Chapter117 The top ten handsome men in the building

Vivian said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I can’t go with you in the evening.”

“Why? I don’t remember you’re going to do anything else at night.” Selina accentuated her tone.

Layla touched her with her shoulder. “Selina, don’t say that, maybe Vivian have an appointment.”

Originally, only Selina laughed at her. Now, two pairs of smooth eyes looked at her straight. Vivian couldn’t do without saying it. She could only answered. “John has invited me to have dinner in the evening.”

Selina nodded her head to show her understanding.

“John? I’m familiar with the name. Is he your boyfriend?” Layla felt that the name sounded familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere.

“Not my boyfriend.” Vivian explained.

Selina added, “Yes, not her boyfriend, but a pursuer.”

“I remember him.” Layla clenched her fist and knocked on the other hand, and said with an expression of insight, “Is he that famous man?”

“Oh, Layla, you’ve got a lot of news.” Selina raised her eyebrows and said.

Layla’s little eyes had been glowing, and she said with great expectation, “It’s not that I’ve got a lot of news, but John is an excellent bachelor who has been reported by the media recently, he’s sent back from overseas, and he will inherit the family business when he comes back.”

“I heard that he’s elegant and polite to women. He’s the prince in many women’s heart.”

“That guy is really a prince riding white horse.” Selina also associated with the picture, and nodded with agreement.

However, after a pause, she said, “You’re too ambivalent, don’t you said you like our boss just now? You change your preference so quickly.”

“It’s not. They’re all unattainable.” Layla coughed twice and said.

Selina was also teasing, “So we are all the same people.”

Vivian immediately raised hers hand to cover her face and pretended not to know them.

Women couldn’t finish talking about gossip, men.

Men couldn’t finish talking about business, women.

So men and women still had something in common.

The lunch break was over, and Vivian was still chatting with them.

She was about to go to work, Layla puzzled and asked, “By the way, Selina, Vivian, why you two don’t use the company’s intranet, so we can chat very conveniently.”

“What’s that?” Selina didn’t know it.

Vivian knew it, “I haven’t registered yet.”

“Wait a minute, you all sign up.” Layla suddenly lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “Now we are choosing the top ten handsome men in the building. Everyone has a chance to vote.”

“… Is there anything else like this in our building?” She felt like choosing a beautiful man.

Selina was more interested in it, “Choosing handsome men, not bad.”

“It’s William, your boss in the magazine, and the man in the IT department on the eighth floor. Everyone else is in the post on the intranet.” Layla said proudly.

Vivian thought of William’s ‘iceberg face’ hanging on the website, and she couldn’t help laughing.

“Does William permit that?” It surprised Selina.

Vivian also thought so. She didn’t think William would let others comment on it, and she also looked at Layla curiously.

“Of course, it’s impossible, but as you know, William has a lot of work every day. How can he have time to surf the intranet?” Of course, this was behind their boss’s back.

“Great.” Selina nodded and clapped.

“Well, hurry to work, it’s time.” Vivian looked at the time and said.

Each of the three returned to their own post.

Vivian remembered that Alexander also told her to come to him after lunch break.

She went straight to Alexander’s office, knocked on the door, and said, “Alexander, I’m Vivi. Are you free now?”

“Vivi, come in first.” Alexander’s voice came through the glass door.

In addition to the solid wood door of William, the whole office was made of translucent glass doors. It was convenient for people outside to see whether the visitors were inside. Of course, privacy blinds were installed.

When Vivian pushed the door in, Alexander was still turning the shelves over and over. He turned his back to her and said, “Sit down first, I’ll be ready in a minute.”

“Good.” Vivian responded, pulled out the chair in front of the desk, sat down, and waited patiently.

After a while, Alexander finally found what he wanted from the shelf, happily put it in front of Vivian and said, “Vivi, take a look at these things after work.”

Vivian looked down at the gray folder in front of her and asked, “What are these?”

“Oh, these are all files. Originally, the main job of the assistant was to record the case points of the litigants, and finally to sort them out and give them to the lawyer in charge.”

Alexander explained, “Generally, there are only high-level lawyers have assistants like this. You are the only assistant in our office, and there are two other gold lawyers who have assistant to help with this. So you will learn more from them later.”

“If you have any questions, you can ask me. The most important thing is to listen to William’s arrangement. Of course, William doesn’t necessarily ask you to follow the meetings, but you need to remember what your responsibilities are.”

Vivian nodded her head as if she understood. Alexander meant that she would not only copy down the notes of William’s meeting, but also obey his orders at any time. If he didn’t need her, she would also record the proposals of the litigants together.

There was a knock at the door.

Alexander let her in. Vivian found Layla winking at her.

“Vivi, you can record it with Layla later.” Alexander looked at Layla with a funny look.

Layla immediately behaved like a dog, “No problem, Alex.”

“Is he your senior?” Vivian looked at Alexander. Why hadn’t she heard about it?

“Well, I’m her senior, but I’m much elder.” Alexander smiled and said, “Well, I know you two have a good relationship. Let’s work together later.”

“Great.” Layla said happily that she would not have to record it alone.

Vivian was also very happy. Fortunately, it was Alexander who arranged this for her.

“Well, you all go out and work first.” Alexander let them go out first.