Chapter 33 She is quite pure

When they reach the destination, there is a golden yellow sycamore tree in front of them. Karin stares at each luxury car, thinking for a few seconds, and says like a mosquito, “Roberto, could you give me your coat?”

Robert is surprised her, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s a bit cold.”


He is puzzled. It is August now. How does she feel cold?

Robert takes off his coat and hands it to her.

When she gets out of the car, she realizes that today is really not an ordinary day. No matter how big the pomp is, the reporters around the gate alone are enough to make her heart tremble.

She starts to regret having come here.

“Miss Karin, please come in.”

Following Robert into the Mansion, there are no procedures, no invitation letter, and no one will stop her.

The two come to the banquet hall. There sounds the melodious violin. Senior political officials, business elites, wealthy wives, wealthy rich people, all gather together here..

“Wait here for a second, I’ll go get Charlie.”

“OK, all right.”

Karin is just an ordinary female student from Britain. She doesn’t have a prominent family, nor is she rich, so she doesn’t need to meet people from high society. As soon as Robert walks away, she finds a quiet place to wait for them.

Ten minutes later, Robert returns and the banquet hall is crowded.

“Follow me.”

He lowers his voice and tells Karin to follow him out of the crowd. Then they stop in front of a half-covered room door.

“Charlie is inside, please.”

She’s a little hesitant, isn’t it his birthday today? What is he doing here…

Pushing the door open, she sees he is standing in front of the French window. Wearing a black tuxedo, he puts his hands in his pants pockets.

“Charlie, there are many people waiting for you outside.”

Charlie turns to her slowly, looks at her up and down, and frowns.

Karin quickly takes off her coat, “I am afraid of being laughed, so I borrowed Robert’s clothes.”

Taking off the man’s large suit, standing in front of him is a graceful woman with exquisite curve, with long hair hanging down the back, she looks like a pure lady.

Charlie’s eyes brighten, and he pulls his hands out of his trouser pockets and hugs around his chest, turning around her. His looking makes her blush. She lowers her head, waiting for him to speak.

It is undeniable that Karin’s dress makes him very much appreciated, and what surprises him even more is the delicate hairpin on her hair shining with a unique light.

Charlie is inexplicably in good mood for her wearing the hair to his birthday party.

“Why looking at me like this?”

Really embarrassed by his examination, Karin raises her head and asks.

Charlie stands in front of her, stretches out a hand, and hugs her waist.

She grasps and asks in shock, “What are you doing?”

His lips sigh softly in her ears, and her ears feel numb. If it weren’t for his holding, she would have softened her legs.

“I want to verify whether the slim waist can really be held by a hand…”

Charlie doesn’t expect that he would make such a move. He is just instinctual and stretches out his hand.

“So… could you let go of me?”

Karin’s voice is getting smaller, so small that she thinks Charlie could not hear.

He draws back his hand, keeps a distance from her, stares at the hairpin above her leaf ear, and says with relief, “It is really suitable for you.”

There is a knock on the door, and Robert’s voice comes from outside, “Charlie, it’s time to go out.”

“Okay, I’ll go out right away.”

Charlie looks at the watch on his wrist and says to Karin softly, “Don’t leave after the banquet.”

He doesn’t finish his words and leaves the room.

Karin is a little confused at the place. Did he tell her not to leave? What does that mean?

Along the way she comes, she quietly returns to the banquet hall again. At this time, it really broadens her horizon.

The reporters who have been blocked outside the door have already poured into the hall. The magnesium lights flash constantly, pointing in the same direction. Charlie’s handsome face is calm. He holds a glass of red wine in his hands, and thanks everyone who comes here.

Hundreds of people surround him and raises their glasses to him. Karin stays quietly in the corner and looks at them from the distance.

“Miss, are you alone?”

A young man walks up to her and tries to chat with her.


“You’re British, right?”

She nods with a smile, “Yes.”

“You work here?”

“I study here.”

“Oh, at which school?”

“the University of Zurich.”

The young man asks endlessly, and Karin answers him absently.

She doesn’t really like chatting with strangers, especially this kind of offensive conversation.

A few more men approach her and she sees that they are all successful people. She is unhappy and depressed. While coping with their inquiries, she turns her eyes to the most shining place, at the most shining person.

Charlie looks at her at the same time, as if they share the same thought, and there are far more people around him than her, so he couldn’t go to Karin.

Mia stands in the crowd, staring at the man she loves in her heart. She doesn’t like to be in the limelight, so she wouldn’t deliberately win public favor because of her relationship with Charlie.

But now, she feels a little uncomfortable, because she finds that Charlie’s eyes move from time to time to someone, and that person is not her.

Following Charlie’s eyes she sees a woman wearing a cheongsam, about 25 years old, slender, bright-eyed, and beautiful. She is not less beautiful than herself, but it is really disturbing that she has a special charm that can attract Charlie.

At the birthday party of Charlie on September 15, Mia meets Karin for the first time.