Chapter 415 Growing Old Together

Alex also wants to say this. Someone suddenly jumps at him, which makes him afraid…

Fortunately, Alex succeeds in avoiding. He watches Grace at the ground and breathes a sigh of relief. He asks, “why are you here?”

Grace grumbled grievously and looks at Alex.

“Alex, I am really scared. Why don’t you hug me?”

“No.” Alex simply refuses.

Grace apparently doesn’t expect Alex to say that. She climbs up and reaches out her hand to Alex again. She looks at Alex pitifully. “Actually, I just want to hold your hand.”

Generally speaking, a man will not refuse such a request from a woman, which is not a particularly rude request, but just holding hands. What’s more, she is good-looking.

So Grace is full of anticipation, her hand is already stretched out, and when she is about to reach Alex, her hand is held by someone.

Grace looks at the other white tender hand in hers. She looks sideways and suddenly yells.


The sound is so loud that it can definitely echo to the clouds.

“What are you yelling at?” Alex feels his ears uncomfortable and hates Grace more.

Grace widens her eyes to look at Miya in front of her. “You… you…”

“What’s wrong with me? You can’t grab my child, so you want to grab my husband?” Miya responds without any weakness.

There is shock in Grace’s eyes, but the most is fear.

On her face, only one word is written, which is “Fear”.

Even if Alex doesn’t pay much attention to Grace, he can easily see her fear. He doesn’t understand what she is afraid of.

The children are afraid that Alex will make their plan fail, so they begin to call their father.

“Daddy, Daddy-”

Alex listens to them calling him, so he turns around, and as a result, these children have been frowning at him, making him embarrassed.

“What are you doing?”

Alex really can’t understand what these kids are doing.

“Daddy, Daddy.” Joey points to Miya, then draws a circle on her head, “Daddy, Mommy is an angel!”

Joey thinks she can let Alex understand, so she shouts, but she doesn’t know that Alex is more puzzled.

Grace begins to doubt because of Joey’s words. She looks at Miya in front of her and says, “You are human.”

Miya gives her an awkward but polite smile.

Grace even firms her thoughts and takes Miya’s hand directly to take her down.

However, before Grace starts to move, Alex stabilizes Miya first.

Alex roars, “Get out!”

“Alex, listen to me. I don’t mean it. I really don’t mean it.” Grace explains anxiously. “Because they pretend to scare me, I think of counterattack.”

“Get out!” Alex shouts again.

Grace is a little scared, but she straightens her waist, and she feels that there is nothing wrong with her.

Grace doesn’t listen to him at all, so he calls the security guard to take Grace away.

He says, “don’t let her in in the future.”

Alex is really disappointed with the security guard who lets Susan and Grace in.

Alex still remembers that the reason he hiring a security guard is to hide these two people, but he still lets them in.

He security promises, but he is confused.

The security knows he can not let people in casually, after all, it is professional ethics, but sometimes he really does not know who can be let in and who can not.

Some time ago, he almost stops Miya, because Miya is in the when she enters. He does not see Miya, so when Miya walks back one day, he does not recognize her.

Fortunately, he sees the replay of the monitoring, otherwise, he will be fired.

When Grace comes over just now, it feels like she is very familiar here, which makes him not pay attention for a while, thinking that she is Miya’s friend. After all, Michelle and Lisa frequently come here some time ago.

After driving away Grace, the house is finally quiet again.

Alex holds Miya’s shoulders, thinking about Grace’s rudeness just now, he hates Grace a bit more.

“Alas, Daddy, why are you so stupid!”

The children goes all around, looking at Alex, Joey starts talking.

Alex looks at the children without saying a word, wanting to see what they are going to say.

“If you show up later, Grace will have been scared away by us.” Joey sighs, “Dennis even says that his aunt is clever, but see, she is just foolish and crazy.”

Listening to Joey’s words, Alex can’t help but wonder, what exactly does Grace do that make them so annoy?

Andre starts to report to Alex about how they scare Grace.

The children think that Alex will praise them, after all, they are so clever.

As a result, Alex’s face darkens. “No future jokes with others are allowed.”

“What’s wrong? Do you feel distressed?” Miya asks.

Alex suddenly thinks of Ben, and they really deserve to be mother and son, whose tone of questions ares the same.

Alex says, “Okay, let’s not make this kind of joke. Where is Ben?”

“Are you changing the subject?”

Alex looks down and Miya is still in his arms. She has picked up his tie and starts playing.

Since he is tall, from the children’s point of view, they can’t see her movements at all.

“I just don’t think anyone you can talk about a ghost or something like this casually. After all, there is still a curse. You and I must grow old together, promise me, and don’t curse yourself in the future.”

Alex says, kissing Miya’s hair.

He doesn’t want Miya to become a ghost, even if it is fake. He still remembers the painful feeling before. He doesn’t want to experience it again.

Looking at their parents so lovingly, the children look at each other, and then shake their heads.

“Really shameless.”