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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 38 Doomsday

Sitting in Charlie’s car, although she doesn’t feel happy, she still has some feelings.

She has already said that the two should not contact each other, but now they met again? Is it really that hard to make up your mind to do one thing?

Her heart is really depressed, so depressed that she couldn’t even breathe well.

The car stops and Charlie sees that she has no intention of getting off the car. Charlie teases her, “How about I take you to some places?”

She lifts her eyes and sees that the school entrance is close at hand. She embarrassingly pushes the door of the car and flees. Charlie gets out of the car and calls her, “No one is chasing after you. Why run so fast?

“Oh, thank you today.”

“You do look like a silly girl.”

Charlie gives her the medicine prescribed by the doctor and brings the puff to her.

The autumn wind is mixed with the coldness of winter. Karin is blown by the cold wind, and her mind is a bit clear, “Wait for me, I will give you back your coat.”

After speaking, she turns around and runs away, and when she returns, she cannot find Charlie.

Under the dark yellow street light, she stands for a long time, Charlie must have seen her entanglement, otherwise, he would not leave like this, he is such a smart person, how could he not see…

Returning to the dormitory in despair, she wants to review her lessons, but she couldn’t calm down. She takes a pen and writes something on the white paper. Before she realizes what she has written, she is startled. It is his name, Charlie.

She throws her pen and crouches on the table, feeling that the end of the world seems to be coming.


As soon as Billie returns to the dormitory, she pats her on the shoulder, scaring her to scream and stand up. In the next second, she rubs the blank paper in front of her.

“What are you doing? You scare me!”

“Well, I find out that you’ve been awful recently!”

“What happens to me? What’s wrong?”

Karin looks away, trying to maintain a calm expression.

“You are absent-minded!”

“Well. I am not.” She interrupts her.

“So what’s up with you these days?”


Billie wouldn’t let her go.

Karin is annoyed by her, so she just finds a reason, “I have a quarrel with my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?!” Billie is stunned, “When do you have boyfriend?”

“I am not going to tell you.”

“Well, Karin, you are not kind. I tell you everything about myself. You have hidden the news that you have boyfriend. I tell you, I am angry. I am really angry!”

“Well. I’m upset now. Could you just leave me alone?”

“Well. Fine.”

Billie goes into the bathroom with the toiletries and slams the door.

Karin doesn’t worry that she would be really angry. She knows too much about Billie.

Half an hour later, Billie comes out in her pajamas, and smiles and says, “Karin, let’s go shopping this weekend.”

She smiles and raises her chin, “Why?”

“Aren’t you in a bad mood, just relax.”

“That’s good.”

Karin couldn’t help laughing, and for the past two years studying abroad, the only good thing for her is to know the good friend Billie. In her words, everything can be shared with Karin except for men and heritage.

From Wednesday, it’s been raining in Zurich. And it lasts for a few days. It doesn’t stop until the weekend.

In the morning, Billie opens the window and shouts in surprise, “Wow, the weather is fine.”

The two set off at 9 o’clock. The first stop is Bahnhof Street. This is a shopping paradise. Things are expensive. They walk for more than an hour, and Karin says, “Let’s go back.”


Karin smiles tiredly and is really defeated by her.

“Well, that’s where you work. Let’s go in for a break.”

“It’s fine. But don’t ask me to buy you a coffee. A cup of coffee will cost me a week of salary.”

“OK, No problem.”