Chapter 119 Amazing Encounter in the island

Rex has almost turned the entire city upside down, yet Lily has no idea about it. Once the plane has landed, they pull their luggage to Abby’s convertible sport car and drives to the most luxurious hotel in the island.

She is not wealthy, but after working in Han Yu for quite some time, she has some deposit. It is not a big problem to spare it for some vacation. Since she is too upset that she wants to comfort herself buy using money.

The lobby of the hotel is very glamour and magnificent. The two of them book a suite, which has a connecting room, the scenery outside is the panorama of the island.

“Abby, please use your ID card.” When they check in, Lily asks embarrassedly.

Abby waves her hand generously, “It’s fine, since we live in the same room, whichever is the same.”

Lily feels a little guilty for not telling her about the truth that she doesn’t want Rex to find her. Although she doesn’t know if that man would really look for her anxiously, she just wants some time to calm down and wipes out all of these possibilities.

After checking in, it’s quite late. This city is near the Torrid Zone, which make the weather feels nice. It is like a spring for the whole year. The two changes into a long skirt and go to the most famous beach restaurant.

Even before they enter the door, they can hear a melodious singing sound. There are several singers playing inside.

In the evening, the breeze from the sea coming slowly, brushing their face and body, and also blowing away the sadness in Lily’s heart.

Abby chooses to sit at the table outside. There are many foreigners on the surroundings, giving a lively atmosphere.

Most of the main courses are seafood. Abby orders a lobster and some other vegetable salads. When she sees her siting in a bad mood, she points at the campfire nearby, “The waiters said that there will be a festival, do you want to dance?”

Lily lowers her eyelids, “I don’t want to dance, let’s drink.”

Abby is startled, “Drink? Are you sure?”

Last time when the two of them drank at the club, they couldn’t even recognize their own mom. Thinking of this, she will inevitably remember a person, Orson.

For the first time in her life, she is so disgusted by a man.

“Well, since we have some burden and not happy, let’s grab some drink, it’s not a problem!” Abby smiles and shouts at the waiter to order a few cocktails and a bottle of imported champagne, “The boss is far away anyway, even if they care, they can’t control us.”

After a meal, they feel much better. There is a rugged sea under the night nearby. Behind their back, come a loud lively atmosphere. With the emptied bottle of wine, their emotion gradually becomes empty.

With a click, both of their glass touches each other’s. Lily raises her head to drink all the pale yellow liquid. It pours into her lip and disappears. Her head gradually feels heavy and thinking wildly, “Abby, why do you think that men never get enough of something on their hand?”

Abby made a belch. After hearing her voice, she turns her vision from the handsome foreigner to her. With calm and easy-going posture, she points up her finger, “Because they’re–cheap!”

“…..” Lily is interrupted when she is in a serious sentiment, “I’m serious, I won’t believe any man from now on.

“Why? Because of that scumbag Tim?” Abby shakes her head and snorts disdainfully, “It’s not worth.”

Lily keeps silence. Of course she knows it is not worth, totally not worth. But she is disappointed and being deceived again and again. After all, she is made of flesh, one thousands of boils can make a hundred of holes too.

She really doesn’t want to face the same experience again. She couldn’t bear it, really couldn’t bear it anymore.

After three rounds of drinking, both of them are completely drunk. Their cheek shows a blush of drunkenness. Not only pretty, their skin is even more white and tender.

Lily is wearing a sapphire blue gauze dress that is long to the ankle, it flusters as soon as the wind blow.

Abby insists on taking her to dance. Lily’s head is muddled with the alcohol effect, which make her doesn’t refuse and follows her.

Lots of people are holding hands in front of the bonfire and form a full circle. Abby finds a place to stand and Lily follows in. However, it’s a pity that there is too many people, which make them separated by several people.

“Abby, Abby…..” Lily shouts but it is too lively that Abby is also played along with, she couldn’t hear her voice at all.

Just when she wants to find her, her left hand is suddenly wrapped in a touch of warm temperature. Her body went stiff directly, thinking that someone has taken her hand by mistake, which make her wanted to pull her hand back immediately, but helplessly, she is grabbed tighter by the other party.

Lily slightly turns her head, intending to whisper, but she meets a deep dark pair of eyes.

“It’s you?!”

After seeing each other’s face, Lily’s rebellious action is even more intense. She has sobered from her tipsiness, “Are you stalking me?”

If the previous encounter in J city’s orphanage is an accident, then this time, she will absolutely doesn’t believe that it will be coincidental.

Ryan looks down at the little woman in front of him. She obviously has drank, with a little tipsy. Her small face is ruddy, and also has a little nasal voice. Wearing a V neck dress, deep white skin, her dark hair is flutters by the wind, very eye-catching.

In the crowd, he can found her almost in a glance.

Hearing her angry question, the man slightly pouts, “It is indeed an accident.”

He doesn’t expect to meet her. But since he sees her, he just comes over and holds her hand. For the reason of it, it remains unclear, he just wanted to be close with her.

“Bullshit!” Lily doesn’t believe it at all, “This country is so big, why is it so coincidence that you met me again at the same place twice at the same time?”

Ryan shrugs, “It is indeed unimaginable, but that’s the truth, why should I follow you?”

“You!” Lily is blocked by him and doesn’t know what to say. She just wants to get rid of him as soon as possible, which make her face couldn’t help but darken a bit, “No matter what you think, from now on, don’t follow me, and don’t even greet me.”

Ryan chuckles, “You’re my life-saver, how can I pretend not to know you.”

Lily is very upset. Because of drinking a lot of wine, she couldn’t help but chokes, “If I know you keep on entangled to me, I won’t save you!”

The smile at the bottom of the eyes instantly fade. Those narrow and long eyes regain their previous coldness, making people chill, “Hm.”

He chuckles a bit and releases her hand, “Unfortunately, there no if in this world.”

Lily pulls her hand back, and glares at him viciously then walks away.

Abby who is really high, is dragged away by Lily, which make her complain all the way back, “Hey, hey. I haven’t done with that macho!”

After she finished, three men in black suits suddenly appeared in from of them. They are tall and terrifying. It is even not good to look at, especially when they had the black things on their ears, which seems like an earphone. This is totally not good.

Lily stops at her footsteps. There is some confusion in her heart. She just wants to bypass them and walks side away, but she is blocked, “Sorry, Lily. Ryan asks for you.”

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