Chapter 406 Keep it secret for me

Lisa does get to Miya’s house soon.

Miya’s meal is not ready when Lisa arrives.

“Lisa, it’s not cold today. Why do you dress like this?”

When Lisa comes in, Michelle asks.

Lisa is speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

Michelle just keeps looking at Lisa and doesn’t hear her.

“Michelle, don’t look at me like that. I’m embarrassed.”


“Adam took her away yesterday. Michelle, think about what will happen to a man and a woman. She must have been bullied.”

Miya replies.

Lisa is a little angry. “Miya, your children are still here. Are you sure it’s appropriate for you to say that?”

Miya just laughs, “don’t underestimate the children. They are brilliant.”

Andre just listens to Miya and pats Gogo on the head and asks him to go to the room with him to do their homework.

Joey consciously goes back to her room. Although she feels very good with Mommy, she is a sensible girl. She wants to leave Mommy alone with her friends.

Miya calls the children downstairs when lunch is ready. They eat in this room. Three adults go to another place to chat.

“What happened last night?”

Lisa is confused. When she saw Michelle’s house, she almost called the police. Fortunately, she contacted them.

Michelle thinks about last night and begins to sigh. She didn’t expect the man would treat her like this.

“It’s my fault.” Michelle smiles and tries to speak in a relaxed tone. “He is my ex-boyfriend.”

“Ex boyfriend?” Lisa hasn’t seen Jason, so it’s hard for her to imagine the man’s appearance.

Michelle nods. “He’s my college classmate, but we didn’t fall in love at college. We met when we were interning in the same company after graduation…”

Next Michelle tells a strange story.

When she and Jason were in the company, they fell in love quickly because of the same idea, but the interns were competing and only the top few could stay. In fact, Michelle’s score was good. If there was no Jason, she could stay, but Jason’s score was not enough. He felt that it would be disgraceful to be driven away by the company, so he began to cheat Michelle who was with him at that time and asked her to resign with him.

Michelle has a house on the beach. Michelle’s parents left it to her.

After they quit, Michelle thought that women in love were stupid.

At that time, she trusted Jason so much that she transformed one of the small houses into a cafe.

Jason said at the time that he had no money, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t mind anything, because she loves him. She was willing to give everything to him.

“I didn’t know until the woman showed up last night that he had a girlfriend when he was in college and they didn’t break up.” Michelle has a headache when she says that. She has a cut in her forehead. Now. The woman grabbed her hair and hit her head against the wall.

“In the next time, the woman often came to the shop and scolded me. I went to ask Jason, and Jason finally told me the truth. I had always been a mistress, so we broke up. The house is mine, so this coffee shop is mine. I thought it was over, but they wanted me to give them the coffee shop…”

Lisa puts her hand on Michelle’s shoulder and wants to give her courage. “He’s disgusting. Don’t worry. We will avenge you.”

“I just hope they don’t bother me.”

Michelle’s idea is very simple. As long as they don’t bother her anymore and let her continue to run the coffee shop, everything will be fine.

Lisa shakes her head. “No, Michelle, you’re wrong. Some people are ungrateful. They’ll think you’re weak at best. So you can’t indulge these villains.”

“I support Lisa. You saw Jason and his girlfriend last night. They were merciless to you. Michelle, move on. Lisa and I will support you. If you have any difficulties, you can tell us.”

Michelle smiles and nods, but only she knows what she’s thinking. She is absent-minded. In fact, she just feels aggrieved and wants to talk to others. She doesn’t really want revenge. It’s against her original idea.

They talk for a long time. When they get back to their senses, it is almost dark.

Alex brings Ben directly back from the hospital. Ben walks beside Alex and walks into the house with him. He is speechless. He just made an appointment with Mommy. He was looking forward to the evening! But his dad said that his mommy had gone home at the hospital.

Ben remembers that when he asked Miya to go home last night, Miya hesitated, but now she is at home. What does it mean? Can’t he persuade his mommy?

Ben wants to ask Miya many questions, but when he sees Miya sitting on the sofa in the reception room, he throws himself into Miya’s arms.

Ben doesn’t speak and hugs Miya quietly.

Miya hugs Ben, too. He has always been aloof. Why is he so enthusiastic today?

Ben’s face rubs Miya’s stomach, and his expression softens. “Mommy, you won’t leave, will you?”

Miya nods. “Yes, I hope you can keep it secret for me. Don’t tell anyone I’m back, will you?”


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