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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 117 Back her up

“…Thank you, cutie.” Jessica thanked the assistant beside her, whose heart was still fluttering with fear.

She was not afraid of getting sick, but there was ice in the pool. What if it cut her face and disfigured her face? It scared her to just think about it!

The assistant blushed. “Don’t mention it. It was just me…Amy was careless. But she didn’t mean to. It also scared her when you almost fell into the pool. Don’t blame her, please?”

As she spoke, she had gone round to Amy’s side and pulled her up with difficulty.

Clara was quite grateful to the assistant, but…”I just saw clearly. Amy pushed Jessica deliberately! For this reason, at least she must apologize, right?”

The assistant bowed repeatedly and said at a loss, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I apologize for Amy!”

“Why do you apologize to them?” Amy shoved the assistant away. She dusted the snow from her clothes and said disdainfully, “Isn’t Jessica okay? Don’t make a fool of yourself here! Let’s go!”

Her panic had disappeared. She snorted at Jessica and turned to leave.

“Well, that’s too much!” Clara was so angry that she wanted to beat her up. “I have to tell the director about it and let him judge!”

Jessica dusted the dirt from her clothes and hair, and said carelessly, “Amy can say that she didn’t mean it. And I’m still fine, so it’s not useful, even if I tell the director.”

Clara wasn’t resigned to it. She said, “Just let it go?”

“What else can I do? My brother won’t let me off if he knows I harm her girlfriend.” Jessica lowered her head, and her heart was overflowing with bitterness.

If only her eldest brother were here. He would support her!

In the meantime, Amy had reached a small and deserted pavilion. She stopped suddenly and asked the assistant behind her, “Did someone take a picture or make a video?”

“No.” The assistant answered softly.

Amy was relieved to hear that. She grabbed the assistant’s handbag, and padded the stone stool with it. “It’s perfect. If Jessica tells the director about it, I’ll say I didn’t do it so she can’t help it.”

Looking at the bag she was sitting on, the assistant clenched her fist several times, and then unclenched it. “Well…Isn’t that a bad idea? Why don’t you apologize to her?”

“Did she fall in the pool? Is she ill? Is she hurt?”

“No, she…”

Amy said, “Nothing happened to her, so why should I apologize? You helped her, and I haven’t asked her to thank you. That just cancels it out.”

The assistant tried to say something, but Amy glared at her. “Shut up!”

Amy pulled out her phone and called Alex’s agent Penny. “Penny, I think we should carry out our plan ahead of time. It will be more difficult to handle if Jessica managed to hook Mr. Howard and Jeffrey.”

“Well, that’s great. When you put it into effect, if you need any help, just let me know. Goodbye.”

She didn’t shy away from her assistant when she talked on the phone, because she didn’t worry about her assistant hearing her at all.

After she hung up the phone, the assistant said weakly, “Amy, isn’t that…too immoral?”

“You know nothing!” Amy said harshly, “If what I do is immoral, do you think Jessica who seduces my boyfriend and becomes a mistress is moral?”

The assistant curled her lip and lowered her head in silence.

Then Amy softened her tone a little. “It’s none of your business, don’t get involved in it. If you dare to mess up my plan and tell Jessica about it, I’ll send you home and let you marry that old cripple. Got it?”

“…I got it.”

She finally couldn’t play for a whole afternoon. The shooting went well and the leading actor and actress finished their parts two hours in advance.

A lot of parts of “Coloured Glaze” happened in the snow. Jessica and Amy were called to the set to shoot urgently.

Filming did not end until 2 a.m. During the acting, the way Amy looked at Jessica always made her feel very uncomfortable, as if she was being stalked by a snake.

But she always did not get along well with Amy, so she didn’t take it seriously.

She could guess that Amy was jealous of her ‘being in love’ with her brother.

To Jessica’s surprise, Alex didn’t show up in front of her today, which was rare and made her feel a little uneasy.

“The scum didn’t come today. Do you think there is something brewing?” Jessica was really worried.

She could handle his sexual harassment in the past. But he had disappeared for a while. And when he reappeared, his tactics had been upgraded. If he upgraded his tactics again, she didn’t think she could handle it.

But Clara didn’t think there was anything to worry about. “If he, the idiot really had a big plan, he would use it after Mr. Howard beat him twice. Would he wait until now?”

Jessica was convinced by her.

After taking off the makeup and changing the clothes, they were going to return to the hotel.

However, they were just talking about the scum, the scum appeared. Jessica got a call from an unknown number when she arrived at the exit. On hearing Alex’s voice, she curled her lip and hung up directly.

Now every time she heard his voice, she felt sick.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s nuisance call.”

Jessica gave a snort and was about to put it on a blacklist when he sent a dozen MMS. Her face fell immediately after she read a few of them.

“Look at your sullen face. Who’s making our Jessica angry?” Clara leaned over to take a look. The smile on her face suddenly disappeared, only worry remained.

“Is that Mr. Roberts in this picture?”

“I remember that in order to help Alex get the supporting role of The end of the world, you went to dinner with him and Mr. Roberts. And he even pawed you many times.”

Jessica clenched her fist, nodded, and clenched her teeth.

At that time that scum was sitting beside her and didn’t do anything. After they came out, he coaxed her and said that everything was for their future, and she was so stupid that she completely believed it!

“I’ve just heard a few buzzes. Are those pictures of you and the investors?”

“…Yes. And some intimate pictures of me and him.”

Jessica really wanted to kill the past self with a hammer!

She knew he was taking pictures at that time. But he just said that the photos were taken to serve as evidence of it, so she didn’t take it seriously.

It wasn’t until he sent her the pictures that she remembered.

“…” Clara looked at her with a weird face and said, “I thought you were just stupid, but now I just found that I was wrong. You used to be a brainless idiot!”

Things had come to this, so it was no use to scolding her or regretting it.

Jessica suppressed her anger and called Alex back. “What do you mean by sending me those photos? Do you want to threaten me?”

She must have been blind to find such a piece of junk out of the trash!

“Don’t make it so hard.” Alex had expected that she would call back. He said gently and affectionately said, “Jessie, I only did it to hear your voice and see you, and you think too badly of me.”