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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 116 Bad Relationship

After dinner it was already ten o ‘clock in the evening. Before leaving, Chris put a bulging bag into Jessica’s hands awkwardly.

“What’s this?” Jessica didn’t expect it to be so heavy. She was bent a little under the weight of it.

Chris’s ear was kind of red. He didn’t look at her and said impatiently, “Just take it. Don’t ask me question!”

With that, he opened the door of the car and got in it hurriedly.

“Chris seldom gives anything to anybody. He seems to be on good terms with you.” Jeffrey put his hand into his pocket and said carelessly.

Jessica curled her lip. She didn’t see anything wrong with this. “He has a sharp tongue and a temper, so I’m the only one who can stand him.”

Ryan frowned indiscernibly and pointed in the direction of Chris’s car. “Jeffrey, Chris is waiting for you.”

“Well, I’ll go. Good night, sweetheart.” He smiled and gave Jessica a wink before he left with Chris’s car.

The three of them got into the car, too.

The bag was heavy. Jessica’s arm ached after she just held it for a while, so she couldn’t help complaining, “The stuff the bully gave me is so heavy. I suspect he might have packed a bag of stones to trick me!”

As she spoke, she neatly unzipped the bag.

“That’s impossible. Would he be so bored?” Clara’s attention was successfully diverted. She leaned over to see what was in the bag. “Wow, there are specialties of M city! He didn’t forget to buy you so much delicious food when he was filming. He’s your true love!

When Jessica saw a bag of food, her destructive feelings finally eased a little, “There are so much, I’ll share…”

“Give it to me.” Ryan, who had been silent, suddenly interrupted her.

Jessica was filled with anger. When she heard Ryan’s words, she held the bag tightly with her hands and then said with a frown, “The bully gave it to me, not to you.”

He wanted to take the stuff that was given to her. He was going too far!

He had given her so many things. Why didn’t he see her so protective of them? A touch of gloom flashed across his eyes. He said coldly, “The Howard group invested ‘Coloured Glaze’, so I don’t want to lose money because some actress is out of shape.”


Jessica did not dare to go against him, because she was afraid that he would kicked her out of the crew. Finally, she suppressed her anger and gave it to him.

She felt terribly wronged all day. When the car arrived at the gate of the hotel and stopped, she got out of the car with a sullen face and entered the hotel without saying goodbye to Ryan.

Clara, who had been staring at her forehead all night, was finally able to ask, “Jessie, what happened to your forehead?”

“I didn’t listen to my brother, so I was hit.” Jessica was already oppressed, but speaking of this, her heart sank immediately.

In order to stop her, he just ran right into the taxi. Wasn’t he afraid he would kill her?

Listening to this, Clara was startled, “By car?”


“That’s cruel! Isn’t he afraid of hurting you?”

“…Well, my brother and I have never been on good terms.” Jessica bit her lip and held back her tears. She said irritably, “Stop talking about him.”

The next day,

A busy morning of shooting ended. Jessica was scolded by the director for half an hour because of the injury on her forehead, and she could only apologize brazenly.

Jessica had no part in the afternoon shooting, so after they finished eating, Clara suggested taking a picture.

It snowed all night yesterday. The pavilion, rockery and the place beside the pool were covered with a layer of white snow, which were the most suitable for taking photos.

Unfortunately, there were many people who had the same idea as them, and Amy was one of them.

“Let’s go somewhere else, baby.” In order to take a good picture, Jessica was still in costume. She carried the lower hem of her dress and walked to the rockery.

Because of last night’s incident, her antipathy to Amy had been increasing geometrically. But her brother supported Amy, so she couldn’t afford to offend her and could only avoid her.

Behind her, Amy said in a surly voice, “We all signed confidentiality agreements to join the cast. Even before the official announcement, you took pictures in costume and didn’t ask the director if he agreed.”

No one said the photos would be posted on social media. Couldn’t she keep it for herself?

Jessica was disinclined to argue with this crazy woman, so she took Clara’s hand to leave together and just ignored her words.

“Jessica!” Seeing that Jessica ignored her, Amy blushed with anger and shouted through gritted teeth.

Jessica could only stop reluctantly. “What do you want to do?”

When she used to be a paparazzo, she still felt that Amy was a goddess. But after she had a close contact with Amy, she just felt she was a crazy woman.

They were at the pool now, where the snow was the heaviest.

Amy walked up to her on the snow with a gloomy face and asked under her breath, “Did you go out with Mr. Howard and Jeffrey yesterday and come back in the evening?”

After she heard the news, she went to find Mr. Howard immediately, but she was only see Mr. Howard driving away with Jessica.

“It’s no your business. Why should I tell you? You are nothing for me.” Jessica was fed up with her and could not restrain her anger when she spoke.

Seeing that she did not deny, Amy’s heart sank immediately. She was afraid and jealous. “I don’t think I am somebody, but I’m Mr. Howard’s girlfriend! Why are you in a relationship with Mr. Howard again? How can you be so shameless?”

Jessica curled her lip and said impatiently, “This is the last time I tell you. He is my brother. I don’t have any other relationship with him. Don’t oppress me in the name of it. Because of your status and personality, you can’t marry into my family at all. You’ll break up sooner or later!”

She was cornered by Amy and her brother, so she deliberately said these words to make her angry.

But what Amy was most afraid of was people talking about her status. Hearing that, she was livid instantly.

“What are you talking about?” Amy screamed, and reached out her hand to give Jessica a push suddenly.

Clara did not expect Amy to do that. And she was standing some distance away, so she couldn’t help her at the moment and could only helplessly watch Jessica falling into the pool which was covered with a thin layer of ice.

If she did fall into the pool on such a cold day, she would certainly get sick.

And Jessica was wearing a very thick costume, when it was soaked in water, even if she could swim; it was not easy for her to swim ashore!

Amy was also dumbfounded. She did not expect it to develop into such situation.

In a flash, the assistant who had warned Jessica quickly threw herself to the ground and grabbed Jessica’s ankles with both hands.

“Oh…Oh my god!” Clara hurriedly went up to them and pulled Jessica up with the assistant.

Jessica was dragged to safety by them. Her wig was covered with snow and crushed grass, which made her look very embarrassed.

But Amy was no better than Jessica. After watching Jessica being pulled up blankly, her legs felt weak and she sat down on the ground directly.