Chapter 35 Don’t play with him

These words of Mia have only one purpose, which is to tell Karin that Charlie is the man she can play with.

To put it simply, you can only appreciate him, but you cannot love him.

Karin doesn’t mind her words. There is nothing between her and Charlie. However, when she heard Mia’s last words, she becomes inexplicably unhappy.

“Miss Mia, it’s getting late. I think I should go back.”

She looks at the woman in front of her calmly, Mia nods, “OK.”

She turns around, stepping lightly on the pebbles, and then a voice comes from behind me, “I hope…”

“You can rest assured that my existence will not pose any threat to you.” She pauses, “But you can’t prevent a man from loving others.”

Karin makes herself clear, and leaves the garden without looking back.

When she returns to the banquet hall, her face is very angry. It is strange that Mia should warn her not to close to Charlie.

But why, there is a faint sorrow of sadness, in her heart. Why does she want to cry?

“Miss Karin, where have you been? I have looked for you for a long time.” Robert walks to her and asks.


She is in a bad mood, and she can’t talk to him softly.

“Charlie is worried that you will be lost.” Robert lowers his voice, “You are the only guest he invited personally from all the guests.”

The guest… It turns out that this is her true identity standing here.

“I feel bored. I just went out and took some fresh air.”

Looking down, her mood is getting worse…

“Can you dance? I wonder if I have the honor to dance with you?”

Robert casually asks. she may decline him if he asked her a bit earlier, but now she agrees without hesitation, “Okay.”

Until entering the middle of the dance floor and did the music plays. Karin couldn’t figure out why she feels a little bit happy for deliberately angering Charlie.

Everyone is tired after dancing. At this moment, the dancing hall is quiet. Only a few people who love dance are jumping tirelessly.

Karin wins a special award in school duo dance, so tango is a piece of cake for her.

Her unique dance pose quickly attracts everyone’s attention. Among the praise of the people, she accidentally catches a glimpse of Charlie’s eyes, and suddenly she is panic and quickly moves her eyes away.

Charlie sits lazily in the distance, holding a glass of cocktail in his hand, and meaningfully puts it on his lips.

His charming eyes look straight at the woman who is dancing with Robert. His eyes is so deep that even Mia couldn’t figure out what he is thinking.

Karin lowers hr eyes and deliberately not to look at him. Charlie is now like a thorn. The more she looks at him, the more she feels uncomfortable.

“I did not expect Miss Karin to dance so well.”

At the end of the dance song, Robert is surprised.

“There are a lot of people who are good at dancing.”

She turns her gaze to Mia, and tentatively asks, “Who is that lady? She dances very well.”

Robert follows her gaze, and there is a strange flash in his eyes. He smiles and doesn’t answer her.

Charlie is no longer in his original position, and Karin decides to leave here quietly, although she does not forget Charlie’s word before the party.

She just feels it is unnecessary to stay here.

As soon as she steps out of th door, she bumps into a fashionable woman. It is Charlie’s sister Lily.


Lily is obviously very happy to see her, takes her hand and says, “Where are you going?”

“Miss Lily, I have something to do. So I am leaving.”

“What matters more than my brother’s birthday?”

Karin’s eyes flickers slightly, and she lowers her head and says nothing.

“Don’t leave until the birthday is over. I’m late today. You go in with me and help me to talk to my brother, or he will definitely blame me!”

“Sorry, I really have something else to do. Sorry…”

She breaks free of Lily, turns around and trots away.

After answering the phone, Charlie returns to the banquet room, but he could not find Karin. He frowns and looks around. Someone suddenly pats him on his shoulder, “Brother, happy birthday!”

“Thank you.”

Lily sees his absent-minded expression, and asks in wonder, “Aren’t you curious why I come so late?”

“You always have a lot of reasons anyway.”

“Look what you says. I had a special situation today, when I went out…”

Lily just prepares to explain, Charlie has left, and she chases after him “Well, are you listening to me?”

“I don’t have time now.”

“Are you looking for someone else?”

After hearing what she said, Charlie turns around and asks uncertainly, “Who did you see?”

“I…” She deliberately doesn’t tell him direactly “You tell me first who you are looking for?”

“You want to know?” He asks, “I don’t tell you.”

“Well. You just look for Karin, thinking I don’t know…”

“Where is she?”

“She’s gone.”

After hearing that, Charlie is stunned, and he suddenly lost a good mood.

“Is it pretty lost?”


“Hey, brother, don’t say I didn’t remind you. Not any woman can be your object of recreation. You just play with others, but as for Miss Karin, you show mercy. I can see that the girl is very pure and simple.”

“Lily, I can see that, in your eyes, I am no different from a beast.”

“Hey, brother, I didn’t mean that! Hey, don’t leave…”