Chapter 409 He still leaves early and returns late

Miya listens to Alex. What Alex says is consistent with what she knows. But…

“Why did you leave in a hurry the next day? Didn’t you even have time to explain to me?”

Miya looks at Alex and seems to say, “I’m not stupid.”

Alex is helpless. “I really didn’t have time. At that time, a client was talking with us about Alex Group’s overseas expansion project. I couldn’t lose this project.”

Miya said, “so work is more important than me.”

Alex smiles helplessly. He watches Miya pout and kisses her. He pecks at her mouth. “Work is not as important as my wife.”

“Then why did you give up explaining to me for work?” Miya doesn’t blush. She’s used to it anyway.

“You’ll know why later.” Alex pretends to be mysterious.

Miya slaps Alex on the chest. “If you don’t want to say it, let me know.”

Alex hugs Miya and puts his face on her hair and smells it. He says in Miya’s ear, “honey, I seem to have a reaction.”

Miya thinks she’s not used to Alex’s such behavior, “so you want me?”

Alex puts his hand on Miya’s raised stomach and his voice is hoarse. “Baby, you’ve made your father suffer. I’ll teach you a lesson after you’re born.”

Miya just wants to laugh at Alex. She suddenly feels a kick in the stomach.

Alex feels it, too. He is surprised and says, “you’re protesting against your father!”

Miya looks at them and her eyes are gentle.

During the day, the children surrounded Miya and he had no chance to speak to the fetus. Today, he must spend the whole night talking with the fetus.

“Baby, you must be obedient and don’t let your mother suffer. You can be willful after you are born. Don’t pretend to be an adult like your brothers and sisters. You have to be a little childish!”

Alex lies on Miya’s stomach and is proud to be a father.

Alex usually only reads financial newspapers. He buys a bunch of mother and baby magazines and parenting books to care for Miya who is pregnant.

Alice is surprised but she doesn’t say anything. The most she can do is to bring the document to Alex. “President, please sign.”

But Alex commissions Randy to buy the magazines and books. Randy calls and complains.

“Alex, she is not my wife! When I buy these books, people ask me how long my wife has been pregnant. I don’t even have a wife. Do I have to get married now?”

Alex thinks Randy has a point. Maybe there’s something he has to do on his own.

Alex doesn’t say anything, and Randy says, “Alex, you’ve got a lot of kids. Your experience of parenting should be sufficient. You don’t need a parenting book! I think The author’s children are not as many as yours.”

“Shut up!” Alex yells. He misses Miya’s first delivery. Otherwise, he will never want Miya to give birth again.

After all, when he thinks of seeing Miya puking in pain at the coffee shop, he regrets it.

He always thinks pregnancy is easy. He just needs to make sure Miya is healthy, but according to the parenting books he reads these days, pregnant women are always in danger.

He also knows that the greater the number of fetuses, the greater the risk. Alex remembers their triplets and worries more about Miya.

As long as the baby is born, he will never ask Miya to have a baby again.

Randy hangs up and goes on to choose parenting books.

In fact, he prefers that he is not single. He can go shopping with his wife. Imagination is beautiful, but it’s just imagination.

Miya feels cheated. Alex assured her, but after she came back, Alex still goes out early and comes back late.

But now he often reports on his itinerary. For example, Miya now has a message on her mobile phone.

“Honey, I’m going to start lunch. It’s a pity that the meal is not as good as the one you make.”

Later, Miya receives another message on her cell phone.

“Honey, I have finished my lunch. I’m ready to work hard. You have to wait for me at night with the children.”

Miya looks at the messages and she’s in a better mood.

Ben goes to school in order not to worry Miya, but he goes there in frustration and comes back in the afternoon in frustration.

No, all the children are depressed when they come back and their mood seems particularly bad.

“What’s the matter with you?” Miya doesn’t understand. What happened to these children?

“Mommy!” Joey takes a look at Miya and sighs.

Miya is even more confused. “What happened?”

“Ben, why are you frowning?” Miya looks at Ben, who is the most depressed.

Ben takes a look at Miya and smiles, “actually, we bet on what Mommy will cook for us on the way, but we come back to find that the servant cooks, so we are disappointed.”

“Really?” Miya looks at them suspiciously.

But Joey and Ben keep nodding.

The other two children seem to have no expression. Miya remembers that Andre and Gogo are always obedient, so she lets them go.

They seem relaxed, but the atmosphere is still awkward.

“Mommy, where’s Aunt Michelle?” Joey looks around but doesn’t find Michelle.

“She went to Lisa’s house.” Miya says casually.

The children nod.

At the moment, Michelle at Lisa’s house is very embarrassed.

She looks at the couple and can’t figure out why she is here.

Miya’s family is so warm and she can’t fit in, but at least they don’t show off.