Chapter 215 Chief, you served well

Bella saw that he was getting more and more excited. She remembered that she was not in the safe period. She pressed his chest, and in a low scattered voice she reminded him, “Don’t do it inside.”

James Grayson locked her pink face, and a hot current flew through her spine. He kept this last sense, bowed his head and kissed her on the lips and pulled out.

Bella felt a burn on her abdomen.

His muffled voice fell into her mouth.

Her breathing was also a little unsteady and slowly calmed down.

James Grayson raised the corner of his mouth and smiled lightly. If he hadn’t looked it carefully, he wouldn’t have seen it at all. “The mouth says no, but the body is very honest. I think it has been said for a woman like you.”

Bella didn’t like the way he described it. It seemed more ironic with the cold tone.

She also pulled up a smile, but her eyes were light. “Has the chief ever heard such a sentence? ‘In the situation of great power, it’s better to enjoy than resist’.”

“You mean, you felt very comfortable.” James Grayson asked.

Bella followed his words and said, “You served well.”

“Clever and eloquent.” James Grayson got up. He was in a good mood and went to the bathroom.

Bella sat up and wiped herself clean.

However, there was still his smell on her, which made her feel uncomfortable. She went back to her room and took a bath again. Her shirt was wrinkled. She changed into a J.K dress, pulled the suitcase and came out.

James Grayson has also come out. He has also changed and wore a dark suit and a purple shirt, he had recovered his dignity and coldness as if the wild person in the room was just a dream.

He took a look at her suitcase. His relaxed eyes became cold again. “You can live here.”

“It’s too far from where I work, it’s inconvenient.” Bella wanted to talk normally with him.

“Which villa do you like near your company? I’ll buy it for you.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“I’m not short of money.” Bella refused.

“If you have a lot of money, you can give me. The workplace is the Research Institute, right? I’ll find a house nearby for you.” James Grayson was domineering as always.

Bella looked at him. He wanted to give her a house because he saw their relationship as an employment relationship.

He used her, so he wanted to give her money, there was no unfairness in it and no feelings.

She wanted to stand in an equal position, but the world cannot be how she wanted, it has always been how the people in high position wanted it to be.

“Thank you.” Bella didn’t refuse, her eyes were colder. She decided to take it now and will give it back to him after a year.

James Grayson stood up. “I’m going to the military region now. I’ll contact you later.”

Bella nodded, and when James Grayson went out from the door, she sat on the sofa and looked at the air silently, her eyes were ethereal.

After an hour’s rest, she had lunch outside and went to the Research Institute in the afternoon.

Paul Watson’s school was very big, there were four floors.

Paul Watson was very happy when he saw her coming. He said, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Not bad,” Bella replied.

“Ha ha.” Paul Watson was used to Bella’s cold attitude. “It was your ex-husband who drove your friend back yesterday. He seems to care about you and has been asking me about you.”

Bella didn’t want to know about David Wilson, “is my friend safely sent back to the military area?”

“She should be safely back.” Paul Watson said that and his face was ugly.

Bella heard something strange, “what does ‘should be safely back’ means?”

“They don’t let the outside vehicles go in, so I dropped your friend at the gate. I wanted to tell you, but I’m afraid you’ve fallen asleep, so, I didn’t wake you up. This morning you said you would come to work. I’m going to tell you when you will come here.” Paul Watson explained.

Bella immediately called Amelia William.

After five bells, Amelia William answered.

“Amelia, are you ok?” Bella asked worriedly.

“Hmm, I was drunk yesterday. Fortunately, chief Grayson went out for a meeting and came to the military region late. I slept all morning. How about you?” Amelia William asked.

“Well, I’m already at work. You also do your work. I will contact you later.” Bella said.

“Not later. I have to tell you something there’s a party in the military region tonight. We can take our family with us. Please accompany me tonight. Ha ha, and please help me to find out a man. If I can’t get married, I will become a leftover female fighter.”

“Excellent women are left, ordinary women become wives of others. You’re the best.” Bella said jokingly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, you are saying right, I have been working hard, fought 100 battles and lost 100 battles, but I wonder, I’m not bad, I looked good, I’m easy-going, my family background is not bad, and my job is good but I still don’t have a boyfriend. I’m depressed.” Amelia William said helplessly.

“I’ll accompany you in the evening. Now, I have some work.” Bella hung up the phone, and sat opposite to Paul Watson’s seat, “Tell me, what you want me to do?”

“I know that our small research institute can’t have an excellent person like you. You come to help me. You kept your promise, but I can’t take advantage of this. You only need to handle 24 cases for me, and after 24 cases, you will be free. Look at the contract, I specially designed it for you.” Paul Watson handed the contract to Bella.

Bella took a look, basically, there was no problem. The one-time payment was one million yuan.

“I have two questions. Why twenty-four cases?” Bella asked.

“I think five years is a long time. I just funded you for two years. So, I will let you work for me for two years. The performance appraisal of the research institute is 12 cases a year. So, as long as you complete 24 cases for me, you will be free.” Paul Watson explained.

“Cut this clause of money and I’ll sign the contract,” Bella said.

“You don’t want money?” Paul Watson was surprised.

“You said that twenty-four cases are only to repay your financial aid for two years. Since its financial aid, why I will charge for it? Mr. Paul’s kindness cannot be measured by money. I had no way to find you. You helped me when I was most desperate and helpless. This feeling is more precious than one million yuan.” Bella smiled.

The smile was clear and light, but it was very beautiful.

Paul Watson’s heart beat faster. “Well, I asked the personnel department to draw up a new contract. I hope that after 24 cases, we can still be friends.”

“If I can, I will surely help you,” Bella said in her gentle voice.

Amelia William called again.

Bella answered.

“Bella, does James Grayson know that you are back? It’s strange that he hasn’t paid any attention to me for three years. Now, all of sudden, he called me to his office. What’s the matter? I’m afraid.” Amelia William asked anxiously.

Bella thought of a possibility. Her heart thumped and sank…