Chapter 416 Retrieving Justice

What is it like to have this pair of parents who often show affection at home? The children feel like they are going crazy. Their daddy only has their Mommy in his eyes.

Of course, they still like their parents very much.

Hearing the children’s words, Miya shyly leaves Alex’s arms.

Alex knows Miya’s move and stops her. He turns to look at the children and asks, “Where is Ben?”

Ben has finished a shower at this time. He hears someone calls his name and comes out. He asks, “Are you calling me?”

Alex is about to say something to Ben. Miya seems to see Alex’s thoughts and stops him.

Alex looks at Miya in a puzzled way, wondering what she means.

“I have something to tell you. Let’s go back to the house and talk.”

Alex almost never refuses Miya’s requirement. Since Miya says so, he seems to have no reason to refuse.

He asks the children play among themselves, and then enters the house with Miya.

After entering the house, Miya asks, “Do you come back early this time because Ben’s teacher calls you?”

Alex is shocked, “How do you know?”

“Are you going to ask me what happened to Ben?” Miya asks again.

Alex thinks that Ben might have told Miya everything before he comes home. He sits on the edge of the bed and looks at Miya. “The teacher says, Ben is going to drop out.”

Miya has already known, she says, “I think our son is right, he is bullied, we are going to help him get justice.”

“Bullied?” Alex has a little doubt, and this version seems to be different from what he hears. “I hear from the teacher that he has beaten his classmate.”

Miya frowns, and she asks, “What does the teacher say?”

“She says that Ben has self-reliance on fighting techniques and fights his classmates casually. That classmate stops him when he bullies others, so Ben beat him.” Alex says.

The more Miya listens, the more angry she is. “Then do you believe our son or that teacher?”

“Of course I believe our son.” Alex can’t help laughing when he sees Miya’s nervous look. He says, “Although Ben is not brought up by me, I believe in your education, the children you teach will definitely not be like as the teacher says.”

Alex’s words let Miya feel so touched.

“Then why do you look for Ben as soon as you enter the door? I think… I think…” Miya is lack of confidence, and her voice becomes weaker and weaker.

“You think I am going to rebuke Ben?” Alex says directly what Miya wants to say.

Miya feels so frustrated since her thoughts are so easily to be guessed.

“Actually, I just want to know more details about Ben. I receive two phone calls. One of them is the class teacher. She says that Ben has a good academic record and is a rare genius. If he is trained well, he can go to junior high school next year, so she doesn’t want him to drop out of school. The second phone call seems to be the director of teaching, and he keeps saying that Ben ‘s wrong. So I come back to see what happens.”

Alex explains.

“Let’s go to school tomorrow. We have to get justice for our son.”

Alex nods, and he says, “You are still pregnant, don’t be too excited, I will go with Ben tomorrow.”

Miya shakes her head. “No. I have to go. I want to see which one hurts my child.”

When the children were younger, Miya always told them to protect themselves. After all, there are still many bad guys in this world. They are in elementary school now, and it should be safer, who can know that this kind of thing will happen, she can’t ignore.

Since Miya is determined to do this, Alex is not prepared to stop her. He pats her on the back slightly, “Well, let’s go together tomorrow.”


To meet the teacher with parents is very scary, but Ben is particularly happy. He hasn’t gone out with his parents for a long time. This time, he is blessed by misfortune.

Other children look at Ben with jealousy.

Especially Joey, she says that she is particularly jealous of Ben. She should have beaten Dennis when he bullies her. In this way, she can also go to school with her parents. Joey really regrets it.

Ben’s joy reduces a little when he arrives at school. As soon as Alex takes Ben and Miya to the school gate, he receives a call from the company.

Alex doesn’t answer the call, but the phone rings again and again.

When Alex tries to turn off the phone, Miya stops him, and she says, “There may be something really important, just answer it.”

Alex says, “I have promised you that I will accompany you and Ben.”

During the talk, the phone rings again.

Alex looks at the phone screen and loses his mind, Miya says, “Answer it. Look at you , do you know what is written on your face? Just one word, work.”

Alex feels embarrassed that Miya knows his thoughts. So, he answers it.

“Alex, we have found the relationship between Susan and Johnson, and we have found the factory that prints bad pictures of Miya. The man says that he will tell us the truth if you come here.”

Randy talks about a lot of things with irresistible excitement. He has been completely conquered by Miya’s cooking since he has a meal at Alex’s house. In fact, he is also very unhappy when listening to the gossip about Miya. Now he can finally help. He is very happy.

Alex listens to Randy’s excitement, and he is in a much better mood. The truth after so long comes in front of him. He really doesn’t want to miss it. So, he looks at Miya with that kind of prayer.

“Forget it, I forgive you this time, remember to go early and return early! If you can’t rush back within two hours, remember to call me.”