Chapter 128 Stop Crying, It’s My Fault

Abby, who is suddenly picked up by him, shocks for two seconds, but soon become arrogant again. He is the one who did wrong, not Lily, why did he bully people?!

“Do you have no idea what is going on? About what you did on your business trip in Q city, do you think Lily has no idea?”

“What did I do?”

“You!” by looking at his questioning face, Abby is speechless and stares at him for a moment fiercely, “You forgot that you sleep with Jade? Do you need me to remind you?”

Sleep with Jade?

He has no idea when did he was with her.

Rex thinks about the cause and effect of everything, and finally gets a clue, “You mean, Lily mistakenly thought that something happen between me and Jade?”

“It is not a misunderstanding. Nude photos are sent to her through your phone. Do you think it is a misunderstanding?” Abby speaks very impulsively with a bad attitude. Now, Rex is only a scumbag in her eyes. “You’ve force her to have sex just now, you’re a beast… hey, where are you going, I haven’t finished!”

Rex leaves her instantly and walks towards the door quickly. The door is opened but the alley is empty. Nobody is there, including Lily.

Abby follows him with a bad look, “Where’s Lily? She’s here just now….”

Why did she gone in a flash?

She is anxious and Rex is even more. Thinking of what he has done to her indiscriminately just now, the violent anger in his chest calmed down and replaced by coldness from his body.

He recalls the moment he met Jade when socializing in H city. If she really did it, then their encounter is definitely not an accident, but has been planned.

Thus why did Lily leave quietly afterwards, why did she so determined not to meet him, everything make sense now.

Damn it, he doesn’t ask more questions!

Rex is too regret that he couldn’t help but slaps himself. While walking out, he takes the phone to call Joe, “Look for Jade and take her regardless any method. I’ve something to ask her.”

Over the phone, Joe quickly agrees, “Okay.”

“Now let the police come up quickly. Lily runs away, doesn’t know where she’d go, you stay at the door.”

Joe thinks of the hotel’s manager words half a minutes ago, “oh right, Rex, the hotel’s staff said that this hotel has two back door, one of them are in the west, which none of us are there, do you want to send someone over?”

Hearing this, Rex’s face is even more bitter and instructs in a cold tone, “Yes, let people go there now!”


After hanging up, Rex doesn’t even take a breath and runs towards the hotel’s surveillance room. The hotel is different from other places, there are many people here. What’s more, it’s half-guesthouse style, which make it even harder to find someone. However, the only thing that he hopes for right now is, Lily doesn’t leave through the back door, that she is still in this hotel.

Abby follows in and looks at the monitor display. She secretly peeks at Rex and walks to the corner with her phone to dial her. However, no one answer, which makes her remembers that she left her phone back in the house.

This is really bad, where should we find her…

H city is different from J city. If Lily really decides not to be found, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, better not to let it happen.

Fortunately, after checking the footage of the hotel’s exit, they don’t find Lily’s leaving figure.

Next, all the security in the monitoring are checking on each floor to find her. Twenty minutes later, they finally see her figure in the monitor of certain elevator.

After keep on stalking her, in the end, Lily’s figure disappeared on the top level.

She walks out of the elevator and runs straight to the corner of the staircase, which lead to the rooftop of the hotel.

Rex’s heart is like slammed with a hammer, he immediately walks out, then steps on the elevator and press the button to the top floor directly. At this juncture, he is really afraid that something might happen to her.

If Lily really has a bad luck, he is the one who is responsible for all of this.

Rex has never been so nervous before, even his palms are covered with cold seat, his breath is quick, his blood pressure soared, and his head are dizzy.

With a dozen of seconds, he is as if being soaked out of cold water.

The door of the elevator opens, outside it is a tranquil corridor, but Rex feels like an icy wind and snowy ground.

He steps out and imitating Lily’s direction from the monitor. Without any hesitation, he turns the doorknob to the rooftop. With a click, the gray concrete rooftop appears in front of him. The machine of the air con, all kind of steel bars, the only things that lack is that soft figure.

Rex is like being nailed in place, the hands on both of his side are tightening, yet there is a sense of prostration that can’t make him strong.

His neat suit are floated by the wind, the hair on his forehead is gradually messed up. When he comes back to his sense, his footsteps rushes to the brink of the railing of the rooftop. From this height, the crowd underneath are as small as an ant, but still fortunately there is no bloody picture appeared.

Behind him, a woman’s suppressed choking voice suddenly comes out.

Rex’s body stiffens and he turns around. It is from the corner behind the big bellows. He then quickly walks over and sees the woman sitting on the dusty ground, half-curling, both hands hug her knees, her entire face is buried in the arms.

Her body is shaking tremendously, especially after he comes over.

Rex’s feels upset, thinking about what he has done to her, he is even more guilty. After watching her for quite some time, his slender legs bent down and raise his hand to touch her shoulder. He basically wanted to comfort her, but Lily unexpectedly resists fiercely, “Don’t touch me!”

Her eyes are very red and also her nose, but all of those are not as red as the mark on her neck.

The one he left.

Rex’s hand is so stiff in the middle of the air. After a few second, he lets go and slightly lower his eyelids. With a hoarse yet dry voice, he says, “Okay, I won’t touch you.”

Lily lowers her head, tears fall one by one and doesn’t look at him again, as if one more look will torture herself.

Rex doesn’t say anything. He looks at her crying sadly, yet he doesn’t know what to do. Every tear of hers seems to fall on his heart, each of it burn his bones, “Stop crying, it’s my fault.”

Lily purses her lip, crying more violently.

“I don’t know what Jade did to you. I’ve mistakenly thought that you wanted to leave me so I’m so angry. For the past four days and three night, I’ve been looking for you. Without any trace of news, I was disappointed, hopeless. I’ve never expected you will disappear suddenly, so I was so scared, angry and wanted to hear an explanation from you. If I know it is because of this reason, I will never do such a thing to you.”