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Eye Turn Off

Chapter113 Squabby Layla

Although Amy was interested in William, everyone knew that, but Layla said it face to face. That’s not the same. Besides, they all knew that William had a girlfriend.

Amy saw the constant glances of her colleagues nearby, which contained, temptations, ridicule, and some of the meaning of watching the bustle, and suddenly she felt ashamed.

“Layla, please show me respect when you speak. Who is jealous of her? A gold medal lawyer is no need to be jealous of an assistant and you, Layla. Don’t forget you are just an apprentice lawyer, not even a registered lawyer.”

Layla paused and said rudely, “Although I am an apprentice lawyer, it is better than you, who can just bully others. If you are excellent enough, you can go straight to William.”

When Vivian saw that Layla was willing to stand up for herself, she was thankful, but she still didn’t want to let her involve in it.

“Layla, thank you. It’s OK. I can bring back what you want to eat.”

“Did you hear that? She would like to do it. You’d better not meddle.” Amy said proudly.

Layla wanted to say something more. The clothes at her elbow were pulled by others. She turned around and saw Vivian shaking her head. She signaled her not to argue with these people, hesitated for a moment, she nodded.

“Vivi, let’s go. I’ll go with you.”

Layla pulled Vivian downstairs.

Vivian was so thin that the whole person was like being dragged away, but she was not angry and even felt warm. She liked Layla’s true feelings.

In fact, Layla was not ugly. Instead, her fat face looked very friendly and her skin was very good.

“Layla, thank you for helping me just now.”

“It’s nothing. I can’t stand their actions.” Layla was a little bit shy.

Vivian was amused by her lovely expression, “Layla, you are really cute.”

“Vivian, you’re beautiful when you smile.”

Layla said as surprised as she found the new world. She was really serious. When she smiled, there were two small pear vortexes around her mouth. Her big eyes was squinting, like a pair of crescent moons, and her long eyelashes were thicker.

“I want to ask you something.”

Vivian was infected by Layla’s serious face, and nodded positively, “Well, say it.”

“Are your eyelashes planted? Why can they be so long and cocky? Can you tell me which beauty salon it is?” Layla asked seriously, she really wanted her thick eyelashes.

Vivian didn’t expect she asked a funny question, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

“So they really grow naturally?” Layla began to howl.

“Yes.” Vivian chuckles. Layla reminded her of Selina, “Layla, you are really like a friend of mine. I think you two will get along well.”

“Who’s she? Is she as unique as I am?” Layla actually referred to her body.

But Vivian thought that Layla was referring to her personality, she nodded and said, “Well, although there are some differences, you are basically the same.”

“Great. When can we meet each other?” Layla said happily, in the office were basically those thin women, she was generally ignored.

So she had few friends in the office.

“Well, I asked her to come to the canteen for lunch.” Vivian thought that there would be two funny girl to go to work later, so she felt very relaxed.

“Why, was she in our department, too?” Why didn’t she know there was another woman in the office who was fat like her?

Vivian shook her head. “No, she’s in the magazine office upstairs.”

“Really?! Their boss is a handsome man.” Layla was very envious and yearning.

Vivian raised her eyebrows and said jokingly, “I think you prefer a man like William.”

Layla was also voluble when she was talking about handsome man, “That’s true, but William is an elusive God for us. We can only look far away. The boss in that magazine is different…”

She agreed that William was an unattainable man.

Vivian’s eyes flashed and frowned, pretending to be puzzled, and said, “Why is it different? Is he not only accessible, but also can be played?”

Layla was shocked for a while, only to find the drama in the eyes of Vivian, and exclaimed that she had been cheated. Vivian had already gone far with a chuckle.

“Vivi, I didn’t expect you would say that!”

Yes, she liked it.

When the two people talked with each other, they didn’t forget to buy what they have told them. In more than an hour, the relationship between them was also closer.

When they got back to the office, Amy and others were impatient, especially when she saw Vivian talking and laughing with the fat woman.

“It takes a long time for you to buy a few things.”

“Amy, you are too …”

Vivian saw Amy’s bad intention in her eyes and she stopped Layla from saying, “I’m sorry, Amy, the place to sell sandwiches is far away, so I’ve delayed.”

The woman who asked Vivian to buy sandwiches also, “Amy, the place is really a little far away. I think it’s not easy for them to buy so many sandwiches.”

“Yes, there’s only one shop can buy the juice I want.” After all, it was not very good to instruct others to run errands. It was even more unreasonable to complain.

Amy wanted to continue, but they were speaking for Vivian.

She pretended to smile and replied, “Well, it’s OK, thanks.”

However, she didn’t despise Vivian as she used to be. With a little more scrutiny, she thought Vivian was a hypocritical woman and she was almost deceived by her obedient appearance.

It turned out to be a master who liked to act as a pig and eat tiger.

Vivian herself was not high-profile. Now from Amy’s eyes, she understood that she would not get along well with her in the future.

Layla looked at Vivian a few more times. She thought that she was a submissive steamed bun. It seemed that she was not.