Chapter 36 You don’t know how happy you are

Karin runs back to school in a hurry, quickly changes the cheongsam, and determines not to wear it again.

She washes her head, stands by the balcony, and looks at the dark night outside in confusion, holding a dry towel in her hand, but she doesn’t know what to do, and lets the water drops on her back.

The mobile phone on the bed has rung for many times, disturbing her thinking. Turning around and slowly turns her eyes to the caller ID.

The word Charlie is strange, just like his position, out of her reach…


After a short hesitation, she presses to answer.

“Why did you leave without telling me?”

He is obviously questioning her, but the words coming from his mouth, are so gentle.

“Sorry, I have something else to do.”

“Can you come out now?”

“What? Where?”

“I’m at your school gate.”

Karin bites her lips and ponders for a few seconds, “Well.”

Hanging up the phone, she breathes a sigh of relief. Just take this opportunity to make it clear what should be said.

Charlie leans against the car, holding a cigarette in his hand, and the little sparks of light fly up and down like a naughty firefly in the dark night.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s ok.”

He wipes out his cigarette and pulls the door, “Get in the car.”

“No, I don’t want to go too far. There is a river ahead. Let’s talk over there.”

Charlie has no objection.

The two walk together side by side. Karin is very confused, not knowing how to raise up the topic.

“You haven’t told me yet. Why do you leave suddenly?”

“I have said so, something happened suddenly…”

“Impossible,” he says firmly to her, “If anything happens, you won’t even tell me.”

“I don’t know much about etiquette, and every time I am in a hurry, I am a bit stupid. And I have poor self-control ability.”

Charlie is interested in her words, “Oh, for example?”

“Like what?”

“Which aspect can reflect your poor self-control.”

She blushes, “No, I won’t tell you. I don’t want to expose all my shortcomings in front of a good man.”

“Do you think I’m a good man?”

“Aren’t you? You are the ruler of the Charlie’s family. You are famous, and there is nothing in the world that is not under your control.”

He smiles, “You beautify me like God.”

The two sit on a lounge chair by the river and stare at the sparkling river. Charlie says unfathomably, “In fact, I am more eager to be an ordinary man than being admired by thousands of people.”


“There is no reason, not everything has a reason.”

“You really don’t know how happy you are. You don’t know the worries of ordinary men. They live and work hard all day for their livelihood. If they like you, rich and having a beautiful girl, they may dream with a smile.”

Karin says without noticing Charlie is surprised by her words.

“Do you know I have a girlfriend?”

She is stunned and nods, “Well, I do. It’s the one who danced with you tonight.”

Charlie does not deny, but says in a very bland tone, “She is my fiancee.”


Karin tries her best to keep calm.

“I asked you not to leave in a hurry because I want to tell you something.”

“What’s up?”

“I will go to Britain earlier next month. If you want to go home and see, you can come with me.”

God knows how homesick she is, but at this moment, she can’t show her homesickness.

“No, I’m about to graduate anyway.”

Charlie seems to have expected her rejection, so he doesn’t mind it very much.

“Why are you going to Britain?”

“To investigate the market.”

“Can it be that you want to invest in Britain?”

“I have that intention.”

Karin opens her mouth in surprise, “Why?”

He grins and looks at her softly, “Why do you have so many questions?”

“I just feel surprised.”

She bows her head in embarrassment. She doesn’t dare to look at Charlie at all.

“Britain is a good place. It’s been a long time I want to open the market, but I just decides to act now.”

“Then you plan to visit which city?”


Karin is shocked again. She wants to ask him why he chooses London, but he is afraid he would make fun of her…

“Well, London is an international trade metropolis. You have a good vision.”

She would rather believe that he chooses London because he has a commercial vision, and she does not want to speculate that he has other reasons.

“My vision has always been good, except that things always go against my wishes.”

Charlie takes out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, takes out one, and lights it coolly. In a cloud of smoke, he reaches out and touches Karin’s hair, “After washing hair, remember to dry it quickly, or you will get cold.”

Karin is anxious and shy. After chatting for so long, she hasn’t talked about the topic yet, but now she is stroking her hair so gently, her face turns red, and she doesn’t even know how to answer him.

“Why don’t you wear a coat when you come out?” He takes off his suit and puts it on her.

He is always so polite, always so considerate, and gentle that others cannot resist him. Mia is right, he is a dangerous person, very, very dangerous…

“Charlie, I have something… I want to tell you something.”

She summons courage.

“Well, go head.”

“In the future, in order to avoid her misunderstanding, I hope that we should not contact each other.”

“Who is she you referred to?” He raises his eyes calmly.

“It doesn’t matter who she is. The point is, I don’t think I can go too close with you. Friends should keep a proper distance. If you have a fiancee, even if you don’t care about others, you should also care about her feelings. Besides, I also want to live my normal life.”

Karin says these words in one breath, and closes her eyes in sorrow.

Time seems to top. Charlie doesn’t speak for a long time, and there is no expression on his face. After a long time, he stands up and says, “All right.”

He agrees, no discomfort, no disappointment. The only expression is consistent calmness.

“It’s late, let’s go.”

She shakes her head, “You go first, and I want to sit her for a while.”

“Okay, don’t stay too long. It’s cool at night.”

“You clothes…”

“You take it.”

Charlie leaves, and his back gradually disappears into her sight. Karin’s heart suddenly seems to be hollowed out.

A gust of wind blows by and she covers her face, only to find that her eyes are sour…