Chapter 407 Did you really cheat

Alex is at the door looking at them. He feels that as soon as Miya comes back home, the family will become lively and energetic.

In the evening, the servant makes many dishes to welcome the hostess back.

The family is reunited.

Miya wants to cook by herself, but Alex forbids it. She is pregnant and she can’t cook.

Miya is obedient because she is afraid Alex will know that she has made lunch. If he knows, they might have to talk about it.

Michelle feels the atmosphere of the family and her mood improves. Alex serves Miya at the table and is gentle with her.

They love each other very much. He is the representative of good men. Only a beautiful girl like Miya deserves such a man.

But Lisa can’t stand it and has goosebumps.

“Hey, can you two restrain yourself? Don’t bully me in my husband’s absence!” Lisa threatens and taps Michelle, “she’s single. You must take good care of single people. Otherwise, you will be hated.”

Michelle is eating. She is patted by Lisa and almost throws up.

She turns and coughs, “excuse me. I’m full.” Michelle almost runs away. She is out of place in the family. The cottage on the beach is more suitable for her.

“Look, you scare her away.” Lisa teases.

“You scare her away.” Miya replies.

Lisa and Miya are arguing.

The children are surprised. Mommy has been nagging and outgoing since she came back. Aunt Lisa has become more talkative.

“I’m full, too.”

“Me too.”

Neither Lisa nor Miya loses, but the audience leaves.

They think that Mommy has come back anyway, and there will be plenty of time to talk with her in the future. They really don’t want to hear such a boring conversation. It seems that they can talk about a topic for a long time.

Alex is very tolerant at first, but later, he is a little impatient. When he leaves, he calls Adam.

“Alex, why do you call me?”

Adam’s voice is astonished.

Alex is helpless. “You can come here and take your wife away. She’s really nagging now. If you don’t take her away in half an hour, I’ll throw her out.”

“She’s a girl.”

Adam stops him.

“My wife is a girl, too. And she’s pregnant. The environment should not be too noisy. Otherwise, it is not conducive to prenatal education.”

Adam is speechless. Before he can answer, Alex hangs up.

Alex puts the phone away. When he turns around, he sees Michell, who is stunned.

“Hello.” Michelle feels embarrassed and says hello to Alex.

Alex doesn’t speak and nods to Michelle, then he leaves.

Michelle looks at Alex’s back. The way he just talked to others is not the same as the way he spoke to Miya. And just now, she saw that his eyes were cold, but his attitude towards Miya was as unbelievably warm as the winter sun.

Michelle realizes that some men will only be gentle with the people they care about. Such men are good men.

Alex goes back to the table and finds that Miya is still chatting with Lisa. He sits down calmly. Sure enough, Lisa’s cell phone rings within ten minutes.

“Baby, are you at Alex’s house now?”

Lisa feels incredible. “How do you know? Do you have superpowers?”

She is too childish.

“Yes! Shall I pick you up now?”

“All right.”

Lisa doesn’t want to leave, but her husband is more important.

After Adam takes Lisa away, the house is completely quiet.

Alex puts his arm around Miya’s shoulder and wants to say something to her, but he finds her in his arms sighing.

“Honey, what’s the matter with you?”

“Did you hear what Adam just called Lisa?”

Alex is confused. “What did he just call her?”

“He called her Baby!”

“Do you like it? If you like…” I can call you that.

Before Alex finishes, Miya says, “no, I just think they are not young, but they are like children. Forget it. Let’s go back to our room. I feel a little tired.”

Miya stretches and yawns. She looks exhausted.

Alex looks at his wife and bends and picks her up. “Now that you’re tired don’t walk.”

Miya feels like she’s floating. She immediately puts her arms around Alex’s neck to prevent herself from falling. She looks at Alex and asks shyly, “am I heavy?” She was slim before and was only 45 kg. She’s put on a lot of weight. She is afraid to know her weight. When she is standing next to Alex, she feels that they don’t match.

Alex shakes his head. “You’re too thin, so I’ve been worried about you.” He takes Miya back to the bedroom and puts his head on her shoulder and whispers, “I’m sorry.”

The sudden apology puzzles Miya. She thinks of what happened a while ago. She suddenly lifts Alex’s face. “Why apologize? Did you…” Did you really cheat?

Miya stops suddenly. If Alex admits, she’ll really feel desperate.

“What?” Alex sees Miya and knows what she wants to say. He takes out a mobile phone and shows it to her, “did you leave because you saw this picture?”

“So did you really betray me?”

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