Chapter 412 The war is about to begin

Dennis readily agreed. After all, he thought Ben was weak. He didn’t know Ben’s background. All he knew was that his aunt liked Ben’s father.

Dennis’s idea was the same as the teacher’s. He thought Ben’s father was just an executive. He should be grateful for being liked by Dennis’s aunt, but he refused her. He was ungrateful, so was Ben. Ben’s sister looked good. He was worthy of Ben’s sister.

So Dennis agreed.

“I’m not afraid of you.”

When Dennis finished, the people around him cheered. Of course, most of them came from the promotion class.

Most of the children in the ordinary class were shocked, but it was not common. They had only seen similar plots in TV series.

They agreed to fight in the playground. Dennis actually played a trick at the beginning. A group of boys stood behind him.

“Dennis, you play a trick.”

Joey got angry and rushed to fight with Dennis. Fortunately, Andre stopped her.

Dennis saw them and winked at Joey and said, “Joey, when I beat your brother, I’ll take you out to play!”

There is a big difference in the age of the students in the promotion class. They are seniors, and Ben is the youngest in the group.

They can go to junior high school directly after this semester.

In fact, it’s not unreasonable for Dennis to hate Ben. He is the youngest in the class. He jumped directly from the third grade to the sixth grade. He is a child prodigy in other people’s minds. The others are older than him. The youngest comes from the fourth grade. But Ben comes from first grade and always comes first in the school. These older students are embarrassed.

Ben was facing a group of people. He was the youngest and shortest. Even though he was relatively tall among people of the same age as him, compared with them, he was really short.

But he was not afraid of them. He walked to the center of the crowd with his chest outstretched.

The boys who had reached puberty have grown tall. They looked at Ben and felt guilty. They were excellent students. How could they bully?

So some people came up to Dennis and said, “we have to go back and do our homework. There will be an exam tomorrow.”

“Are you afraid of a child?” Dennis asked.

“No, we don’t want to bully the weak. We will be looked down upon.”

“If you help me win today, I’ll ask my dad to let Sue Group work with your company.”

When it came to Sue Group, most children compromised. Dennis had all the students’ backgrounds investigated at the beginning, except for Ben’s.

He doesn’t actually know about Alex Group. All he knows is Alex. His aunt Grace often looks at Alex’s pictures. He knows he should bully Ben, so he chooses to do more.

“I’m sorry, Ben.” The children apologized to Ben. Sometimes they have to give in to the forces. This is the disadvantage of mature children. They are not as brave as freshmen.

Ben just smiled. “I don’t care.” He waved at the group.

Ben’s arrogance really made some children angry. They were kind, but he was annoying. So a group of people rushed to Ben.

Ben was actually under pressure. These children were stronger than him. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t beat so many people at once.

Joey tried to help Ben, but Andre stopped her.

“Andre, what are you doing? Ben is our family! You can’t leave him alone.” Joey roared. She looked at Gogo next to Andre and suddenly got angry. “You only care about other people’s children. Only Ben and I are raised by Mommy, so we only protect our mommy. You can join the outsiders.”

Joey wanted to leave, but this time she was stopped by Gogo.

“Trust Ben.”

Joey looked back and saw Gogo’s face and her face changed. “Why do you step in? Do you think you are our family as long as you enter our house?”

“Joey.” Andre warned Joey and his voice was sullen.

Joey just snorted, “you want to leave Ben alone. Do you want to teach me a lesson?”

“Andre doesn’t mean that…”

Gogo tried to explain, but Joey interrupted him.

“Shut up. I’m talking to my brother. It’s none of your business. You’re not my brother.”

Gogo shut up immediately. Andre wanted to say something, but Gogo grabbed his sleeve.

Andre knew what Gogo meant and didn’t want him to be embarrassed. He said to Joey, “Ben is very smart, and he’ll make preparation before he does anything.”

Joey listened to Andre and calmed down. She looked at Andre and asked, “what do you mean?”

“Just look at them.”

When Andre spoke, there were some children’s shrill cries on the playground, which were very shocking.

Joey turned around and saw that a small number of children were lying on the ground, while most of them were still in place. Dennis, who said he was going to fight Ben, was on the ground and looked at Ben in horror.

Ben smiled at him and dusted him off. He didn’t want to pull him up. “You lost.”

Dennis didn’t seem to know what was going on. Not many people actually saw what was going on.

Dennis was a very tricky guy. He called in about ten children. The five tallest and strongest children were at the front. The remaining children were short but could protect others.

He specifically said that they could only lose Ben’s physical strength and could not defeat him. He had to knock him down at the end.

“Come on.” Dennis waved at Ben.

Ben responded with a smile. They looked at each other. The war was about to begin.