Chapter 305 I’ll put you first

Ming was a little surprised at my behavior. I was stunned for a moment, and I realized that I was wrong. I quickly approached him and lowered my head and said, “I sprained my ankle.”

Even I didn’t believe this lie.

Ming put his hand in his pocket and said softly, “be careful.”

We picked up Lester and had dinner together. Ming seemed to be conscious and didn’t get too intimate with me again.

Lester went to bed at night. I couldn’t sleep in bed. My cell phone rang.

I looked down. It was a message from Ming.

He said, “come to my house.”

I quickly put my cell phone aside and wanted to sleep.

But I soon got a message from him, “I know you don’t sleep. You twisted your foot today. I have to check for you.”


Ming seemed to be able to guess my behavior perfectly every time.

I was wearing a thin housecoat and a sweater and I opened the door.

The door of Ming’s house was open.

I pushed the door directly and went in.

Ming dressed up at home and sat on the sofa. There were medicine boxes and many new drugs on the tea table.

“You are…”

“I’m sorting out the medicine boxes and adding some regular medicine.” Ming said as he took a bottle of ointment from the medicine box. He patted the sofa and said, “sit here.”


I sat there.

As Sean once said, I thought I had a 90% chance of marrying Ming.

It was better to accept than struggle, so maybe he wouldn’t hurt Lester.

Ming took off my slippers and checked the ankles of my left and right feet respectively. “They seem to be OK.”

“Yes.” I nodded. “I’m fine. You are too nervous.”

He looked up at me. “I’ll put you first, even if it’s a small thing.”


His words made me nervous.

I looked at him and hesitated and asked, “Ming, do you love me?”

Ming was stunned by my question. He looked depressed. “Didn’t I say it clearly? Do you have to ask me to understand?”

No, Ming made it clear.

He was so nice to me. If it was not love, what could it be?

I hesitated for a moment and said, “I just think you are very good, but I don’t deserve you at all. I have Lester. I don’t know why you love me.”

Ming tilted his head and looked at me. He slowly said, “if there is a specific reason to love someone, it may not be true love.”

His words surprised me.

When he said that, I thought of Sean.

Yeah, thinking about what Sean did, I couldn’t find a reason to love him.

But I loved him.

I didn’t speak. Ming took my hand and kissed the back of it. He said, “I love you for no reason, but I know I will only love you for the rest of my life.”

“Are you sure?”

His words made me feel guilty.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Ming stood up and stooped and held me. He said in my ear, “so please marry me and only me…”

Ming said softly.

But I could hear it clearly.

In my heart, I always felt that he was hinting something.

The next day, before I got to Linda’s office, I got a call from her.

She said mysteriously, “the results of Tyloo High-end Interior Design Competition come out. Do you know who is number one?”

“You, of course.”

I said without hesitation.

To be honest, I read Linda’s works.

I thought her work was more mature than mine.

“No.” Linda said no and asked me, “where are you?”

“I’m downstairs.”

At this time, I just got off and was standing downstairs in her office building.

When she heard that I had arrived, Linda thought about it and said, “go upstairs first.”

Because this result was published on the website, I couldn’t use my mobile phone, so I didn’t open it.

When I got upstairs in the elevator, Linda came straight up to me and pulled me and said, “we’re both first!”


I was stunned.

I had thought about a lot of possibilities, but I had never thought about two first places in a game.

Linda said excitedly, “just now I received a call from the organizer. Our works will not be sold at the auction, but at a separate small auction. York’s bosses will be there.”

“Do we have such good treatment?”

It would cost a lot of money to hold an auction alone.

I couldn’t believe such good things.

Linda nodded, “yes, I didn’t believe it at first. I thought I was getting a fraud call. As a result, the website was updated and invited the whole country. The auction will be held next month.”

To be honest, it was like a dream.

I couldn’t believe it.

I sat in the chair and turned on the computer to read the web page. That page showed the works of both of us separately and clearly described the time of the auction and the email of participating in the auction.

While I was watching, Linda’s phone rang again.

She answered the phone and she looked embarrassed. After a while, she looked at me and said to the person over the phone, “I see. I’ll tell her.”

Linda hung up and told me that the caller was the organizer and investor of Tyloo High-end Interior Design Competition.

They knew Linda and I were partners and wanted to invest in a company in our name. Then they were responsible for negotiating the project and we only needed to be responsible for the design.

It was a good thing, but Linda and I were freelancers. We just didn’t want to be tied down by the company.

I shook my head. “I’m sorry. I may not be able to attend. If you want to go, I support you.”

Linda listened to me and thought, “I don’t want to go either. I have to think of a reason to refuse.”

“A reason?” I didn’t understand.

“Yes, after all, they are in charge of auctioning our works. We can’t offend them.” Linda sat on the chair and drank coffee. After a while her eyes brightened. She rushed over and pulled me and said, “Becky, shall we set up a double studio in York?”


I was stunned at first.

But I quickly found Linda’s proposal very good.

This time, Tyloo High-end Interior Design Competition had a great impact. They were going to hold a small auction for our works. In this way, although we couldn’t join their company, we could cooperate with them.

Tyloo Home was very famous in the country.

I nodded, “OK, I think so.”

After I agreed, Linda sat in her position and picked up the pen beside her. “What’s the name of our studio?”