Chapter 303 Now I don’t deserve your worry at all

These footprints made my heart a little nervous.

Was this house sold by Sean? Or…

I went up and rang the doorbell.

There was no answer.

I knocked on the door again and shouted, “Sean, are you in there?”

Then I put my ears on the door.

After a few minutes I heard the soft footsteps. The man seemed to be coming downstairs.

Someone was really there!

Would it be Sean?

I was nervous. When I listened to the sound, the door in front of me suddenly opened!

I fell forward and directly hit the man who opened the door.

But the man who opened the door seemed to be weaker than me. He released the handle and fell back with me.

Half a second later, he fell to the ground, and I fell on him.

I turned around and saw Sean.

Jessop Family didn’t find Sean, but at this moment he was easily found by me.

But he didn’t look like he used to.

He was haggard and drunk. The beard on his face was longer than when I saw him before!

He was wearing pajamas.

I had seen it. I bought it when we lived here five years ago. We also bought a women’s pajama.

Sean opened his eyes. When he saw me, he said nothing. He opened his arms and hugged me.

My head was on his chest.

I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted time to be still.

I just wanted to be held by him like this.

But the cold wind blew into the room. I thought Sean was only in pajamas. I struggled out of his arms.

I got up and closed the door first.

He lay and looked at the ceiling and seemed to have no intention of getting up.

To be honest, I had never seen such a Sean.

He was decadent and strange.

I came up to him and took his arm and said discontentedly, “Why are you here? Grandpa Jessop is looking for you.”

He glanced at me.

He was silent for a moment and said, “what about you?”


“What do you think when you know I’m missing?”

His words froze me.

I didn’t expect him to ask me.

I hesitated for a moment and said, “I’m worried about you, too.”

When I finished, Sean smiled helplessly and said, “but now I am not worthy of your worry at all.”

“What happened?”

I took Sean’s arm and yanked him up.

He sat on the ground and looked at me. His once cold and firm eyes were now in confusion. He was like a tramp.

He immediately made me feel extremely sad.

Sean looked up at me and got up and took my hand and said, “sit down.”

He pulled me to the sofa and sat down.

“What’s going on?”

I sat on the sofa and continued to ask.

He looked at me and his eyes were cold. He smiled bitterly and lowered his head. “Nothing.”

“You’re lying to me!” I watched him nervously.

There was no light in the room so I couldn’t see his face. I approached him and raised his lowered head with both hands.

I forced him to look at me. The beard on his face pricked me.

Sean finally looked up at me. He opened his arms and held me straight in his arms. He put his chin against my shoulder and said, “if I can only choose one of the Giant group and you, I will choose you.”

“What?” I was nervous. “What happened? Does it have anything to do with me?”

He held me tightly and seemed to rub me into his arms.

After a long time, I heard him say, “you know the crisis of the Giant group. All the research I’ve invested heavily in may be gone. I have spent ten billion dollars on this project in recent years. It’s almost finished and I spent a lot of money to promote it…”

Sean held me and told me all about his project.

It took about ten minutes.

In the end, he said the lab was on fire and everything was in vain.

My heart ached after listening. The money was earned by Sean, not stolen.

Now it was all gone because of a fire and someone’s theft.

“You can start all over again.” When I said that, I paused and continued, “if you don’t have money, you can ask Lewis Group for help.”

That may be why they were willing to cooperate.

Sean listened to me and held me tight. “You know what? The market is changing and no one can guarantee that he will laugh to the end. In order not to ask for help, I have been very conservative in the selection of investment projects in recent years.”

“Isn’t this an accident?”

“No, I was careless.” Sean shook his head. “Or the man knew my weakness and made this game for me.”

“The man? Do you know who it is?”

As Ming said, Sean knew who it was.

Sean straightened up and looked at me. His black eyes had no energy at all. After a while he said, “it’s Ming, your fiance.”

I wanted to say something, but I thought of the phone call I heard at noon.

As expected, it was him, and it could only be him.

I lowered my eyes and asked Sean, “so why did he do that? Because of me?”

I was really afraid of it because of me.

Sean raised his hand and touched my face with his big hand. “It’s all our family business. You’re involved. I used to know that he wanted to find my weakness. In order not to expose my weakness, I agreed to marry Cindy…”

I was his weakness?

I looked at Sean in disbelief and wanted to ask him, but I ended up just asking him, “so you protected me and put Cindy in danger, didn’t you?”

The woman he married would be acquiesced to be his weakness.

Sean looked at me and smiled and shook his head. “Cindy belongs to the other side, so I left her with me.”


I was stunned.

I thought of Amanda back then.

Sean was really good at doing things like that.

I was surprised. He suddenly raised my chin and leaned over and kissed me. His black eyes looked at me and he asked me, “believe it or not, I’ll tell you that Cindy and I have lived separately for the past five years.”