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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 112 Jealous of me

He always said he was busy before, but now he was here so he might not mind to waste time on it.

It was cold and her hands were frozen. Ryan glanced at her, took off his coat and threw it at her. “Didn’t you say that you were afraid of trouble if you released your identity?”

His disgust at the idea that they were brother and sister was extreme.

Jessica curled her lip, wrung her hands, and muttered under her breath. “Why do you ask the same thing as Jeffrey? I was innocent when I was young, but now I regret it. I want to throw my weight around, okay?”

Ryan’s eyelashes covered the look in his eyes. He pressed his lips together and did not answer, but tightened the coat for her.

She had no idea when it began to snow. Large flakes of snow fell on people and soon dispersed, leaving only a cloud of moisture.

Jessica was wondering why he did not answer when Jeffrey suddenly laughed beside them. “No wonder your grandmother is worried about people outside spreading rumors. You are so close to each other, and you are not related by blood. It’s really easy for people to misunderstand.”

When she heard of mentioning her grandmother, her heart missed a beat and she had a guilty conscience for no reason.

“Shut up! That’s because you had a dirty mind! They said I had a dirty deal with you. Do we have?”

Though Jessica said so, she took off the coat and handed it back to Ryan.

Jeffrey was not angry, but ruffled her hair with a smile. “Girl, you’re getting better at eloquence.”

Ryan took the coat gloomily and glanced at him without saying anything.

“I’m telling you the truth! Who can match you in terms of eloquence?” Jessica made a face at Jeffrey. “Flatterer! I wonder how many girls you’ve tricked!”

Jeffrey said helplessly, “If others dare say so, I already beat him.”

“If you want to beat me, my brother will not agree, right, Ryan?”

The atmosphere was lively, as if the momentary awkwardness because of the mention of their grandmother had not existed.

The lunch break was short. Jessica took out the phone to look at the time. Then she said hurriedly, “The afternoon shoot is about to begin. Ryan, will you help me prove my identity?”

There was a indiscernible frown on Ryan’s face. He was trying to find an excuse to refuse her, when he heard her, “You’ve been putting it off for more than half a month. Is it because Amy won’t let you help me prove my identity?”

Jessica was just complaining, and did not want him to answer, but he nodded.

He had given Amy so many benefits that she had to be useful.

The snow was a bit heavy. Their hair and bodies were covered with a layer of white. There was even a layer of snow on their eyelashes.

Jessica looked up in a trance and saw a large snowflake falling on Ryan’s black coat, which looked less alive than usual. He was as handsome as a statue without feeling.

“Oh, I know.” She lowered her head and gave a muffled answer. It was so cold that she could see a white mist when she spoke.

Just because of Amy’s words, his brother could cheat her for half a month…

Jessica suddenly felt sorrowed. It seemed that she had a lump in her throat and chest, which made her feel uncomfortable. The joy of seeing her brother had been washed away.

Was it in her brother’s heart, so much gossip about her was not as important as Amy’s mood?

Looking at Jessica’s upset look, Ryan’s throat tightened and his eyes looked darker.

“It’s time to shoot!” Jessica suddenly looked up, revealing a big smile. “Ryan, I won’t keep you any longer. Go and see Amy.”

“Jeffrey, if you feel cold, you can go back.”

She put her hands to her mouth, blew hard to warm them, and turned around to run away.

The decades of brother-sister affection between her and her brother had not been as good as the months he had known Amy!

A thin layer of snow had fallen on the ground, Jessica ran all the way, leaving a row of messy footprints on the ground.

Ryan watched her figure turn into a small black dot and disappear around the corner, and then he looked away and followed her footsteps.

Jeffrey walked beside him, still smiling. His delicate and handsome features glowed in the gloomy weather.

Their looks and temperament were too outstanding, so walking side by side in the white world looked particularly pleasing. People who passed by once in a while would look at them, either openly or secretly, and some would take pictures secretly.

Jeffrey had got used to it. When he was interested in it, he would make a few gestures to respond to a candid shot. And Ryan was always facing forward with a sullen face which seemed to be in a bad mood.

“You’ve been with Jessie for half a month?” Ryan asked.

Jeffrey stretched lazily and turned to look at him. “Yes. The little girl’s ex-boyfriend was so hard to deal with so that she told me to come and help her.”

“I’ll take care of it. You can just let it go.” Ryan said in a cold voice.

That Alex should have been disposed of a long time ago.

He didn’t know what she was thinking about her ex-boyfriend before, so he didn’t dare to strike a vicious blow.

Hearing this, Jeffrey stopped, put his hand on Ryan’s shoulder, and said playfully, “You are not even jealous of me, are you?”

“Yes, I am.” Ryan freely admitted, and conveniently patted his hand off. “Don’t have any physical contact with her in the future. I’ll want to hit you.”

Jeffrey paused for a while, and then smiled. “I know you like sweetheart, but I still think it quite abnormal when I hear you say that. I can’t understand.”

“It’s normal that people like you, who change girlfriends faster than clothes, don’t understand.” When Ryan finished and saw that he didn’t respond, he frowned and said, “Sorry.”

Jeffrey was different from other playboy. If he loved the girl he met, it was fine. But he changed so many girlfriends, and his heart was still in his first girlfriend who was already dead.

“I’m ok.” His eyes only looked gloomy for a moment and then he smiled. “You are single-minded, unlike…your eldest brother. Come on, I’ve never seen Jessie in action.”

When Jessica arrived, the shooting hadn’t started yet. She retreated into the crowd, and she was in a disturbed state of mind, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Guess who I am?” Someone covered her eyes suddenly and said gruffly.

“Before you let me guess, you should change the perfume you usually sprayed. I can smell it from half a block away!” Jessica pushed Clara’s hand away listlessly.

“Oh, it’s boring!” Clara walked around to her side, took her arm, and said mischievously, “I have been here for more than an hour. I just saw you and Jeffrey scolding Alex together. I purposely didn’t go. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Jessica stood on tiptoe to pat Clara on her head. “What the hell. I’ve told you a few times that Jeffrey is my brother’s friend and he is also my buddy.”