Chapter 212 Mr. Grayson likes you very much

Bella was so angry with him that she couldn’t utter a word. He acted like he used her, played with her and now after playing enough he asked what she will do to him!

What can she do?

Sue him?

She can cheat people all over the world. But she can’t cheat herself. She was still reluctant. Reluctant to let him lose his reputation, to be upset, and to even get a little hurt.

Even though he had forgotten her.

Even though, his heart has only Scarlett Evan. She still had this feeling for him.

Bella felt the heat on her face and realized that she was crying again. She wiped off her tears and looked at James Grayson, whose eyes were as black as ink. His eyes were extremely deep, and she could not see a little bit of expression.

“Why are you crying?” James Grayson raised his eyebrows and finally asked.

Bella was angry, and she hit the pillow on him again. He continued to catch, quietly and calmly put the pillow on the head of the bed again. Then he looked into her red eyes.

“Forget about the past. There are somethings if you don’t touch them, there will be no danger. Now, James Grayson is at the top. You will become the greatest person one day and that’s what everyone wishes for you.” Bella said quietly.

“Everyone, including you?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

“Of course, you and I didn’t hate each other. Once you were my boyfriend and I became the girlfriend of a great person. When I get old and become a grandmother, I would be proud to say it in front of my grandchildren.” Bella said without thinking.

James Grayson sat down on the sofa and did not speak. Her eyes looked at her like X-rays. With the fear of exposing something, Bella neither looked at him again nor she spoke.

The atmosphere became strange, the pressure and strangeness was like a flood of pressure on her heart.

After an hour, James Grayson got up.

Bella looked at him nervously. He said nothing, gathered up his clothes and left her room.

Bella collapsed on the bed.

He had gone away, but there was still his smell in the room.

Bella thought about the past.

There was a brilliant soldier who protected her with his life. She was the girl he wanted to protect. He was not afraid of life and death, not afraid of fighting in the first line. He was a person who can give people warmth.

But it was her fate that snatched his warmth from her.

What a terrible fate!

Bella got angry, stood up, smashed the hotel’s ashtray, smashed the lamp, and smashed the television.

Finally, there was no strength she sat on the sofa, bowed down her head down, and cried loudly.

Even after crying, she still felt sad.

She was too rational, too clear, too practical, but too desperate.

Her illness was incurable.

After crying a lot, she took out a small white bottle from her bag, took out a white pill, put it into her mouth, took the mineral water bottle from the bedside table opened it, ate it, and climbed to the bed.

This compulsory sleep medicine was not for the patient with strong willpower, but for her own self, so she always carried it with herself.

Gradually, Bella fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes again, it was a bright day. She looked around and saw the mess around her… Yesterday, she was ill.

Bella lowered her eyes and called the front desk. “I will check out in an hour. There is some accident in my room. Let the room manager come to have a look. I’ll pay for the loss while checking out.”

She walked quietly into the bathroom.

Brushed her teeth, washed her face, makeup, combed her hair, put on this year’s Chanel’s spring camel color wind jacket, and carried Lv’s bag,

While packing, the room manager came over and saw a room full of debris. “Is this a robbery? Should I call the police?”

“No, I’ll figure it out. I’ll pay for it.” Bella said calmly, zipped up the trunk. “Is it still raining outside?”

“No.” The manager said respectfully.

“Um.” Bella walked out with her luggage, pressed the elevator, and went down.

“I’m a guest in room 1809. I want to check out now.” Bella handed the room card and deposit slip to the service desk.

She knew that the room manager would register the damaged items in the room. She took out her mobile phone, and sent a text message to Paul Watson, “I will come to the research institute today.”

“Well, okay, I’ve prepared a plan for you. Come and have a look. If you think it’s reasonable, sign it.” Paul Watson replied.


“Mam, it’s fifteen thousand six hundred.” The cashier said.

“Do you have Alipay?” Bella asked.


When Bella opened the Alipay account, another man handed over his bank card to the cashier, “Do the transaction from this card.”

Bella looked at the man standing next to her in surprise.

Tall, strong, slightly white skin, wearing a straight suit and looked very mature and stable. But she didn’t know him.

The man saw Bella’s suspicion and said, “I have been sent by Mr. Grayson.”

“Which Mr. Grayson?” Bella’s brain rapidly searched for information. She didn’t know much of Grayson’s family name. She just knew James Grayson.

“James Grayson.” The man replied directly.

Bella didn’t want others to know about her relationship with James Grayson. She lowered her voice and said, “I don’t need him to pay.”

“Miss Bella is a smart person. You are a psychologist. You should know Mr. Grayson’s temper. If he wants to pay, no one can stop him.” Alec Sean said with a smile.

Bella twisted her eyebrows, turned around, and her eyes were full of doubts. She just didn’t want to get involved, so she chose to check out and change the place.

What does James Grayson want to do?

She thought, but she got confused and walked towards the door with her luggage.

Four tall and powerful men stood in front of her.

Bella turned to look at Alec Sean with the angry flames leaping in her eyes. Alec Sean took the deposit slip returned by the cashier and handed it to Bella.

Bella took it and stared at him. “What do you want?”

“Please come to the car. You should know what you have to do. I’m afraid that you don’t know about Mr. Grayson’s power. With his one word you can disappear from here without leaving any evidence behind.” Alec Sean said with a smile. His words were cunning and he was a man with a big smile and evil intentions.

Bella walked outside, Alec Sean’s men took her luggage and put into the trunk.

Bella breathed out a breath, adjusted her mood and sat in the luxury Lincoln. James Grayson was not in the car.

Alec Sean sat opposite to her and negotiated directly, “Mr. Grayson likes you very much. He wants you to be his kept woman. Tell me your demands for a year?”

“What?” Bella was shocked.

James Grayson sent someone to tell her to become his kept woman?

What did he mean by the kept woman?

He had a fiancee, but he wanted her to be his lover?