Chapter 414 Human or ghost

Old aunt? Grace is furious. She is young. How can a child call her Old Aunt?

“You are a fool! I’m in my twenties. You are so rude.”

“You are a fool! He’s Andre, not Ben.”

Before Andre says anything, Gogo stands in front of him and blocks him.

Grace is embarrassed. She finds the wrong person again.

“So what? You look the same anyway. You have to go to the hospital with me and apologize to Dennis.”

Grace wants to catch Andre.

Gogo helps Andre dodge, “old aunt, you know you are wrong. You can apologize and go back. Why do you do that?”

“Don’t call me that!” Grace roars. She looks at Gogo. “The children in this family are really ill-bred. I will punish you after I marry Alex.”

“You can’t tell us but you want to marry my father. Don’t you think it’s funny?” Joey makes a mockery of Grace and she is disdainful.

Grace often looks down upon others, but when others look at her like this, she feels very uncomfortable. Andre and Gogo have gone elsewhere. She reaches for Joey.

“Your name is Joey. I know you. I will punish you first.”

Miya takes Ben to the bathroom and hears a noise outside. When she goes out to have a look, she finds that a woman wants to catch her child.

“What are you doing?”

Miya’s voice is louder than Grace’s. Grace shudders and turns and looks at the woman who has just spoken.

She sees Miya and is afraid, “are you a human or a ghost?”

Miya doesn’t know what Grace is talking about. All of a sudden, she thinks of the rumor she made before. She casually asked Randy to take a message. She didn’t expect such an unexpected effect. It’s spreading too fast.

Miya gestures to the children with her eyes. The children soon understand her.

Miya comes up to Grace and says sternly, “what do you say?”

Her voice is cold. She says it with her eyes wide open.

Grace is afraid and points to Miya and says, “are you a human or a ghost?”

Grace backs off as she speaks.

“Old aunt, what are you doing? Who are you talking to?” Joey looks at Grace with disgust, but her tone is confused.

“Don’t you see her?” Grace points to Miya and asks the children.

The children look at Miya’s direction and shake their heads.

“Do you see anything?” Gogo asks.

“Dad said that our house has a long history and many people have lived here. The people who want to live here must be very kind. Bad guys may see something strange here.”

Andre starts to make up a story.

The other two children nod, “I seem to have heard about it.”

Grace is afraid. She becomes more frightened when she listens to the children. So she can’t even look at Miya.

But Miya pretends that nothing has happened. She walks slowly towards Grace.

Grace retreats slowly.

“Why are you afraid? I want to talk to you about the children.” Miya says.

“I have no children, so we have nothing to talk about.” Grace has nowhere to go. She looks at Miya in front of her and says, “don’t come here.”

“Why? Did you just say you were going to take my children away?” Miya asks her. “I’m really afraid that someone hurts my children. If someone hurts my children, I may take her away.”

“No!” Grace reaches out to resist Miya. “I didn’t, I didn’t do anything.”

“You want to do it?”

“No, no, please don’t pester me.”

Grace is so scared that she almost kneels down. Miya looks at the girl in front of her and suddenly smiles. Grace is so timid.

Miya still wants to intimidate Grace with her eyes, but Grace has already crouched down.

The children surround her.

“Old aunt, why are you talking to yourself? Andre just told a legend. Why are you afraid?” Joey puts her hands on her chest and looks down at Grace.

Grace is so scared that she doesn’t hear Joey.

“Oh!” All of a sudden, Gogo shouts.

Grace is startled.

“What happened?” Andre asks in cooperation.

“I think of the legend you just said. Good people can’t see it. What about bad people?” Gogo keeps staring at Grace and chuckling.

Joey has been laughing, too. She snorts, “you must be a bad person! Old aunt, you are now entangled in something. There is no good result for the wicked.”

Grace is shaking on the ground. She believes in the legend, but she didn’t expect to meet it.

After talking for a long time, the children feel thirsty, but Grace is still squatting. They are suddenly bored.

“Old aunt, why are you shaking all the time? It’s boring.” Joey feels sleepy.

The other two children are the same, including Miya, who has been standing for a long time. She wants to go back to her room and have a rest.

Miya holds her stomach and greets the three children and is ready to go back to her room.

The three children look at Miya’s belly and understand her. They nodded at her and signaled that she could go back. Anyway, Grace thinks Miya is just a phantom.

“It’s so busy. Are there any guests?”

There is a male voice at the door. Alex comes in through the gate.

Miya looks at Alex in bewilderment. He shouldn’t be off work at this time. Why is Alex there?

But Grace on the ground is different. She gets up from the ground as if she has seen a rescuer and she rushes at Alex.

Alex just comes in. He hears that the room is busy, so he jokes. He sees Grace and is shocked. Why didn’t the security guard at the gate stop her?

“Alex, I’m so scared!”