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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 121 Casino and Pervert

Inside the cafe, after an endless alley, and went down for two levels, the location of the island of H city…

After connecting all of which, there is a layer of unrestrained goose bumps for Lily. This place is not just a gimmick. This is also a secret channel!

From the land to the sea, it is extremely private!

She stands still at the door, behind her, Ryan has followed in, “Go up.”

Lily observes the crossing path to the yacht in front of her eyes. The steps seem to be heavy, she could not lift it up, she…. is really scared.

“Where are you going to take me?” Lily couldn’t hold her calmness anymore this time, she asks him in a trembling voice.

It’s a pity that such trembling voice is nothing for Ryan. Instead of a pity, it is a thrill of conquest.

“It’s a luxury yacht, have you ever ride on?” He slightly hooks his lip and without waiting for her to answer, he adds in, “Get in, I won’t kill you.”

Kill you…

Lily feels that her steps are even heavier…

“Let’s change somewhere else.” Lily gathers her courage and turns to the side to make a small suggestion.

However, Ryan apparently has no other planned. He is even very impatient that he pulls her directly by the neck collar and lifts her to the yacht.

They are the last one to board on the yacht. On the next second, the yacht has started to drive away from the shore. The speed is very fast yet it is very stable.

Lily looks at the sprinkled water on the edge. She feels a bit helpless. Just like this, she is threatened to the yacht vaguely.

Suddenly, a lively cheering voice comes from behind. Lily turns her head to find out that it is a small crowd gather behind her, consists of a dozen people or so. The women are wearing sexy clothes, while the men are wearing a coquettish short sleeved t-shirt.

Lily glances down at her long shirt. When she has just changed into her top, she even feels that the neckline is exposing too much. At this moment, she feels more conservative than other women.

Everyone is very relax and raises up their glass. The atmosphere between men is ambiguous. The most terrifying thing is, they doesn’t have fixed female companion, they… share.

Lily watches as the man’s hand touches the woman’s body, which makes her feel disgusting and looks away, “what the hell are we doing here?”

Ryan tucks her arm into his arms and with her resistance, he uses a little effort, “Be good, or else, don’t think of getting off the yacht.”


Ryan glances at her pale lip, “If someone toasts me, drink it no matter who it is.”

Lily raises her eyes in surprises, “You call me here, and just to drink you wine?”

He doesn’t seem to be shortage of women who can serve him though.

Ryan slightly leans closer to her ear, “Or do you want to do something else?”

“No.” Lily refuses without thinking, her vision fall on the men and woman not far away, “I’ll help you drink and you will let me go, right?”


“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Both of them walk together. With the arrival of Ryan, everyone on the scene look captivating. Among them are a few foreigners who are fluent in English, all of them are pleasing.

After a brief greeting, everyone enter the room together. All of the space inside has been re-modified, the largest of which has been turned into a small casino room.

All kind of arcade game is available.

They play poker, which Lily doesn’t understand nor did she know they rules. She barely stands there dumbly, until the banker reveals the card, all of the chips belongs to Ryan.

One of the men raises the glass, and she knows that her task has come.

Before the man’s glass comes over, Lily raises her glass in advance, greeting him as well in a polite tone, “Ryan is not well enough to drink, I’ll drink on his behalf.”

The man pauses for a while and looks at Ryan who is sitting on the chair. Obviously, he doesn’t dare to say anything else and drinks all of the wine without leaving a drop.

Lily obviously doesn’t want to drink it, but she has no choice and drinks it in a force.

In the meanwhile, Ryan hardly lost the game, one shot, two shot…. Lily is getting more and more tipsy.

In the end, she couldn’t drink hold it anymore and left the room hastily after leaving a message.

She walks to the deck while covering the mouth with her hand. Her butt slumps on the bench and gasping hard while looking up at the stars and moon in the sky.

She is tired yet sleepy, and now even her stomach twist up uncomfortably. It was not a beer just now, but it is an import champagne mixed up with Chinese XO, thus her head is spinning fast.

Lily’s eyes couldn’t be open anymore, her head are unbearable dizzy, which make her unconsciously closes her eyes. After a moment, she almost falls asleep.

“Hello, are you drunk?”

“Girl, what’s wrong, hello?”

“Hey, say something, is there something wrong…”

Suddenly, the man’s greasy voice and self-mumbling come around her. She climbs up from the bench with a strong force, and meets a face that has been zoom for N times.

Lily is startled and stands up immediately, “Who are you?”

“Did you forget easily? This little girl doesn’t have a memory. I just play the casino with Ryan just now, have you forgotten?” The man deliberately stress on the word ‘Ryan’, who is in charge of this yacht, very strange.

After being reminded, Lily remembers, “It’s you.”

She remembers that the man doesn’t win tonight, but even if he lost, he is not unhappy, as if losing to Ryan is normal.

Aware that she has remembered it, the man smiles and takes two steps forward. Just when he wants to say something, Lily immediately steps back vigilantly, “Stop right there.”

The man remains the same and forces her to the corner, “Girl, I’ve seen you’re quite drunk. It must be very uncomfortable, should I find you a quiet place to calm down?”

Lily hears his intention at once and her brows press together fiercely, “No, I’m not drunk.”

“You can’t even walk steadily, you must have drink a lot.” The man suddenly grabs Lily’s wrist.

“Ah!” Lily shouts in surprise. “Sir, show some respect please!”

“What are you pretending for? Once you’re on this hijacked ship, who is clean? What Ryan gives you, I also can give you, as long as you satisfy me, I promise you won’t suffer.” Speaking of it, he has embraced Lily.

Both hand and feet keeps on flapping, but it is useless, she watches as she is held to the front door of the room. At this moment, at the sea of H city, even if she wanted to find someone to rescue her, it is impossible!

Just when the two are deadlocked, a cold voice suddenly comes on–

“How dare you touch my people?”

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