Chapter 220 As long as you’re not sick

Bella thought that James Grayson has really changed a lot. In the past, he wasn’t this much blunt.

After all, this James Grayson was a mature person who has a strong understanding, ability and it was easy to think crooked. Some of his jokes were like adding fuel to the fire that put the other person in difficult circumstances.

Between two people, there was a kind of ambiguous flow.

Bella pretended that she didn’t understand and changed the topic, “Don’t you want to eat? Let’s go.”

She neatly changed her clothes and walked out of the room without noticing the slightly raised corners of James’s mouth.

He seemed to be in a good mood.

Bella sat at the dinner table and James Grayson’s mobile phone rang.

He answered with a slight change of face. “I got it. I will come now.”

“What’s the matter?” Bella guessed there was something wrong.

“There’s something wrong in the military region. I’m going back now.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, picked up the coat from the hanger.

Bella looked at a table. “Don’t you eat dinner?”

“I don’t have time. You have my mobile number. Call me if you have something.” James Grayson simply said, turned around and walked out.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker opened the door and James Grayson strode out.

Bella followed him to the door.

The soldier stood by the door respectfully, with his body tilted slightly, he entered the car with a serious look.

She saw him and thought that something big has happened to James. He never talked to her about his affairs.

In the past, she didn’t ask about his matter, and now she didn’t have any right to ask.

After all, James Grayson was a good soldier. He was upright. He didn’t eat supper for the sake of military affairs.

Bella turned around, James Grayson has already left. She was the only one in the big empty villa. She was so afraid of such loneliness. She took the medicine and lay down on the bed before she could have any emotional problems.

She opened her eyes and it was dawn, the night has already passed. She was still alive!

She got up, brushed her teeth, washed her face, changed her clothes, and went out to go to the hospital.

When she was in the taxi, she thought that she should buy a car. It would be more convenient to go anywhere.

When she arrived at the hospital, she reported to the Department of gynecology and waited patiently in the waiting area. A woman came out of the gynecologist’s office with a very bad face.

Although they didn’t see each other for more than three years, Bella recognized that the woman was Anna Wilson.

Anna Wilson should also be working in the military region now. She was also a doctor. Why did she come here? What disease she has?

Bella entered the office.

The gynecologist was Bella’s old colleague, “Doctor Hannah.”

Doctor Hannah was very happy to see Bella. After all, they had a good relationship in the past. “Bella, how you came here?”

Bella smiled and said. “I came here to put a birth control ring and have a routine checkup. Who is on duty? Ha ha ha.”

“Oh, I’ll make a list for you first, so that you don’t have to wait. I heard that you went to become an investigation officer. Why are you so courageous? In the hospital, I admire you the most.” She said with a smile and handed the list to Bella.

“I quitted that job as well. After six months, I went abroad for further study. Now I’m a psychologist. I’m in the Research Institute. Maybe I’ll open a clinic later.” Bella’s simply greeted and took over the list from Doctor Hannah’s hand.

“I admire you so much. So you’re a psychiatrist. These days, it is the hottest career. It’s easy to earn a lot.

We are in the hospital and works every day. We often overtime but still got many complaints and stays under a lot of pressure.

Not long ago, there was a doctor being cut off in the second hospital. I also know that doctor. I’m too depressed. I think I am about to enter menopause ahead of time.” She complained.

“Doctor Hannah is so beautiful and hearty. If you enter menopause, how can the women like me will live?” Bella said with a smile.

“Come on, don’t comfort this old lady. I have a busy time here. When I will be free, let’s get together.”

“Well, my treat. By the way, Doctor Hannah, what happened to the woman just now? I think she doesn’t look very good.” Bella asked tentatively.

“Her private life is not good. Except for the common gynecological diseases, she has syphilis, in the second stage. It’s very serious.” Doctor Hannah said.

Bella frowned and her face turned white.

Anna Wilson was James Grayson’s fiancee, and it means she had a relationship with James Grayson.

She had a bad premonition in her mind, “Doctor Hannah, please give me another slip, I also want to have a complete checkup.”

“What’s the matter?” Doctor Hannah’s eyes widened, and she looked at Bella.

Bella smiled. “I think it is good to have a complete checkup.”

In an hour and a half

Bella put on the birth control ring and got all the reports. She was normal and in good health. She decided to ask James Grayson to use protection to avoid being infected.

She had many thoughts in her mind,

Is James Grayson infected?

Or Anna Wilson has been infected by James Grayson?

No, James Grayson must be clean-living and honest. If he had only Anna Wilson, he could not have this disease.

James Grayson has any other women?

Or, Anna Wilson has any other men?

Bella returned to the Research Institute in a trance.

The more she thought, the more scared she felt.

James Grayson liked to do it, but he didn’t like to use protection. She can refuse but couldn’t resist.

For safety’s sake. She sent a message to James Grayson to remind him, “Remember to wear a condom next time, or I will get sick.”

James Grayson’s reply came back. “Are you sick?”

When Bella saw this and immediately became angry. “You are sick. I suggest you to have a checkup first.”

She sent the text message and James Grayson called her back.

“What do you mean?” His voice showed his bad temper as if she dared to say a wrong word he will kill her cruelly.

“Well, I’ve just come out of the hospital. The tests are totally normal.” Bella said.

“Well, it’s good.” James Grayson’s sudden praise.

Bella felt strange, as if she asked him to praise.

“I see there were a lot of women suffering from many sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays, people are easy to be impetuous, and there are too many temptations. Chief has a high position. It is better to be careful.” Bella said gently.

James Grayson heard the hint in her words. The mood that was good a second ago changed immediately, and the eyes became dark. “As long as you are not ill, I won’t be ill.”

He hung up the phone.

As long as she is not ill, he will not be ill.

Is that to provoke her, curse her, or…

Bella’s heart beat faster.

Or, he meant that he has only one woman?

Bella breathed and looked out of the window, her heart still beating uncontrollably fast.