Chapter 304 Even if the sky falls, I will hold it for you

My heart tightened.

Sean leaned over and passed on the strong smell of alcohol in his mouth to me.

It slowly encroached on my mouth.

I was dizzy and he pushed me down on the sofa. His kiss hit me.

It ignited the sleeping things in my heart.

When he put his hand on my chest and tried to untie the button.

My brain suddenly woke up.

I quickly pinched my clothes.

Sean was also stunned. He looked at me and was surprised.

My face was red, but I still said, “no, as long as you have a marriage, I will not have sex with you.”

This was my bottom line.

It was absolutely insurmountable.

Sean was stunned. After a while he smiled and took his hand back. He put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips. He said, “OK, I will divorce as soon as I go back. If I have nothing, would you like to wander with me?”


I didn’t even think.

Sean smiled and pressed on me. He looked at me. “I won’t let you and I wander.”

“What about the Giant group? You can’t hide here all the time. Grandpa Jessop is really worried about you.”

Sean hesitated when I said that.

He sat up and hugged me and made me sit on his lap. He pulled my hair with one hand and took a deep breath and said, “did my grandfather mention your engagement to my uncle?”


I nodded.

He did.

“At that time, my grandfather knew that what happened in AI research institute was related to my uncle. My uncle asked to be engaged to you. As long as you are engaged, he will give me those things.”

Sean shocked me!

I never thought it would be like this!

I looked at him nervously and said, “you mean that Grandpa Jessop was also threatened by Ming?”

I used to call him Ming.

Sean nodded, “yes, after all, my uncle is only his illegitimate son. He lived outside for more than twenty years. Grandpa has only a little guilt for him. There is no kinship between them.”

“Then I’d better go back. As long as we are engaged, he will give you those things.”

I thought.

As soon as we got engaged, the AI data would be returned to Sean.

The Giant group would recover.

As I thought, I stood up.

As soon as I got up, Sean sat me in his lap. He had complaints in his eyes. He asked me, “are you really going to marry him?”

Sean’s words stunned me.

Yeah, if I went back, I was really going to marry Ming.

If I was the only one, I really didn’t care, but Lester…

For a while, I was confused.

I looked at Sean, “without those things, your company…”

“I’ve been thinking these days that I can’t ask Lewis Group for help, because once I accept Lewis Group’s help, it’s hard for me to divorce later.” Sean paused and continued, “but I can’t go on with this project on my own. If I give up, the Giant group’s situation will be more difficult…”

If he was an outsider, he would definitely choose to turn to Lewis Group for help.

But Sean didn’t do it because of me.

I didn’t hesitate at all. I came straight out of his arms and stepped back two steps. I plucked up my courage and said, “Sean, ask Lewis Group for help. I’m not engaged to Ming. I’m leaving York. I can do anything as long as you have a good life.”

I didn’t know why. When I said these words, my heart hurt so much.

My heart was like being held by an invisible hand.

I need to speak with all my strength.

But I finished it with all my courage.

Sean frowned slightly and reached out and pulled me. “I have a third way.”


“Next Friday is next year’s national television advertising bidding. It’s in Noah Center. If I can get the prime time, I can restart the AI project in just one year.” Sean said.

I looked at him and asked, “but what?”

I knew that if it were that simple, he would not stay here so long.

“But I can only succeed and not fail. If I fail, I will never have another chance.”

Sean said casually.

But I knew it was a tough fight.

Our hearts were heavy. I was silent for a moment and asked, “do you have faith?”

Sean looked at me. There was still no light in his black eyes. He nodded. “Yes.”

I knew he was trying to be brave.

In fact, he didn’t.

I used to think that Sean was omnipotent and that there was nothing that could defeat him.

He had many titles. He was a talented and successful investor, and the most powerful person in the future in York.

However, at this time, he made me see nothing related to these titles.

I finally realized that he was an ordinary man. There were things he couldn’t do.

I let him take my hand and smile and say, “do it. I believe you can.”

There was another thing.

If he failed, it didn’t matter. I would marry Ming and ask him to return those things to you.

I knew it couldn’t be said now.

“I can. I’ll divorce Cindy after this crisis.” He pulled me to his side and put his arms around my waist and his head on my chest. “When you belong to me again, even if the sky falls down, I will hold you instead of pushing you and our son away.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

I held Sean.

He was comforting me but I was worried.

That day, I left Sean and went directly to Lester’s kindergarten. At the gate of the kindergarten, I saw Ming.

My mind was full of what Sean said.

For a while I thought he was a bully.

But I didn’t understand why Ming wanted me.

Did he really love me?

“I thought you are too busy to pick up Lester today.” Ming looked at me with a gentle face.

In fact, I couldn’t laugh when I saw him.

But in order not to let him doubt, I still smiled, “I’ve been busy with the competition recently. I usually help Linda, but I’m not busy.”

“That’s good.” Ming approached me. “As long as you’re with me, you don’t have to work. I’ll keep you.”

He reached out and tried to hold me in his arms.

I was nervous and wanted to resist. I couldn’t help but step back and distance myself from him.