Chapter 413 He’s leaving school

Although it was a war, almost all the students in the school thought Ben would fail this time.

Dennis stretched and warmed up. Then the children stood next to him.

Ben knew he couldn’t beat so many people, so he went straight from the first row to the last. He pushed the shorter kids in front of Dennis directly, and then he tripped over Dennis.

Ben beat everyone in less than five minutes.

“What happened?”

Some students who didn’t know what happened came, but it was over.

Several teachers looked at them, especially Dennis, who fell to the ground, and thought it was a bad thing.

No one dared to offend Sue Family.

So they punished Ben.

The other teachers took Dennis away, and the headteacher took Ben.

In the office, the headteacher still persuaded Ben as usual, “you have to put up with it this time. Anyway, you just have to go to the office, and I will let you sit down.”

Ben’s teacher thought she was a kind teacher, so when Dennis asked her to punish Ben, she would invite Ben to the office and invite him to have tea. She also gave him some examination papers.

In the past, Ben agreed, but this time he refused.

“We can’t do that all the time!”

Ben’s teacher was helpless. Her wish was to be a good teacher. She didn’t expect that she would take over the terrible class.

“Ben, put up with it. It’s the beginning of May. You are about to take the final exam. As long as you pass that exam, you can go to junior high school and never meet Dennis again.”

The children in the promotion class can go to junior high school almost studying for one year, but they have to pass the exam. Ben’s teacher has seen the grades of all the students in the class. As long as Ben plays steadily, he is sure to come first and go to junior high school.

“What if Dennis also passes the exam?” Ben asked.

Ben’s teacher was speechless for a while.

“Even if he doesn’t pass the exam, are you sure the school won’t be forced by Sue Group to let him go to junior high school?” Ben was disappointed when he looked up at his teacher and asked these questions.

Ben’s teacher was a little surprised. He was a child, but he said such things. The school was incompetent.

“I’m sorry.”

Ben had expected that. He put his student ID card on the desk. “I will persuade my parents to come here and let me drop out.”

Ben’s teacher looked at Ben’s back and was upset.

Joey, Andre and Gogo were on a far stand. When the teacher took Ben away, they had no time to stop him.

So when they learned that Ben had gone home, they ran away in spite of the school’s obstruction.

They even lied to the security guard.

As soon as they got home, they saw Ben in front of Miya, so they spoke for him.

Miya looks at Ben coldly and says, “don’t you know it’s dangerous?”

Ben bows his head and is ready to be scolded. He watches Miya come to him and pat him on the shoulder and dust off his body.

“When you are bullied in school, you should tell your background! Your family background is no worse than others!” Miya thinks his son is really stupid.

Ben is nervous. He really thinks that he will be scolded by Miya, but he gets confused.

“Mommy?” Ben looks up at Miya and is surprised.

Miya looks into Ben’s eyes and smiles. “Do you think I’ll teach you a lesson? In fact, I think you are right. If someone bullies you, it’s his fault, but you…”

Miya shakes her head, but Ben is happy. He begins to smile. His sincere appearance is really eye-catching.

“Don’t look at me like this. I have to teach you a lesson. Can you be a little smarter? If your teacher doesn’t help you, you can ask your parents for help!”

When it comes to parents, Ben unconsciously thinks of Alex. He was angry with Alex before. In particular, the biggest reason Dennis wants to bully him is that Dennis’s aunt likes his father. Ben hates Alex. He won’t ask for Alex’s help.

“Don’t try to be brave in the future. I’ve finished teaching you. Now go and have a hot bath, which will make you feel much better.” Miya gives Ben a push and shouts to the inner room, “prepare the bathwater.”


It seems to work out, but there is a woman’s voice at the door.

“Ben, get out!”

The woman’s voice is very loud, which makes people unhappy.

Once again, the guard doesn’t recognize Grace and lets her in.

Grace likes her little nephew very much. Today, when she went home, she found that her little nephew was lying on the bed, which made her very angry. Someone dares to bully her family.

And she heard it was Ben. She remembers that the children bullied her. Now they bully her little nephew. Do these people think she has a good temper?

So Grace breaks in. As soon as Grace arrives at Alex Family, she looks around directly. She is looking for someone. When she sees Andre standing next to Gogo, she unconsciously regards Andre as Ben.

She rushes to Andre and asks, “did you hit Dennis?”

“Me?” Andre looks at the woman who suddenly rushes to him and he wants to laugh. He stops laughing and points at himself.

Grace feels that the kid in front of her is trying to excuse himself. She says, “don’t play dumb. Now come to the hospital with me and apologize to Dennis.” Grace wants to take Andre’s hand and take him to the hospital.

But Andre escapes immediately. He gives Grace a scornful look.

He says, “old aunt, you make a mistake.”