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Eye Turn Off

Chapter114 Be framed

Vivian put all the things she bought on the table and let others come to take them.

Just about to pull Layla away.

She didn’t know who stretched out her feet. Vivian stumbled unprepared and fell on the table.

There was a loud “crackle”. The coffee juice was poured on her body and hair. The sandwich cake and some food were also spilled on the ground.

Everyone was shocked by this sudden accident. Some people were worried that they would be affected by it, and they rushed to the back.

“Vivi, are you ok?” After Layla realized, she quickly picked up Vivian and shouted angrily at Amy, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Amy pretended not to understand and asked, “Layla, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Amy, don’t pretend to be silly. I saw that you deliberately stretched out your feet and tripped her.” This woman was so shameful.

Who can prove it? Amy said with a hint of warning, “Layla, you are also a law student. You should understand the consequences of slandering people casually.”

“Amy, you are way out of line.” Amy just blocked the camera. Generally, she couldn’t get any pictures, Layla was so angry but she couldn’t do anything.

“Layla, I’m fine. Don’t be angry for her. It’s not worth it.” After Vivian calmed down, she wiped off the coffee and bread crumbs on her face, and looked at Amy with indifference.

She didn’t care about it, but it didn’t mean she had lost her temper.

“Vivian, why are you looking at me like that?”

Amy was not feeling very well in the eyes of Vivian. Then she thought that Vivian couldn’t give evidence at all. She said defiantly, “If you think it’s what I did, you can call the police. And it’s ok if you get the video out.”

“Amy, I’ve always been a person who doesn’t offend others. Why do you force me so hard?” Vivian looked at the granadilla juice in her hand with pity. It seemed that she couldn’t drink it today.

“Vivian, I didn’t aim at you. Your fall was just an accident.” Amy had her chin up and said, “Maybe you are dissatisfied, deliberately pretending to fall down and get their things all up.”

“Amy, you are a sick woman. Will you buy it by yourself, just for the sake of not giving it to others and making yourself so embarrassed?” Layla wanted to laugh.

People nearby believed Amy, but when they heard Layla’s words, they also thought that Vivian should not be so stupid, make herself so embarrassed, and offend so many people.

“Well, who knows? Some people are gloomy, aren’t they?” Layla was upset for a while, seeing that everyone almost believe her words. Amy’s eyes were more resentful.

There was a sound of water, followed by a woman’s unbelievable scream, “Ah, Vivian, how dare you throw juice on me?”

Now the place was even more attractive.

All the voices around disappeared at this moment, and they looked at this scene in a daze.

Vivian threw the empty bottle into the garbage can aside and said in a light tone, “Well, you’re right. Some people just have a dark mind.”

Amy’s five fingers were tightly clasped on her side, and the anger in her eyes were obviously extreme.

She had never suffered these grievances.

She was the only gold lawyer in the firm. No matter her appearance or academic background, she was better than Vivian. Why did this woman dare to do this to her?

Layla was about to feel relieved when she saw Amy raising her hand and she shouted, “Be careful!”

The slap did not fall on her face. Vivian firmly grasped Amy’s wrist and said in a cold voice, “Amy, I’ll treat you to this glass of juice. As for this clap, you’d better save yourself.”

Amy didn’t expect that Vivian would catch her palm and she tried hard to withdraw her hand, but she could only shake it for a few times and couldn’t get out of it. She looked at the woman in front of her with uncertain eyes.

Vivian is a monster.

“Vivian, let me go. You framed me first, and now you pour juice on my head. I have the right to ask the personnel department to dismiss you.”

“What are you doing here?” Alexander heard the noise outside in the office. He walked in and almost fainted.

What’s the matter? What’s Vivian doing?

“Alexander, you are here at the right time. She splashed juice on my face in front of everyone for no reason. How do you deal with it?” Amy saw Alexander and immediately shouted.

Alexander couldn’t help Vivian in front of everyone, but could only pretend to ask seriously, “Vivi, let Amy go first, what happened to you?”

Vivian released Amy but she didn’t explain.

Layla has said angrily, “Alexander, the whole thing is caused by Amy. She asked Vivi to buy food for everyone, even if she bought it, she deliberately tripped Vivi and refused to admit it.”

Amy said rudely, “Don’t talk nonsense, Layla. Who saw me trip over Vivian? You need to show your evidence when you talk. You are a lawyer.”

Everyone did not see Amy tripping over Vivian, but everyone saw Vivian pouring juice on Amy.

A colleague came out and said, “Yeah, you can’t be biased because Vivian is your assistant.”

“We’ve all seen it. It’s this woman who’s spilled her.”

“Yes, she is so arrogant. How can we dare to work in an office with her in the future?”

“I don’t know what the people in the personnel department are doing.”

Alexander listened to everyone gossip about Vivian. He had no idea at all. He looked at Vivian anxiously, pretended to be calm, and asked, “Vivi, do you want to say anything else?”

It was not that he didn’t believe in Vivian, but since Amy was afraid of nothing, he was sure that she had confidence in it.

“Alexander, I really don’t have any evidence to prove my innocence at the moment, so I’ll leave it to you.” Vivian also knew that it was not appropriate to call him Alex at such a time. But she really had no evidence.

Anyway, she didn’t want to stay here, but it was a pity that she had to say goodbye just after meeting a friend.