Chapter 34 The man dancing with her

The beautiful tango “PorUnaCabeza” plays in the gorgeous banquet hall.

Male and female guests begin to dance in pairs. Many men invite Karin, but she is declined politely.

Instead of expecting Charlie to come and invite her, she could not accept any man who approaches her.

Charlie is still surrounded by a group of people, most of whom are women. His popularity has always been beyond the reach of other young talents.

Karin doesn’t complain at all that he has leaved her alone. She stays alone in the corner, enjoying wine and watching other people’s dancing, but it is quiet.

The first dance is over and the second one starts. Charlie leads a beautiful and dignified woman into the middle of the dance floor.

Looking at them from a distance, they look like a pair of sultry people, the women’s dance is superb.

The man’s dance skills are excellent. His expression is soft, his eyes are deep, and every action is perfect and impeccable. He fascinates the crowds who are obsessed with watching, and the women are deeply trapped in his gentleman’s grace.

Looking at him, Karin is a bit absent-minded and she even begins to imagine that she is the one who dances with him.

After a while, the second dance is over, and her thoughts are finally brought back to reality.

Her cheeks are hot for a while, and she feels embarrassed for her thoughts. She puts down her goblet and hurriedly goes to the bathroom.

Standing next to the washstand, she bends over and washes her cold water face. She feels better when the her face is washed with cold water.

Standing up, she wipes the drops of water on her face with a tissue and wonders when the birthday party would end.

There is a shadow behind her, and she could see it clearly in the mirror that it is a woman, very beautiful.

The woman walks to her, turns on the faucet, and rubs her hands lightly.

Karin knows this woman. She danced with Charlie just now.

“Can you give me some tissues?”

“It’s over there.” She points to the delicate tissue box hanging on the wall.

The woman smiles, “Sorry, I don’t see it.”

“No problem.”

Karin politely nods, and when she turns and leaves, the woman says, “Wait a minute.”

“Is there anything else?”

“I am also a British. It is nice to meet my compatriots in another country. Can chat for a second?”

Although she doesn’t know what the woman meant, Karin agrees, “Okay.”

The two come to the back garden outside the banquet hall. The garden is full of colorful flowers, and the air is filled with a strong floral fragrance.

“It’s fresh outside.” The woman takes a deep breath and introduces herself, “Hello, my name is Mia.”

She stretches out her hand, and Karin stumbles, feeling that the name is no stranger, and she seems to have heard it somewhere.

“Is this your first visit to Charlie’s Mansion?”

Mia asks casually, and she nods, “Yes.”

Karin does not deliberately deceive her, but she feels that it is not necessary to tell the truth, because she already remembers that Lily mentioned her name. It can be seen that Mia and Charlie should have a close relationship.

In some uncertain circumstances, it is better to act cautiously.

“Then you are Charlie’s friend?”

Karin trembles, trying to calm herself. Karin has already guessed what Mia’s relationship with Charlie.

Instead of asking her what the relationship between she and Charlie, she asks directly if she is a just friend. This shows that this woman is very confident in her status.


“What’s your name then?”


“Karin?” She says, “Why didn’t I hear Charlie mention it?”

“That shows that Mr. Charlie has a deep affection for you, so he will not mention other women’s names.”

Mia pretends to be surprised, “How do you know the relationship between me and him?”

“For the whole party, he only danced with you, and you are familiar with this place.”

“Oh, Miss Mia is so smart.”

Karin couldn’t guess whether Mia is appraising her, but she could feel that Mia’s purpose for finding her is not simple.

“What kind of person do you think Charlie is?”

She takes a few steps forward, reaches for a flower, and sniffs it.

“He is very kind.”

Karin replies briefly. It would be stupid to praise her lover in front of a woman with a calm expression.

“It seems that Miss Karin doesn’t know him very well. If you know him, you should be clear that he is a dangerous person.”

“Oh why?”

Mia chuckles helplessly, “He is the kind of man who can’t quit once you fall in love with him. What’s more terrible is that as long as you are close to him, there is no way not to love him.”

“Mr. Charlie is young and promising, and it is natural to attract women’s favor. I don’t think this will be a burden for Miss Mia.”

“A young man is like a wild horse. The tighter you tie him, the more he will be rebellious. Even if he is perfect, you can’t stop him from playing women.”

After hearing this, Karin has thoroughly understood Mia’s thoughts, and she also understands her intentions.

“In fact, you can tell your feelings to Mr. Charlie, he should not be the kind of person who is difficult to communicate with.”

“I did.” Mia sighs, “But do you know how he responded to me?”

Karin shakes her head.

“He says that no matter how beautiful the scenery along the way, he won’t forget his destination.”