Chapter 31 Secrets that cannot be spoken out

“We are just normal friends.”

She has forgotten how many time she has repeated the words to people, but almost everyone, including Lily standing in front of her, doesn’t believe her.

“How do you know my brother?”

Karin is a bit stunned, “Sorry, this is a secret that cannot tell you.”

“The secret that can’t tell me?” Lily raises her eyebrows with interest. But she must know that the more she can’t tell, the more others curious.

“Things between men and women are countable. You are in a romantic relationship, right?”

She shakes her head, “Actually, we aren’t. I…”

“Well, forget it. I won’t force you if you don’t want to say. I can see it through, anyway.”

Karin blinks quizzically, “Miss Lily, what can you see?”

“Call me sister.”

Lily gives her an angry look, “You’ve already my brother’s girlfriend now. Why still treat me as an outsider?”

“I’m not your brother’ girlfriend…”

She stands up in excitement, justifying herself.

“Why are you so stubborn? Do you know? You are the first woman my brother brought to me. He never treats girls like this. As soon as something happens, he will leave, totally ignoring how these girls feel.”

Karin is blushes and hurriedly explains, “Because the school is closed, he has no choice but to send me here.”

“That proves that your relationship is not ordinary. Why doesn’t he send you to a hotel? Our family hotel chains are spread everywhere. He can arrange anyone for you. Why send you to me? That only proves that he cares about you.”

Lily smiles meaningfully and continues, “Although we have many brothers and sisters in the Charlie family, only me and Charlie are closest. Therefore, he believes in me most and he sends you to me. Your relationship is self-evident…”

“But out relationship is not what you thought!”

Karin rubs her forehead in frustration. How to explain it to Lily…

“Okay, I know you’re embarrassed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. Anyway, the treatment you received would may someone jealous, especially Mia.”

“Who is Mia?”

She raises her head sensitively, Lily’s expression stiffens, “Oh, nothing, I’m kidding.”

Karin takes a hot bath, lies on the soft bed in the guest room, and falls asleep until dawn.

Early in the morning, in the garden of the villa covered with ivy, she sees Lily in red dress.

“Hey, Karin, why wake up so early?”

Lily glances at her, beckoning kindly.

“I will go to school later.” She approaches with a smile, “Sorry to bother you last night.”

“Look what you said, just take this as your own home. Come and play when you have time.”


“Let’s go and have breakfast.”

Lily embraces her shoulders, and does not conceal her love for her. After a brief exchange last night, although misunderstands, Karin also likes this candid Lily.

The two just walk to the door of the villa, and there suddenly comes the whistle of a car behind them.

“Look who’s here.”

Lily’s eyes narrow ambiguously, and Karin turns around in confusion, a handsome guy in a limo, the one who sent her here last night.

Charlie steps forward in front of Karin, and asks softly, “Have you had breakfast?”

When she is about to answer, Lily takes the lead, “No. You come at the right time. Let’s eat together. I haven’t eaten with you for several days.”

“No, I take her out to eat, and there is something I want to tell her.”

“Can’t you say it here? I’m your sister!”

“I’m in a hurry.”

Charlie couldn’t help but bring Karin into the car, and Lily shouts with her hands on her hips, “Well, Charlie. You did do a great job!”

The car is parked in front of an English restaurant. Karin finds a seat near the window. The sun is shining softly on the back of her hands. Her fingers are white and tender.

“Sir, what do you need?” The waiter asks politely.

Charlie’s gaze turns softly to the opposite side, “Ask this lady first.”

Karin shakes her head, “Anything will be alright.”

“You can’t take it so easily. Or in the future you will marry a perfunctory man.”

His words shock her. She always feels that she doesn’t have too many desires because she loves simplicity.

And a person’s habits will not have too much to do with who she will marry in the future…

Charlie orders a nutritious breakfast for her. Seeing that she keeps frowning, he couldn’t help laughing, “Still thinking about the sentence I just said?”

“No.” She embarrassingly shifts her gaze to outside the window.

“How’s your sleep last night?”

“Oh, I slept well.”

“My sister is very straightforward. If she said something she shouldn’t say, please don’t take it seriously.”

“Of course not.”

In fact, Karin does not take Lily’s words so seriously. She has no expectation for Charlie. In her opinions, his kindness comes from a kind of education, and he treats everyone like this, not just for her.

“You just said you have something to tell me. What is it?” She asks quietly.

“My birthday is on the 15th this month, and there will be a grand banquet by the time. I want you to come.”

She opens her mouth in surprise, “Your birthday?”

“Well, is it strange?”

Charlie smiling in the sun is extremely handsome.

“No, I’m just thinking what gift should I give you?”

She thinks that he is so rich that he should have everything. He said before that the most precious thing cannot be measured by money. When she heard he is going to celebrate his birthday, her response turns out that she wants to send him such a precious gift.

“Don’t worry. I already think about it for you.”

“Ah?” She raises an eyebrow in wonder, “What did you think for me?”