Chapter 302 After all, his wife is Cindy

I touched my neck. I was in such a hurry that the scarf was on the table.

I didn’t want to explain and I just asked him, “Sean…”

“It’s cold outside. Let’s go to the car.”

As soon as I said Sean’s name, I was interrupted by Ming.

He took out the key and pressed it to the white car beside him. The light of the car was on.

“Just say it here.”

Looking at the car, I felt some resistance.

After all, it was such a narrow space. If…

Ming saw through my mind. He smiled and whispered, “what we’ll talk about later is about the Giant group. If someone hears and writes news and posts it on the Internet…”

“I’ll get in the car with you.”

I understood him before he had finished speaking.

I couldn’t hurt Sean.

With that, I went in the direction of the car.

Ming got on the driver’s seat and I got on the copilot’s seat.

Compared with the outside, the car was really warm. It seemed that Ming had turned on the heating in the car just now and waited for me to call him.

I went on to ask, “Sean’s AI is about you, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

He had no intention of denying it.

Although I was angry, we had been together for a long time and I knew Ming.

I couldn’t be tough on him.

And if I spoke directly for Sean, he would be angry.

I took a deep breath and suppressed my anger and said to him, “why? Aren’t you and Sean family? Why did you do this to him?”

Ming leaned slightly and looked at me. His expression was very calm. After I finished, he said slowly, “do you think I did this?”

“Didn’t you?”

After listening to their conversation, even if I was stupid, I could understand what happened.

Ming smiled helplessly and said, “it seems that even if I say no, you won’t believe it.”

He turned around and looked ahead, looking a little sad.

His behavior gave me some doubt about what I thought. I continued, “I did hear your call. You mentioned the engagement dinner. Is it for me? If it’s for me, you don’t have to worry. I’m sure I’ll get engaged to you.”

Even at this moment, whether or not to be engaged to Ming was not very firm in my heart, I still wanted to say so.

“It has nothing to do with me, but I know who did it.” He looked at me and continued, “not only do I know, but everyone, including Sean, knows.”

“What do you mean?” I blinked and felt confused.

Ming asked me, “do you know what Sean was stolen?”

“Isn’t it the AI system?”

That was what all the reports said.

Ming smiled helplessly, “AI is a big concept, which can be used in many fields, and there are countless companies that have invested in this research.” He paused and told me, “Sean studies AI home. It can be said to be an smart housekeeper.”

“Smart housekeeper?”

“Yes, for example, you can sit on the sofa and operate the washing machine at home to wash and dry clothes. You can distinguish the freshness of the food in the fridge and automatically classify, discard and clean it.”

After listening to his words, I looked at him with adoration and surprise, “can these be realized?”

It was great for lazy people!

If it existed, even I would like to buy it.

Ming nodded and looked at me and smiled, “I just know the general situation. If his research is successful, the interests of others will be damaged. So some people don’t want it to be successful.”

“So someone deliberately blocked the project?”

I understood immediately.

This time, the purpose of this man’s behavior was very obvious. He wanted to make the project impossible.

So after the fire in the research room, only important documents and equipment were destroyed and there were no casualties.

Ming nodded and put his hand on my head. He patted it gently, “don’t worry. The project will go on smoothly. After all, his wife is Cindy, and Lewis Group will help.”

His wife was Cindy.

This sentence deeply hurt my heart.

But I was glad his wife was Cindy.

Fortunately, Cindy helped him.

If it was me, it wouldn’t help.

I got out of Ming’s car and watched him drive away before I took off my reassuring disguise.

I was not stupid. Ming said a lot but didn’t say the point.

The point was that Sean was missing. Everything he said had nothing to do with the fact that Sean was missing.

Now Sean was missing.

Where Sean went is the key!

A taxi stopped at the side of the road and a schoolgirl got off.

I thought the taxi was going. I went in without thinking about anything.

“Where are you going?” The driver asked me.

I was stunned.

Where should I go?

I just thought I was going to find Sean, but where was Sean? The whole Jessop Family couldn’t find him. How could I?

I hesitated and gave the address of Molly’s and Sean’s wedding room.

When I first got to York, Sean pulled me there.

Was he there?

I didn’t know why I thought he was there.

But I could only go there.

Soon the taxi arrived, and I got off after paying by mobile phone.

I went to the door of the villa and stood outside. I saw that the curtains of every window were drawn.

I hesitated for a moment and went to the door.

I pressed the doorbell.

The ringing of the doorbell came out of the house.

However, I waited for more than ten seconds, and no one responded.

I pressed it again.

There was still no response.

Sure enough, how could Sean be here?

Although I knew before I came that Sean couldn’t be here, I was disappointed when I made sure of it.

If not, maybe…

There was another place in my head.

The Best Home.

Sean and I used to live there. There were the best memories of me and him.

Even though Sean was probably not there, I would like to see it for a while.

I went out of the community and took a taxi to the gate of The Best Home.

I hadn’t been here for years. The trees in the community were quite thick. The snow of the last few nights is all over the branches and white.

There were regulations in this community. Fortunately, a woman came out when I got to the door, so I went in with her.

I went to the gate of the community. I looked down and saw several shallow footprints on the thin snow at the entrance of the villa.