Chapter 410 Ben was bullied

“Baby, have a piece of meat.”

Adam puts a piece of meat in Lisa’s bowl.

Lisa smiles and says, “thank you, honey.”

Michelle heads down for dinner. Fortunately, her face is not big and a bowl can almost cover her face.

“Michelle, why don’t you eat vegetables?”

Michelle doesn’t lookup. She says, “I prefer to eat staple food recently. I’m full. I have to go and have a rest!” She smiles awkwardly and leaves.

Lisa looks at Michelle’s back and feels puzzled.

Adam doesn’t care about other women. He puts the vegetables in Lisa’s bowl, “baby, eat more vegetables, and you will get balanced nutrition.”

“Thank you, honey.” Lisa feeds Adam.

They are really annoying. Lisa suddenly thinks of something. She suddenly slaps Adam on the arm.

Adam is still confused. Why is he beaten?

Lisa says, “you can’t call me baby in the future, and don’t act so intimate.”


“Did you see Michelle’s face just now? She obviously doesn’t like it!”

Michelle hears Lisa not far away. She feels that she is kind, but the next scene lets her leave the room directly.

“It has nothing to do with me.” Adam hugs Lisa directly and kisses her on the lips.

Michelle covers her face and is embarrassed.

She goes to the yard. Fortunately, she is accompanied by moonlight tonight. Otherwise, she will be sad.

Michelle thinks about Lisa, Adam, Miya and Alex. She is also envious like other girls. After all, every girl is looking forward to that kind of love.

She and Jason used to have a sweet time, but they are both independent. She can’t help wondering if she misunderstands. Is that feeling also called love?

While Michelle is thinking, she suddenly gets a call.


“Michelle, let’s come out and talk.”

Michelle hesitates for a moment and agrees.

At night, the sky has been shrouded in darkness.

Miya receives another text from Alex, “honey, I’m sorry. I will come home late today, but please believe that I still love you.”

Miya puts her cell phone down and wants to wash her face, but Gogo knocks on her door.

“Aunt Miya, I have something to tell you. Can I get in?”

Miya looks at Gogo’s cute little face and can’t refuse him.

“Come here and sit on the bed.”

Miya finds Gogo really reserved. He’s been here for a long time, but he’s only close to Andre. Sometimes he is serious, but what he said is quite reasonable.

Gogo is stunned because of Miya’s words. Miya just smiles and carries him to bed.

Miya thinks it is strange. The child is too light.

Miya looks at Gogo carefully. He’s even shorter than Joey, the shortest child. He is about the age of her children.

“Aunt Miya, what are you looking at?” Gogo can’t help asking.

Miya shakes her head. “Nothing. I just think your eyes are pretty.”

“Uncle Alex and I don’t look alike at all, do we?” Gogo says.

Miya doesn’t want to say that. She looks at Gogo for a long time, but she can’t speak anything.

“You’re right. I don’t look like Uncle Alex at all, but what I want to tell you today is about Ben.”

Gogo’s eyes are mature. He looks a bit like Andre, but he seems to be more mature than him.

Miya prays to God. The baby in her stomach must be normal. He just needs to be ordinary. She really doesn’t need a smart kid anymore.

“What do you want to say?” Miya sits opposite Gogo and listens to him.

Gogo takes a deep breath and says, “Ben was bullied at school.”

“What?” Miya shouts.

Gogo nods. “Yes, he was bullied.”

Miya feels incredible. Ben only bullied other children. Who’s so bold and not afraid of Ben?

“Dennis is from Sue Family. He said bad things about Ben and bullied him. He even asked the teacher to punish Ben…”

Gogo talks about Ben’s suffering at school.

Gogo says today was Ben’s first day at school after a long holiday, so Dennis laughed at him.

“I thought you were timid and would not come. Do you want to die here?”

Ben didn’t speak. He couldn’t make Miya worry about him. So he decided to ignore Dennis.

But Dennis was mean. Ben decided to be patient, but Dennis repeatedly chose to challenge Ben’s bottom line.

He even wet Ben’s desk with water. All the papers were wet and useless.

The teacher arrived, but she was partial to Dennis. Ben looked very pitiful. She stopped them.

Ben still bowed his head without saying a word. He clenched his fist and seemed to be about to hit Dennis if he provoked him again.

The teacher knew about it. Ben was a good student. The teacher didn’t know why Dennis hated Ben. She asked, “what happened?”

Dennis said, “Ben doesn’t want to study and wet the books with water. He has no respect for books. He has no respect for our school and you. So you should punish him, right?”

The teacher looked at Dennis and it was not hard to imagine what happened to his family.

The teacher took Ben straight out and said to Dennis, “don’t worry. I will punish him.”

Then Ben stood in the office. Some students in the promotion class shook their heads when they said it.