Chapter 417 I Like Our Family To Be Together

Miya can’t bear Alex’s pitiful look, as if she abuses him.

Hearing Miya’s words, Alex kisses Miya on the cheek. He says, “Honey, I can definitely come back. Please wait for me.”

They are still in the public, Miya is shy. She pushes Alex, “If you want to go, please go now, don’t always react like this.”

There is happiness on Alex’s face, and he swears in his heart that he will prove Miya’s innocence. He will never let go of those who have hurt Miya, he will make them understand what self-inflicted life is.

Seeing Alex leave, Ben feels some discomfort. He looks at Miya and asks, “Mommy, doesn’t Daddy say to accompany us? Why does he leave?”

Miya touches Ben’s little face. She says, ” Daddy has something to be done. Isn’t Mommy accompany you now?”

“Mommy is good, but I like to be with Daddy and Mommy. We all like the feeling of being together.”

This is probably the most childlike sentence that Ben has said recently.

Listening to Ben’s words, Miya feels distressed for a while. She says, “Mommy will not leave you in the future, so if you encounter difficulties, you must talk to us. Daddy and I don’t want you to be wronged.

Ben nods.

“Okay, let’s go in.” Miya doesn’t forget her most important purpose for coming here.

“OK.” Ben takes Miya’s hand, he is now confident, walking on the campus road with his head upright.

“Isn’t that Ben?”

“He still dare to come. He is courageous. Doesn’t he dropout?”

As soon as they reaches the door of the classroom, many people are talking.

Ben’s teacher is giving a lecture, and when the classmates below say Ben’s name, she subconsciously looks at the door. She actually wants Ben to come back, after all, she doesn’t want to delay a genius.

It is Ben there. It seems that it is a wise choice for her to call Ben’s father. It still works, but why is there a pregnant woman beside him, who is she?

Miya looks at the classroom at the door and sees the lady on the podium looking at her with questions. Intuitive tells her that she should be the class teacher, so she asks, “Are you the class teacher of this class?”

Ben’s teacher nods, “I am the head teacher of this class, who are you?”

Miya smiles politely, “I’m Ben’s mother.”

“You talk nonsense. Ben’s mother is already dead!”

A loud voice comes from below.

Miya looks at the little boy who is speaking. He looks a bit taller than Ben. He should be older than Ben. He should be Dennis.

Ben’s teacher glances at Dennis, but the feeling of not being able to teach is really miserable. Most of the children in the class have backgrounds, but what the parents all know is to respect the teacher. They all say that children should be also educated by teacher as long as there is no corporal punishment. But Dennis’s family is special, causing the teachers of the whole school to take special care of Dennis.

After all, Dennis’s family is very famous for spoiling children. It is said that Dennis is the only grandchild.

But Dennis really hateful. If it were not for the influence of his family, no one will be willing to talk to Dennis. But what he says…

Ben’s teacher looks at Miya a little embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, as far as we know, Ben’s mother does…

Miya finally knows the meaning of lifting a rock only to drop it on her own feet. She starts a rumor of her own before, and then it is spread all over the world.

“I’m Ben’s mother. I’m here today to ask the class teacher and Dennis to discuss something.” Miya explains her intention.

“You talk nonsense, even if Ben has a stepmother, she will only be my aunt, not a fatty like you.” Dennis suddenly jumps in front of Miya.

Fatty? It is the first time Miya hears this title. She is always said to be too thin.

“You are Dennis, right, why do you say me… uh… dead? I’m standing right here.” Every time Miya says this, she rolls her eyes in her heart. Why does she rumour herself like this before?

“We all know this. My aunt says that Ben’s grandfather tells her, how can this news be false?”

Listening to Dennis’s words, Miya realizes that the culprit is the Augus. How can he say so? She is his daughter-in-law, and she is pregnant now.

“I don’t think we should discuss the question of whether I am alive or dead now. What I want to ask is, why are you bullying my son?” Miya looks at the child in front of her, and she doesn’t think he is a child anymore. Will a normal child have such a heavy grudge?

“I bully him?” Dennis sneers. He turns and asks the classmates, “Do you see me bullying him?”

All the classmates shakes their heads, even if some support Ben, they just doesn’t say anything.

“Madam, do you see that? I don’t bully Ben. Is he slandering me to bully him?” Dennis pretends not to know. He says, “Ben, how can you do this? My aunt is such a gentle lady, but you don’t like her to be your stepmother, and choose such a fatty, you are blind!”

The word “fatty” bothers Miya again.

She seems to have thought of something.

“What’s your aunt’s name?”

“Huh, you don’t know my aunt, so you dare to come to me.” Dennis sneers fiercely, then says.

“My aunt is Grace.”

Sure enough, it is the name. Miya doesn’t expect Grace’s nephew to be in the same class as her son, but…

“It can be seen that you are family.”