Chapter 132 Marina Wanted To Go Home

Three days later, Rex is discharged.

At first, the doctor suggests him to stay a week for observation, but with his busy schedule, he couldn’t hold it. After Karl receives the news, he immediately brings his medical team with him. The facilities here are quite lacking, thus after no major problem, he decides to be discharged early.

On the day of the discharges, the director of the hospital sends him to the door. One aspect is because Rex’s identity, while the other is Karl, the famous people in medical field. Everyone wants to have more connection with such two people.

They take a flight that night. With the spacious time, the three of them go back to the hotel first. Not the hotel she lived with Abby, but the other luxury guesthouse. Rex deliberately asks to book another room for Abby.

In the afternoon, Karl seems to have something to do with Rex. Lily sees them chatting for quite long, which makes her misses Abby. After all, they come here together and now she is left alone.

Lily knocks on the door and after getting permission, she enters. Rex is sitting on the sofa, facing Karl. The two of them seem tense, and looks at her.

Lily walks over. When she is just about to speak, she glances at a small cigarette butt in the ashtray on the table and frowns, “you smoke again?”

When she knocked, he has hurriedly extinguished it, but still doesn’t have time to throw it to the bathroom.

Karl looks at Rex happily, feeling very happy to see him being controlled by others.

Lily wouldn’t get angry in front of his friend, she simply walks to him and whispers in concerns, “The doctor said you can’t smoke these days, your pneumonia is not healed yet.”

Rex grabs the little hand that the woman handed over and naturally puts it in his mouth to kiss it, “Why are you here?”

Lily gently fights back, “Don’t change the topic, you’re not allowed to smoke yet.”

The man chuckles helplessly and instead of his friend vision, he doesn’t seem unhappy of being restrained, yet he is happier, “I know, I’ll listen to you.”

“If there is no arrangement in the afternoon, I want to take a walk with Abby.”

He nods happily, “Go, but don’t too far, I’ll send someone to follow you.”

“No need.” Lily doesn’t like others to follow, “We’ll go by ourselves, it will be uncomfortable if someone follows us.”

“I’ll let them stay in a distance, otherwise I’ll worry.”

Lily still wants to say something, but Karl interrupts her, “Just listen to him. After being apart for a few days, he finally found you, he might put you in his pocket and try to look at you anywhere he goes. He has too much attention to you, let him feel at ease.”

In his words, thirty-percent is a joke and the rest are the truth, which makes her blushes. In fact, she is not insensible. Since the two met and reconciled, this person paid more attention to her. Although this emphasis is also some burden for her, it is quite a sweet burden, she is not disgusted.

Lily sighs, “Okay then.”

“Come back early, contact me if something happen.” As he says, he holds her little hand and kisses it again.

Lily glances at Karl quickly, and withdraws her hand embarrassingly, then says hastily, “Bye.”

Just when she is about to turn around, the man’s wrist makes a little effort and drags the person back easily. His handsome face lifts its eyebrow, “Kiss me.”

“…..” Lily’s face is so hot that it might be able to fry an egg. It’s fine to say it when they are alone. But now there is someone there, she can’t overcome the psychological obstacles, “Stop messing, Karl is here…..”

“Hey, okay, okay. I won’t look, I swear I won’t look, just think I didn’t exist!” As he says, Karl turns his head to look away, his posture is funny yet ridiculous.

Lily looks at the man’s firm gaze, aware that she couldn’t avoid it, and leans down to touch on his cool lip quickly, “Done?”

The man smiles in his eyes, “Is this a kiss?”

Lily glares at him, “Why not?”

“it didn’t last long….” As soon as he says the words, he doesn’t even give a chance for her to react and pulls her directly. His big palm clasps on the back of her neck and his tin lips touches hers.

The man’s dexterous tongue goes straight into her mouth and capture every corner as much as possible. She avoids, then he’ll chase, enjoying each other, which make them breathless in just half a minute.

But soon, he releases her. Unlike her panic, he seems very calm, as though the person who asks for it is not him.

A beast in human clothing.

That word really suits him.

Lily now understands what it means.

She waves her hand and leave, “Bye.”


With the sound of door closing, Karl supports his neck and sits straighten again, “So long, my neck almost numb.”

Rex glances at him without a word.

Once Lily left, the atmosphere in the room return to the previous pressure again.

Karl looks at his light tea, finally couldn’t help but asks, “What are you going to do? Are you going to Marina or is she coming here?”

Rex stays silence, and also has not expression. Instead, he is dazing, as if is thinking something.

Karl says again, “George has informed, the inspection results has no problem. If you have any other plans, it’s best to decide early, you can still change….”

“No.” Rex interrupts him, “She’ll come back sooner or later. We can stop her today, but not tomorrow. Moreover, this is her longing wish. I can’t do anything that displeased her, her descent parents will be sad.”

Hearing it, Karl sighs helplessly, “You forced yourself too much, why are you sorry for her? If it wasn’t for you, Marina’s condition would have been unstable for a long time.”

For the past few years, the expensive medical expenses, various cares, Rex has wasted too much time and energy for it. Marina is only a huge burden on his shoulder.

From the outsider’s point of view, it is not a sorry thing, he has done more than the kindness that Marina’s parents has done for him.

However, this person just ignores it and feels that it is his responsible, nobody can persuade him.

He is a person with a strong emotion. In his heart, he can’t change at all and also won’t change. It is harder for him to leave Marina than killing himself.


“Then what are you going to do? If Marina comes back, Lily will aware of it sooner or later.” After all, someone can’t hold a fire, it’s harder to stay on both sides than going to heaven.

Two days is fine, what about after a long time?

There are always times to reveal. If it is the time, it might will be futile to say anything.

His relationship with Marina is indeed really special.

Rex is aware of Karl’s thought, his thin lips squeezes and his voice are tense, “Let’s hide it first.”