Chapter 411 How about a fight

Miya feels incredible when she listens to Gogo. She wants to rush into the school and teach Dennis a lesson. How dare he hurt her child? Does he want to die?

“Gogo, thank you for telling me. I’ll help Ben.” Miya raises her hand and strokes Gogo’s little face.

Gogo nods and leaves. He is stopped when he comes to the door.

“Who asked you to tell my mommy about me?” Ben stares at Gogo and seems to want to kill him.

Gogo is really scared at first, but when he sees Ben clearly, he is not scared.

“I just told Aunt Miya the truth. After all, your brothers and sisters don’t want you to be hurt.”

“You are just an outsider. Leave me alone.” Ben is very angry. “Andre protects you, but I’m not afraid of you. Who do you think you are? You are just an outsider. Why do you interfere in our family affairs?”

Ben’s words upset Gogo. Actually, he knows what Ben says. He can’t understand why he can ask for help but he wants to solve it himself.

He looks up into Ben’s eyes. “I’m a meddler.” He smiles and wants to leave.

But Gogo is grabbed by Ben. “If you don’t explain to me, I won’t let you go.”

“I don’t think I have to explain. I just told Aunt Miya what happened to you at school.”

Gogo is always so calm that Ben has nothing to say.

Ben loosened his hand. Gogo wants to take the opportunity to leave, but he is immediately caught.

“I said you can’t leave now.”

“Let him go.”

Andre takes Ben’s hand and pushes him away.

Ben looks at Andre and Gogo and suddenly laughs, “he is not our brother. Don’t forget that he almost destroyed our family.”

“Don’t worry. He will be a member of our family.” Andre holds Gogo’s shoulder and his eyes are firm.

Ben is stunned. He looks at Andre and thinks he is really interested in a boy.

No wonder he never pays attention to the girls who scream for him. Ben seems to know something. All of a sudden, he walks away laughing.

Gogo looks at Ben’s back and is speechless. He thinks he is insane.

But in such an environment, he is easily driven mad.

“What are you thinking?” Andre looks at Gogo and asks.

Gogo still looks ahead. Ben left just now. “I am wondering if we should help Ben. After all, Dennis is just too annoying.”

In fact, Gogo didn’t tell Miya everything. At school, Dennis bullied Ben and pestered Joey. He said her brother was useless and that she’d better be with him.

In fact, Andre also hates Dennis.

The next day, Miya sleeps until she wakes up naturally. It is already afternoon when she wakes up. Fortunately, the servant leaves her something to eat.

“Madam, you seem to have a good appetite recently!”

The servant looks at Miya and is happy.

Miya looks at the servant and smiles at her. “I feel like my stomach is getting bigger and I’m getting fat.”

“It’s normal, ma’am. It means that the baby is healthy and likes eating!”

Miya smiles and says nothing.

Miya has enough rest and changes. She’s going out to Ben’s school to see what the bully looks like.

But before she leaves, Ben comes home. He is injured and looks a bit embarrassed.

Miya is startled. She immediately comes up to Ben and holds him, “what’s the matter with you? What happened? Who did it? I will teach him a good lesson.”

Ben smiles and says, “Mommy, I’m fine. Today, a fool wanted to fight with me, and I fulfilled his wish.”

“Fight?” Miya remembers what Gogo told her last night. Was he bullied again today?

Ben knows what Miya thinks, “Mommy, don’t worry. You know me. He is not strong and I will never lose.”

Miya remembers that Ben has learned all kinds of fighting skills. In February of this year, he was able to fight an adult man. He is young in the promotion class, but his classmates really can’t beat him.

After a while, Joey, Andre and Gogo come home. When they see Ben, they rush to him and talk to him.

“Ben, you’re really my brother.” Joey admires Ben.

Miya is confused.

Andre pats Ben on the shoulder. “Good job!”

“What happened?”

Miya is confused.

Gogo says, “the boy wanted to bully Ben today. They fought. As a result, Ben went home and he went to the hospital.”

“Hospital!” Miya didn’t expect that the brawl between children is so severe.

Joey looks at Gogo in disgust and immediately explains to Miya, “Mommy, actually Ben fought for me.”

“Tell me what happened.” Miya is confused and she doesn’t understand what they say.


Joey starts telling the story. She met with Dennis last time, and Dennis pestered her. Today Ben saw Dennis pestering her. Ben felt unbearable and stood in front of her.

However, Dennis was very disdainful. Then he threw the little rocks at Ben.

Ben put up with it at first. But he remembered that Miya knew that he had been bullied at school. If he got hurt today, Miya would worry about him.

So he looked up at Dennis and said, “why don’t we fight?”