soft, but after knowing Dennis’s identity, she cowers. Miya may be just like her.

Ben’s teacher begins to sigh. The best thing for Dennis is to study well and go to the junior high school early, then nothing will happen to her.

“This person bullies the young.” Dennis also looks at the teacher.

Ben’s teacher is embarrassed again. She whispers to Miya, “This is the grandson of Grace family. The school asks people to care about him. You just forget it. Anyway, you have scolded him.”

“Who cares who he is? He bullies my son anyway, and I won’t let go so easily.” Miya whispers to her, too. And then she stares at Dennis, saying, “Apologize to Ben.”

Dennis seems to have heard a joke, “What qualifications does he have for me to apologize to him!”

“It seems that your parents should not have taught you well.” Miya seems to be ready to beat him.

Dennis looks at Miya in horror. He says, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m going to teach you how to be polite for your parents.” Miya says and is ready to beat him.

After all, Dennis is a kid and is flexible while Miya is a pregnant woman.

Dennis naturally underestimates the enemy, but Miya does not beat him. She pushes Dennis directly to a farther place. “It is not convenient for me to move, let someone clean you up.”

Originally Dennis is ready to kick Miya, because of Miya’s push, his direction changes and he kicks on the wall.

The whole class laugh.

Dennis feels embarrassed. He climbs up and looks around. They stop laughing.

“You are a shrew.” Dennis says.

In fact, if those parents really account, Dennis’s family will compromise. After all, they think highly of gentlefolk style, but everyone pays attention to this, so they make this devil together.

“I think this title is not bad.” Miya says, she is not prepared to be a gentle lady anyway, this time a gentle lady is not useful at all.

Dennis only thinks that he has never met such shameless people in his life, and people with great background are all not like this… so Dennis is more suspicious of Miya.

The school leaders pays special attention to the promotion class. This time Miya takes Ben here for so long, and the school leaders come over. They are all around Dennis to care about him, which make them not like leaders but like pugs.

They look at Miya and Ben, thinking that this kid is the one who lets Dennis into the hospital and makes them be criticized. They say, “Ben, you have been expelled. You can’t enter this school in the future, do you know?”

Before Miya speaks, Ben’s teacher asks…

“It’s not Ben’s fault, why should he be dropped out of school? He…” Ben’s teacher is about to say Ben’s excellence and is cut off by the leader.

“If it’s not that your supervision is not eligible, will Dennis get hurt?”

A person who looks like a director says to Ben’s teacher.

Miya realizes that Ben’s teacher supports Ben.

“I don’t know what happened to my son, making you say you want to drop out him.” Miya asks.

The director is about to answer. He looks at Miya ‘s appalling eyes and hesitates a little, but says, “Because he beats his classmates. He breaks the rules, making others afraid. Some of them even don’t want to come to school, including Dennis.”

These words are not true at all, “Then why is Dennis here? Why does it seem that he has no wounds? Instead, my son is hurt, do you think this makes sense?”

“This…” does not make sense.

“Call your headmaster.” Miya knows the headmaster. She accompanies Ben to school with Alex last September.

“Our principal is very busy. Leave here please, otherwise we will call the security guard.” The director is about to drive them out. Won’t it be a bad thing if the principal know this?

However, Miya and Ben are just standing there, and she says, “Call your principal.”

“The principal is very busy.” The director and other teachers are ready to drive them away.

They haven’t started yet, and a voice comes from the door.

“Dare you to bully her?”